BMW F 750 GS : Review

BMW came up with the new adventurous models that delight native bikers who precisely look for daring rides. BMW F-GS series is such a series that host the adventure rides with dashing performance. One of the models From this series is the ‘F 750 GS’. The F 750 GS produce raw output to endeavor both the off-road & on-road terrains with very ease. The design language of the bike is alike to the predecessor, which impress the adventure fellows to the utmost.

BMW F 750 GS gets offered in colors as;

With the tremendous power oriented engine, the bike tours like a ghost rider. The F 750 GS gets all the new power mill that produces high torque and power to give a realistic performance for the desired touring lovers. While the design of the bike brings all the flamboyant and aesthetic character to the bike. The Muscular stance and robust fitments bring the premium appearance. Let’s check out what makes the bike so special.

As said, the bike of the represents the lavish stance and challenging nature to delight the auto market and adores. As of this, it gets a small windshield at the front to oppose the air heading to the rider, thus the air is successfully get diverted to ensure high speeds to the biker.

The robust fuel tank with muscular design, add crazy character to the bike and also enables good steering capability as well. This German manufacturing opulent has taken certain precautions to enable on & off-road capabilities to endeavor like grunting cheetah.

While the chassis and subframe-mount footpegs give comfortable rides to both the rider & pillion.

The headlamp unit taillight and the pair of LED turn blinkers bring the astounding look to the bike and also blew the mind of the other bike makers. It also gets the dynamic brake light feature that blinks by the application of the brakes at 30 mph and once the acceleration is below the specified kilometers, makes you visible for the traffic in front of you.

Well, the bike maker made the chassis very strongly to withhold the bike on hard driving conditions. For this, it gets a deep-drawn steel bridge chassis that exhibits the monocoque structure to hold the pressure of the grunt produced by the mill. Precisely, the bike maker employed an aluminum swingarm, with 6.96 inches of travel and adjustable preload damping, which makes the biker & pillion comfier.

At the front, it gets a two 41 mm inverted stems that give up 5.94 inches of travel to accommodate the occupants to the fullest. While the optional fitment like Dynamic Electronic Suspension (DES) makes the rear suspension to adopt and adjusts with respect to the road conditions.

While the 305 mm discs at the front and 265 mm disc at the rear enables good braking mechanism, while the ABS further assist the rider with the rider to stop the bike precisely. The bike also provides switching option between ABS & ABS Pro to deliver to corner-sensitive ABS intervention.

Here comes the powertrain unit, which churns out a peak power & torque figures to offer naked terrain performance that every motor adore wishing to ride with. While the 84 mm bore and 77 mm stroke adds vigorous displacement to 853 cc to win the sprint and be champ. The 67.8 of torque @ 6,000 rpm and 95 hp of peak power @ 7,500 rpm gives acquired vibes to the biker to endeavor.

The 6-speed transmission duties are duly done by the gearbox to transmit all the grunt to the rear wheel via the chain. The ‘Rain’ & ‘Road’ riding modes and an optional Riding Modes Pro package adopt the road and weather condition to overcome the situations with very ease. With the high grunt and decent throttle response, it enables the powerful rides with granted comfort. The ABS intervention and ASC option give the stability to the biker.

Hence, the performance it delivers, the features it offers, the lavish stance it carries, and the comfort it accesses to the biker & pillion make the F 750 GS a perfect raw roadster which offers pure & true adventurous rides to the fullest. Finally, Kudos to the BMW for debuting the blissful model that make the day sumptuous.

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BMW S 1000 RR : Test Drive Review

BMW S 1000 RR is the iconic best performer that forayed into the Indian market with all the hype and glory. This iconic model also honored in the Movie ‘Mission Impossible Rogue Nation’ for its premium stance and raw performance. This BMW S 1000 RR is the most powerful sports model in the globe that carries robust fitments, with astounding design cues that impress the mankind. Since the launch, it has been the most selling naked Sportster that tremble the existing auto sellers like Yamaha & Suzuki.

As said the BMW S 1000 R had shared the space in ‘Mission Impossible Rogue Nation’ for its extravagant appearance and flamboyant fairings. This majestic model carries plusher front fascia with a twin headlamp unit that gives a bright illumination to enhance the visible conditions on the dark. While the 17-liters bold fuel tank exhibits the muscular appearance along with ensuring good riding posture to the biker. The splendid and unique full LED tail lamp unit at the rear shows the artistry and workmanship of the bike maker. The two-into-one exhaust setup utters beasty sound and also elevate the bike appearance.

