BMW K 1600 B : Test Drive Review

The ‘BMW’ one of the opulent motorcycle manufacturers in the world debuted its well-groomed motorcycle into the market as ‘K 1600 B’. This bike carries the plusher elements and features which make the bike a standout model among the existing contenders. The biker can sense the vibes once this road killer model on the road track.

The performance will delight the biker and pillion with the churned high power & torque figures. The dynamic suspension unit with muscular chassis holds good in all situations and conditions. The premium design will further elevate the bike stance on the road. The BMW K 1600 B is significantly born to tour the American roads with all the rage. So, let’s see what uniqueness does it carry from other Tourers in the market.

The design of the bike is very lavish and extravagant when seen from each and every angle. Once the rider gets on the bike, from the very next moment it will give all the plusher stance to the biker. Hence rider feels overwhelmed by the feedback. The front gets a wind tunnel fairings which give enough stability for the rider by restricting the flow of wind that hitting the bike hard at high drives. So, here ‘air pockets’ play a major role to distract the wind. Hence, one can easily tour the K 1600 B at high speeds.

In order to enhance the look of the bike further, the bike maker increased the size of the slipstream deflectors. Hence with the increased deflector will give the huge appearance to the bike. This might not give a cool look to the Tourer but performance wise it serves you to the utmost.

The prominent headlamp unit and turn blinkers will give ample light in dark places and also dominate the design of the bike as well. While the rear view mirrors appear to be decent, but if you are comparing with another model is not an ideal one with the bike.

The BMW mostly design the bikes by considering the American road and auto market conditions, so, it may not fit for all the countrymen and roads. The storage compartments, hard bags will exhibit some car-like stance in the other countries which may not be adopted by the auto enthusiasts. Anyhow the tourer comes with unique styling and design language, where every auto lover in the country adores to drive with. The rear profile will further add the elegant touch to the bike so as to meet the luxury criteria.

Being a heavy tourer with heavy fairings and machinery, the bike maker sculpted the sturdy and robust chassis to hold good in all conditions. So, the bridge type stressed engine aluminum chassis works effectively to complete the chassis duties. The saddle height and adjustable seat height gives good comfort while touring the bike for long journeys. The adjustable seat height will provide good play on jumps and potholes, but the adjusting of seat height only comes with different seat shapes, hence one should avail the seat adjustment option only on the booking time.

While the suspension unit will relax the spine of the travelers by employing 4.9- and 5.4-inches stems on the front. While the rear gets a Dynamic Electronic Suspension Adjustment feature that observes the movement of acceleration and deceleration constantly and tunes damping values accordingly. Further, it also gets the switching option to choose the appropriate setting (Road setting & Dynamic setting) at the acquired time.

For efficient braking operation, BMW incorporated ABS system, which works to the fullest to ensure comfort and safety drives to the rider & pillion. Hence, one can experience the richness with effective working components to the extent.

Finally, overall dynamics of the bike with worthy features and specs sustain the users by not changing the riding mood.

Tourers provide high-performance figures to ensure the fruitful driving experience for the individuals who desire for. So, the engines employed should work with more confidence and efficiency to provide the granted performance. BMW K 1600 B gets the 1,832 cc, the flat-6 engine that delivers the high power & torque figures to sprint the bike with a rage. The electronic fuel injection with water jacket and radiator enhance the performance, while the throttle response of the bike enables a 3-way rider mode, traction control, and cruise control to facilitate the rider & pillion to the extent.

The bike offers easy shifting of gears which can be comfortably manageable with a pattern of; 1- down & 5-gears up. The additional features like Gear Shift Assist, Hill-Start Control, and electric reverse comes as a package to offer utmost comfort to the users.

Hence, the BMW K 1600 B offers power packed performance, Porsche stance, and unique features to enchant the users to the level that is beyond the imagination. Thus, no words to define, but only chants.

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