BMW R 1200 RS Long Term Review

Though are any many aesthetic design models in the BMW lineup The R 1200 RS model is something that deeply fulfills & respect your emotions.

This particular model draws top class output figures churned by the efficient engine. This sports model gives you comfortable drives with the employment of quality fitments, reliable suspension.

The bike ergonomics, raw performance, and absolute beauty will revive the fed up customers with the existing old-school Sportster. With the debut of this sports performer, all other old model bikes are going to vanish with its strong impact.

This new model will play the road very easily with the maneuvering skills that was empowered by the bike maker to ensure raging performance.

BMW R 1200 RS comes offered in colors like;

BMW R 1200 RS

As said the bike maker characterized the bike with all the significant features and specs, that facilitates the user to the fullest.

The touring capabilities are perfectly justified by delivering the raw potent oriented in the powerful mill.

It boasts a sporty front fairing with a mounted windshield that appears to be unique which was never seen in any other model since.

BMW R 1200 RS

The huge fuel tank with typical upper lines gives an elegant touch to the Sportster. But the lack of storage compartment will disgust every BMW lover.

The rider triangle alignment ensures good riding posture who aspire for the leaned sports driving, while the 32.2-inch seat height is tough for the shorter riders to handle the bike with good posture.

The BMW has sculpted the frame strongly to hold good in all conditions. The tubular steel bridge-type chassis will hold all the pressure from the engine arrangement that uses frame structure with utmost effectiveness. This, in turn, reduces weight and keep it well balanced and also close to the ground as well.

BMW R 1200 RS

The single-sided swingarm calls for double duty that was mounted for the drive shaft, in order to keep the rear end clean and settled.

BMW R 1200 RS

The bike maker employed a trusty and strong suspension and braking unit to make the bike a super sports model that was capable of serving extreme comfort that was characterized by the bike maker.

The steering of the bike is simple and flexible in which one can experience supreme driving capabilities offered by it.

BMW R 1200 RS

The rigid suspension unit at both the ends gives you no underrating experience. For this, a pair of 45 mm forks with USD configuration will give you the pleasure of the riding the bike without pain.

The same thing was applicable to the rear as well. It gets a swingarm with WAD strut that comes with a handwheel preload adjuster and adjustable rebound damping.

BMW R 1200 RS

Hence, the rider & pillion will feel the comfort on every terrain with utmost easement provided by the authentic fitments and features. But the suspension unit the front gives some awkward disturbances.

BMW R 1200 RS

The 320 mm dual front brake discs with 4-pot opposed-piston calipers reduce the speed of the front wheel very accordingly, while the 276 mm disc and twin-pot caliper restrict the rear wheel. The ABS further assist the rider to perform the effective braking operation.

BMW R 1200 RS

Behind the powerful rides of R 1200 RS, there is a flat-twin boxer engine with 1,170 cc displacement that churns out 125 hp of peak power @ 7,750 rpm and 92 pound-feet of torque @ 6,500 rpm.

The Dual over-head cams actuate the 4-valve heads by reducing the heat engine with a combination of air- and liquid-cooling.

BMW R 1200 RS

The electronic fuel injection managed by a ride-by-wire system to facilitate all the features to the rider.

BMW R 1200 RS

The two Riding Modes Rain & Road enable comfortable rides by choosing an accurate model. One can avail the even more features by upgrading to Ride Modes Pro which in turn gets options like user-programmable one, and a lean-angle sensing, Dynamic Traction Control.

With all the top-class technicalities and comfort features the BMW R 1200 RS surely become a perfect standout model that exhibits the plusher stance in the auto market

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