The ergonomics of the bike measuring: 2050 mm in length, 826 mm in width, 1140 mm in height along with a 1438 mm of wheelbase, provide decent handling capabilities with respect to the riding nature of the biker. Besides, it also provides good ground clearance which is capable of cornering the bike without skidding. The endeavoring of the bike is also manageable with the total kerb weight of 204 kg, which is a good point in the bike.

The instrumentation console further assists the biker by displaying significant info regarding analog speedometer, a digital speedometer, twin trip meters, odometer, and fuel gauge. Hence the bike acknowledges the rider to study all the important parameters.

This raw performer draws power from a 999cc, water/oil cooled, four strokes, in-line 4-cylinder engine that produces a peak power of 195.2 bhp @ 13500 rpm and a maximum torque of 113 Nm @ 10500 rpm. While transmission duties are carried by a 6-speed constant mesh gearbox that uses wet multi-plate clutch assembly to enable quick and easy shifts. The electronic fuel injection system gives decent throttle response and fascinating power figures. Being a liquid-cooled engine it comes with the 13.0:1 compression ratio of with a bore x stroke ratio of 80 mm x 49.7 mm.

With high configuration setup and technically top arrangement, make the bike to sprint from 0 to 100kmph in just 3.12 seconds by returning a breathtaking speed of 299 km/h.

The biker will experience the inbound comfort to the fullest. Hence, the 120/70 ZR17 front and 190/55 ZR17 rear tubeless tyres wrapped to the lightweight aluminum alloy wheels gives a good amount of friction over the surface.

To assist the driver for stopping bike precisely, the bike maker employed a dual 320mm disc brakes with a 4-piston calliper at the front and 220mm single disc brakes with a single-piston calliper at the rear. To enhance the braking operation the bike maker aided a BMW Motorrad racing ABS with ON & OFF switching operation to precisely stop the raging Sportster.

Finally, with all the high-end technicalities, aesthetic design character and potential engine the BMW S 1000 RR will surely gain all the respect and honor from the men, who deserves to be a ‘MAN’. This desirable model from BMW gets priced at a range of INR 19,97,656 (ex-showroom, Delhi).

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BMW R 1200 R : Review

BMW enjoyed its sales mostly with the R 1200 series which gets offered in 4-segments as: Sports, Adventure, Tourer, and Roadster. The R 1200 series is the most iconic and prestigious lineup in the BMW portfolio because of its out & out performance it produces, the stylish design it carries and unique features it boasts. One such model from the R 1200 series is the ‘R 1200 R’ a powerful raw performer that also involves you in the road rush game.

BMW R 1200 R gets offered in colors like;

BMW R 1200R receives a unique design language to impress the global auto customers. Firstly, it gets an elegant dual headlamp unit that was eye feat to the BMW lovers. The raised handlebar further enhance the stance of the bike and also provide good riding postures to the biker. The sharp and beak-like front section portray an aggressive and arrogant nature of the bike. It also receives detailed curvy lines to elevate the appearance.

The decent measurements like; 2,145mm length, 906mm width, and 1,273mm height enable perfect touring conditions with all the stability. While the 1,495mm of wheelbase delivers good ground clearance by ensuring all the riding possibilities to the biker. The biker will experience the level of comfort with the handful of unique features it carries like; adjustable seat for comfy rides, a switchable ABS for braking assistance, and an engine management system for better performance.

Coming to the instrumentation console, the biker can aware with the significant info that was displayed by the console regarding analog tachometer, digital speedometer, twin trip meters, fuel gauge and also low-temperature indicators, low oil, low fuel, low battery and telltale lights which acknowledges the biker to the extent.

The power for the R1200 R is drawn from the 1,170cc, air/liquid cooled, flat twin, 4-stroke mill that produces a high power & torque figures to sprint the bike with a blaze. The engine produces 125hp of peak power @ 7,750rpm with a peak torque of 125Nm @ 6,500rpm with a good throttle response and decent supply system (fuel injection) to enable road game to the biker.

The 6-speed constant mesh gearbox with wet multi-plate clutch assembly works duly to ensure easy shifts and powerful drift to the rear wheel.
and a balancer shaft to improve its overall performance.

