BMW R 1200 RT Test Ride Review

The R 1200 RT is one of the opulent models that was going to occupy a slot in the reputed ‘BMW’ family. This sport-tourer comes with the vigorous engine setup that makes the bike to run like a horse.

The power and torque figure sprint the bike with all the blaze. The R 1200 RT raise the reputation of the bike maker for launching such a beautiful and arrogant street racer that stands high among all the existing racers.

Being a new facelift model it carries trendy updates to make the auto adores crazy with the offerings. Let’s see how this would fit in the BMW family.

BMW R 1200 RT Test Ride Review

The aesthetic design of the tourer grab the sight of men and makes them slaves for its appearance. The large front fairing with power-adjustable windshield manages the flow of wind and thus enable the touring experience to the rider.

The 31.7- and 32.5-inches of seat height with the extended range from as low as 29.9-inches up to 33.5-inches off the ground provide good comfort and posture for the rider & pillion.

BMW R 1200 RT Test Ride Review

The sharp headlamp unit with LED lighting gives bright vision to enhance the safety of both day & night. While the taillight and turn blinkers give the distinctive appearance of the bike. The button-actuated locking system gives best results and also elevates the bike stance.

BMW R 1200 RT

The infotainment console gets a 5.7-inch TFT display which shows useful metrics regarding fuel, gas, speed, and temperature. The audio system of the R 1200 RT is upmarket as compared to other distinctive models.

BMW R 1200 RT

The frame of the bike is robust and rigid to hold good in the unexpected situations. It gives all the stability on the road at corners.

BMW R 1200 RT

The dynamic rides are possible with a cast-aluminum, single-sided swingarm that contains the driveshaft to tame the motion. The suspension unit, on the other hand, enables comfortable rides to delight the rider & pillion to the utmost.

The rear gets handwheels to adjust the spring preload and rebound damping, while the front suspension further reduces the effect of bumps, speed breakers and other hurdles on the road.

This updated version gives all the pleasure while riding the bike without any flaws. This active suspension unit comes with dynamic adjustments play to adopt the conditions with respect to the road.

BMW R 1200 RT

To reduce or restrict the speed of the bike that was raging in the streets the bike maker employed a dual 4-pot piston with a 320 mm front discs with a 276 mm disc and twin-pot. While the ABS system gives even more power to restrict the speed of the bike.

BMW R 1200 RT

The bike gets powered by the typical flat-twin “boxer” engine that churns out a maximum power of 125 hp @ 7,750 rpm and a peak torque of 92 @ 6,500 rpm.

Hence the rider can feel the powerful vibes with the number of top figures that it produces. The tuned output figures with good throttle response further enhance the ride quality.

The biker also gets delighted with the features like Traction control with two driving modes like “rain” &“road.” While the Hill Start Control makes the bike to scramble all the surfaces effortlessly.

It also gets the dynamic traction control with ABS to assist the rider to the extent and these features only offered with Pro variant.

BMW R 1200 RT

The 101 mm bores and a 73 mm stroke with 1,170 cc displacement enable good energetic rides to the biker & pillion. Hence it is fuel injection supply system it gets controlled by the 4-valve heads with RbW. This powerful engine gets cooled by the combination of air and liquid to suppress the amount of heat and temperature produced by the power mill.

The 6-speed gearbox with standard wet clutch works effectively to complete the transmission duty. Hence the rider can shift the 6-gears of the R 1200 RT by; 1 gear down & 5-gears up the pattern.

Finally, the R 1200 RT is definitely a pure racing motor which fits accurately by justifying the reputation of BMW and also an incomparable model in the entire lineup, Though there are some flaws in the driving department nothing comes to consideration once the rider starts raging the Motor.

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