The good driving ergonomics of the bike is possible with 120/70 ZR17 front and 180/55 ZR17 rear tubeless tyres wrapped in sturdy alloy wheels ensure good ground clearance by reducing skidding on some terrains. The hassle-free rides are possible with the rigid suspension setup that ensures all the easement, for this, it gets a telescopic fork at the front and spring loaded hydraulic monoshock at the rear.

While the enormous power of the bike is stoppable with the 320mm dual disc brake with a 4-piston caliper at the front and 276mm single disc brake with the twin-piston caliper at the rear, which works accordingly to proved accurate braking at acquired conditions.

Hence it is proved that R 1200 series models are capable of; delivering top output figures, exhibiting plusher stance and facilitating unique features that enchant the biker & pillion to the fullest. As of the, R 1200 R, it is a superior sports model with all in all characteristics that the naked sports bike deserves to have with.

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BMW S 1000 R : Test Ride Review

Every motor adore is known that how important are the sports models for the current generation men and youngsters. This, in turn, the bike makers are making tactics to grab the attention of them, by debuting most happening design model that fascinate the global auto market. The model is nothing but, the ‘Sports’ model.

BMW S 1000 R gets offered in colors as;

The bike maker will easily get benefitted once the super sports model come into existence with power-packed raw performance. So, we came to know that Sports models are the game changers in the auto segment, but the question is that what makes the sports model a standout model in the segment? What should it carry to exist in the competitive auto world? Well, all the questions are answered by the superior model S 1000R which was produced by world’s top auto manufacturer ‘BMW’.

The BMW S1000 RR designed to serve the mankind who deserves for the best and aspires for the raw street performance. Let’s know more about the potential naked street performer.

As said, the BMW S 1000 R gets the high technical engine that produces top class output figures to pleasure the bikers who aspires for the beasty performance. The S 1000RR draws the power from a revamped cams, cylinder heads, fuel injection system and exhaust the engine that features a water cooled 4-stroke inline 4-cylinder 999 cc DOHC engine with 4-titanium valves per cylinder.

The above-said engine churns out a peak power of 160 Bhp @ 11,000 rpm and a peak torque of 112 NM @ 9,250 rpm. While the transmission duties are carried by a 6-speed constant mesh gearbox to enable easy and quicker shifts that comes with a wet multi-plate clutch in an oil bath.

The Anti-Hopping technology controls the cable operated clutch with very ease to ensure fullest drive mode to the biker. The pumped power from the mill is transmitted to the rear wheel through chain drive with utmost effectiveness. While the electronic fuel injection with 2 fuel injectors per cylinder that managed by a digital engine management system with knock control makes the bike a superior roadster among the mobbed Super Sports models.

With all the vigorous grunt and optimized combustion ratio and throttle response, the bike claims a decent mileage figure of 13-15 km/l in both the city & highway conditions, while the company claims a 17 km/l certified mileage.

The bike boasts a sturdy fuel tank that brings the muscular character to the bike. The sharp headlamp unit with LED daytime running lamps that enable bright vision and also exhibit plusher stance from the front profile. The exhaust pipe is another appealing element in the bike, that draws the attention. While the aluminum bridge chassis with revamped steering geometry, which enables the perfect driving posture to the rider. The longer wheelbase further elevates the driving capabilities by giving good ground clearance.

The biker can ride the bike with all the pleasure it offers. The rider will get the stability from the light-weight aluminum wheels that come wrapped by 120/70 tyres at the front and 190/55 tyres at the rear. With the fat tyre setup, it offers good ground clearance without skidding.

Braking as a concern, BMW employed a top-class 320 mm floating twin discs with radially mounted 4-piston calipers at the front and 220 mm floating single rotor 1-piston calliper unit at the rear. This authentic braking setup works duly to stop the bike accurately at the acquired situation.

The biker can endeavor bike with all the rage by keeping all the hope in the trustworthy features it boasts like; ASC (Active Stability Control with 2 modes for Rain and Road), ABS (Anti-braking System) for perfect braking assistance, Dynamic Traction Control & optional Dynamic Damping Control which was accessible only in Sport variant.

I think all the answers to the question asked above are cleared and hence, a sporty street performer with reliable features and astounding design had forayed into the auto market to quake the existing contenders. A pure & perfect naked roadster is all set to rage the roads.

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BMW S 1000 XR : Review

The BMW S 1000 XR is the pure American sports model that carries all the blazing performance to see the end of the terrains. This most handsome sports model boasts aesthetic styling cues to exhibit the lavish stance to the crowd. BMW S 1000 XR may be a strange model to Indian and other auto markets except for European markets because it was already a hit and alluring model since the launch.

This model settles the rider to the utmost by facilitating good posture to drive the bike. The highly potential engine of BMW S 1000 XR generates a high output figure to ensure powerful rides, where every motor enthusiast adores to ride for. Once can feel the level of comfort it provide, the potential it holds, and the stylish design it carries which create a desire to buy this model among other top existing contenders? Let’s see.

The bike carries plenty design and style fairings to relish the auto lovers, who fed up with the old design language. Here the front profile of the bike is somewhat alike to the Ducati Multistrada 1200 which is a direct contender for the bike. The twin headlamps unit with the larger front section and towering windscreen elevates the bike profile, especially when seen from the front angle. The quarter-fairings look elegant and beautiful, While the nicely sculpted robust fuel tank appears to be huge and muscular, which adds the macho stance to the bike.

The nicely padded split seats with a short tail section give ample comfort to the biker & pillion. The USD forks with gold finish add plusher stance to the bike. The exhaust muffler is sculpted with concern to the Euro4 emission norm so it might appear to be weird but it is not an issue for the Sports bike lover.

Coming to the technicalities, the semi-digital instrument console, display relevant and significant info for the biker. The bike offers two driving options; Touring Package and Dynamic Package. The Touring Package comes with Dynamic ESA suspension is where the two sensors observe the vertical movements of the wheel suspension and transmit the data to the controller to adjust the damper characteristics in order to enhance the ride quality to the extent.

The Touring Package offers heated grips, case holder, multi-controller, a center stand, and luggage bridge to enable fruitful and safe rides to the biker & pillion.

While the Dynamic Package offers Riding Modes Pro which offers the characteristics like Dynamic Traction Control DTC, riding modes “Dynamic” and “Dynamic Pro, ABS, quick shifter, cruise control and LED turn blinkers to elevate the performance of the bike in accordance with the desirable biker.

The S 1000 XR comes with an updated engine which now offers the better response with increased engine power. With the Euro 4 emission norms, the bike produces even more responsive figures to endeavor the tarmacs. The bike draws the power from a liquid-cooled, in-line four engine that pumps out a 167.2PS of peak power @ 11,000rpm and a peak torque of 114Nm @ 9,250rpm. The 6-speed gearbox works effectively to deliver the churned output to rear-wheel via chain drive.

With the increased and improved grunt, the BMW S 1000 XR is the most potential and tough sports tourer in the BMW lineup and sports segment. The bike maker has taken certain precautions to make the model a flawless as compared to the predecessor, which produce awkward disturbances to the rider while handling.

The driving modes like “Rain” and “Road” offers prominent & confident experience to the rider.

The rider & pillion can experience the blissful rides with the incorporation of reliable suspension and a braking unit which gets fitted to the robustly sculpted aluminum-alloy perimeter chassis to bear all the heavy engine and fairings. The hassle-free rides are granted with the employment of USD forks fitted at the front while the double-sided swing arm with adjustable monoshock unit works effectively to ensure joyful rides. The bike maker sculpted the frame in good shape to give stable rides on the tarmac. While the Automatic Stability Control (ASC) comes as a standard option.

To reduce this naked sports model the bike maker employed an authentic braking unit in which the front gets a 320mm dia dual-disc brake clamped by 4-piston radial calipers, while the rear gets a 265mm dia disc with a double-piston floating caliper. Hence the no bike can match and catch the speed of the BMW S 1000 XR.

Finally, S 1000 XR a two variant model (Standard and Pro) satisfy the aspiration of the motor lovers who tend to draw the hidden raw performance in it. One can drive the S 1000 XR by spending INR 18.50 lakh for STD variant while the Pro version cost you INR 21.50 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). Another worthy Sportster is going to occupy the space in BMW portfolio.

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BMW R 1200 RS : Review

Though are any many aesthetic design models in the BMW lineup The R 1200 RS model is something that deeply fulfills & respect your emotions. This particular model draws top class output figures churned by the efficient engine. This sports model gives you comfortable drives with the employment of quality fitments, reliable suspension.

The bike ergonomics, raw performance, and absolute beauty will revive the fed up customers with the existing old-school Sportster. With the debut of this sports performer, all other old model bikes are going to vanish with its strong impact. This new model will play the road very easily with the maneuvering skills that was empowered by the bike maker to ensure raging performance.

BMW R 1200 RS comes offered in colors like;

As said the bike maker characterized the bike with all the significant features and specs, that facilitates the user to the fullest. The touring capabilities are perfectly justified by delivering the raw potent oriented in the powerful mill. It boasts a sporty front fairing with a mounted windshield that appears to be unique which was never seen in any other model since.

The huge fuel tank with typical upper lines gives an elegant touch to the Sportster. But the lack of storage compartment will disgust every BMW lover. The rider triangle alignment ensures good riding posture who aspire for the leaned sports driving, while the 32.2-inch seat height is tough for the shorter riders to handle the bike with good posture.

The BMW has sculpted the frame strongly to hold good in all conditions. The tubular steel bridge-type chassis will hold all the pressure from the engine arrangement that uses frame structure with utmost effectiveness. This, in turn, reduces weight and keep it well balanced and also close to the ground as well.

The single-sided swingarm calls for double duty that was mounted for the drive shaft, in order to keep the rear end clean and settled.

The bike maker employed a trusty and strong suspension and braking unit to make the bike a super sports model that was capable of serving extreme comfort that was characterized by the bike maker. The steering of the bike is simple and flexible in which one can experience supreme driving capabilities offered by it.

The rigid suspension unit at both the ends gives you no underrating experience. For this, a pair of 45 mm forks with USD configuration will give you the pleasure of the riding the bike without pain. The same thing was applicable to the rear as well. It gets a swingarm with WAD strut that comes with a handwheel preload adjuster and adjustable rebound damping.

Hence, the rider & pillion will feel the comfort on every terrain with utmost easement provided by the authentic fitments and features. But the suspension unit the front gives some awkward disturbances.

The 320 mm dual front brake discs with 4-pot opposed-piston calipers reduce the speed of the front wheel very accordingly, while the 276 mm disc and twin-pot caliper restrict the rear wheel. The ABS further assist the rider to perform the effective braking operation.

Behind the powerful rides of R 1200 RS, there is a flat-twin boxer engine with 1,170 cc displacement that churns out 125 hp of peak power @ 7,750 rpm and 92 pound-feet of torque @ 6,500 rpm. The Dual over-head cams actuate the 4-valve heads by reducing the heat engine with a combination of air- and liquid-cooling.

The electronic fuel injection managed by a ride-by-wire system to facilitate all the features to the rider.

The two Riding Modes Rain & Road enable comfortable rides by choosing an accurate model. One can avail the even more features by upgrading to Ride Modes Pro which in turn gets options like user-programmable one, and a lean-angle sensing, Dynamic Traction Control.

With all the top-class technicalities and comfort features the BMW R 1200 RS surely become a perfect standout model that exhibits the plusher stance in the auto market

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BMW R 1200 GS : Review

If the adventure sports models are our discussions then it is not yet complete without considering ‘BMW R 1200 GS’. This pure German motorcycle first saw the road in 2004, since the launch this adventure motor alluring the auto market with record-breaking sales. BMW is well known for its durability and reliability so, from this opulent manufacturer the 1200 GS forayed to rule the roads with undisputed performance. With all the top-class technicalities and the increase of admiration for touring bikes in the country, BMW debuted the world-class underrated performer.

The design language of the bike creates the big impact in the auto market with the flamboyant fairings and stylish design cues. The BMW balanced the design and operation of the bike to give equal assurance in both departments. To draw the attention of the masses the bike gets an asymmetrical headlamp unit with LED daytime running lights appears to be stylish and unique when seen from the front angle. While the halogen headlight with optional LED auxiliary lights provides, even more, brighter vision and also gives elegant stance to the bike. The premium and prominent highlights like the front beak, radiator shrouds, headlamp cowl, sturdy fuel tank come as standard options to ease the rider & pillion.

In India, the BMW R 1200 GS get available in 2-variants; standard and adventure. The adventure version gets featured spoked wheels, long travel suspension, robust fuel tank, and off-road tyres. The R 1200 RS now gets improved suspension unit and driving dynamics to ensure both on-road & off-road capabilities. While the exhaust muffler, large split saddle, and forks elevate the authenticity of the bike.

As of the infotainment, it gets a semi-digital instrument console that displays useful info regarding all the significant parameters to the rider. it also gets a Hill Start Control system to prevent unusual rolling to back and forth, While the integrated ABS braking system offers good ergonomics to the rider.

To offer all the comfort with delightful feeling, it boasts a Semiactive Dynamic ESA suspension in which two sensors record the vertical movements wheel suspension and transmit the recorded data to a controller to offer fruitful rides.

While the Rain and Road riding modes offers Automatic Stability Control ASC for optimum traction. It also gets a Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), dynamic brake light and cornering ABS to assist the rider to attain stable conditions.

The new BMW R 1200 GS gets with Euro 4 emission compliance engine that gets all the power from a 1,170cc boxer, air/liquid-cooled engine that generates 126.7PS of peak power @ 7,750rpm and peak torque of 125Nm @ 6,500rpm. The transmission duties are carried by a 6-speed gearbox to ensure easy shifts and also to transfer churned power to rear wheel through shaft drive mechanism. The new catalytic converter works to keep the engine response good and also clean as well.

The tubular steel bridge-type chassis works duly to hold good in all situations and conditions. Hence durable and strong chassis offers good stability. For improved driving dynamics, it sports a Telelever front fork to endeavor the terrains.

To reduce the speed of the bike it carries a 305mm dia dual-disc brake clamped by 4-piston radial calipers at the front, while a 276mm dia disc with double-piston floating caliper works duly to provide best to the fullest.

Being an adventurous model with top-class features, and specs the BMW R 1200 GS and the R 1200 GSA are surely going to quake Indian auto market. This honest and pure extravagant model ensures blissful rides by not letting the image of the BMW. Hence with all the adorable technicalities, BMW R 1200 GS gets available in the market at the range of INR 15.9 lakh while the Dynamic+ cost us INR 19 lakh and the top-spec Pro version accessible at INR 19.5 lakh.

The standard BMW R 1200 GSA can be availed at INR 17.5 lakh while the Dynamic+ model got a price tag of INR 20.9 lakh and the Pro variant will be yours by spending INR 21.4 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). Hence, the BMW R 1200 is a perfect Adventurous sports model that is going to check the fate of Indian auto market.

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BMW R 1200 RT : Review

The R 1200 RT is one of the opulent models that was going to occupy a slot in the reputed ‘BMW’ family. This sport-tourer comes with the vigorous engine setup that makes the bike to run like a horse. The power and torque figure sprint the bike with all the blaze. The R 1200 RT raise the reputation of the bike maker for launching such a beautiful and arrogant street racer that stands high among all the existing racers. Being a new facelift model it carries trendy updates to make the auto adores crazy with the offerings. Let’s see how this would fit in the BMW family.

The aesthetic design of the tourer grab the sight of men and makes them slaves for its appearance. The large front fairing with power-adjustable windshield manages the flow of wind and thus enable the touring experience to the rider. The 31.7- and 32.5-inches of seat height with the extended range from as low as 29.9-inches up to 33.5-inches off the ground provide good comfort and posture for the rider & pillion.

The sharp headlamp unit with LED lighting gives bright vision to enhance the safety of both day & night. While the taillight and turn blinkers give the distinctive appearance of the bike. The button-actuated locking system gives best results and also elevates the bike stance.

The infotainment console gets a 5.7-inch TFT display which shows useful metrics regarding fuel, gas, speed, and temperature. The audio system of the R 1200 RT is upmarket as compared to other distinctive models.

The frame of the bike is robust and rigid to hold good in the unexpected situations. It gives all the stability on the road at corners.

The dynamic rides are possible with a cast-aluminum, single-sided swingarm that contains the driveshaft to tame the motion. The suspension unit, on the other hand, enables comfortable rides to delight the rider & pillion to the utmost. The rear gets handwheels to adjust the spring preload and rebound damping, while the front suspension further reduces the effect of bumps, speed breakers and other hurdles on the road. This updated version gives all the pleasure while riding the bike without any flaws. This active suspension unit comes with a dynamic adjustments play to adopt the conditions with respect to the road.

To reduce or restrict the speed of the bike that was raging in the streets the bike maker employed a dual 4-pot piston with a 320 mm front discs with a 276 mm disc and twin-pot. While the ABS system gives even more power to restrict the speed of the bike.

The bike gets powered by the typical flat-twin “boxer” engine that churns out a maximum power of 125 hp @ 7,750 rpm and a peak torque of 92 @ 6,500 rpm.

Hence the rider can feel the powerful vibes with the number of top figures that it produces. The tuned output figures with good throttle response further enhance the ride quality. The biker also gets delighted with the features like Traction control with two driving modes like “rain” &“road.” While the Hill Start Control makes the bike to scramble all the surfaces effortlessly. It also gets the dynamic traction control with ABS to assist the rider to the extent and these features only offered with Pro variant.

The 101 mm bores and a 73 mm stroke with 1,170 cc displacement enable good energetic rides to the biker & pillion. Hence it is fuel injection supply system it gets controlled by the 4-valve heads with RbW. This powerful engine gets cooled by the combination of air and liquid to suppress the amount of heat and temperature produced by the power mill.

The 6-speed gearbox with standard wet clutch works effectively to complete the transmission duty. Hence the rider can shift the 6-gears of the R 1200 RT by; 1 gear down & 5-gears up the pattern.

Finally, the R 1200 RT is definitely a pure racing motor which fits accurately by justifying the reputation of BMW and also an incomparable model in the entire lineup, Though there are some flaws in the driving department nothing comes to consideration once the rider starts raging the Motor.

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BMW R NineT : Review

BMW debuted the new cafe racer model that comes with all the flamboyant fairings to impress the auto & racing adores to the utmost. It is none other than ‘R NineT’. The main motto behind the screen is to make this new racing theme model a standout and antique one in the Indian & international market. The design & styling of the bike exhibits the artistry & workmanship of the bike maker, for how it is. Let’s see what else does it carry to impress the auto audience.

BMW R NineT gets accessible in only color scheme as;

As of the design, it carries futuristic elements & fairings to allure the auto market. The circular headlamp setup with LED turn blinkers just above the front fender gives plusher stance to the overall front profile of the bike. The handlebar houses twin rear view mirrors on either side to elevate the appearance of the bike. While the rear profile gets a tail lamp unit which adds a premium touch to the bike.

The nicely padded split seat with single seat adjusting mechanism gives comfortable rides without flaws. While the twin silencer exhaust appears robust, stylish and also appealing too.

As of the instrumentation console, it boasts a fully digital speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, twin trip meters, low battery indicator, low fuel indicator and low oil indicator to facilitate the rider with useful info regarding all the parameters said above.

The 18 liters strong fuel tank gives macho stance and also enables good riding posture to the rider. The bike measures 2220 mm in length, 890 mm in width, 1265 mm in height along with 1476 mm of wheelbase which provides perfect dynamic appearance on the road. The rider can maneuver the bike humbly with the decent kerb weight of 222 kg.

BMW R NineT sprints like a missile with the vigorous power that was churned by the powerful 1170cc, Air/oil cooled flat twin (‘Boxer’) 4-stroke engine, with 2-camshafts and 4-radially aligned valves per cylinder, central balancer shaft that churns out a peak power of 110hp @ 7550 rpm along with a 119 Nm of peak torque @ 6000 rpm.

The transmission duties are carried by a 6-speed constant mesh gearbox that uses a single dry plate clutch assembly to deliver the pumped power to the rear wheel. The good throttle response and the 12.0: 1 of compression ratio and a power-oriented bore x stroke ratio of 101 mm x 73 mm ensure joyful rides without disrupts. This powerful racing model claims an efficient mileage figure of 19 km/l effectively.

The bike was built on a 4-section frame where one section at the front and three sections at the rear along with load-bearing engine-gearbox unit and removable pillion seat for single riding. The R nineT offers good driving dynamics to ensure all the acquired easement to both the rider & pillion. As a turn, it gets a 120/70 ZR 17 at the front and 180/55 ZR 17 at the rear tubeless tyres wrapped to a stylish spoke wheels to gives stylish look and also to enable good grip over the surface.

To restrict the speed of this racer that cruising with high speed is made possible with the 320 mm floating dual disc brake with 4-piston radial calipers at the front and 265 mm single disc brake with a double-piston floating caliper at the rear. It further gets a BMW Motorrad ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), to assist the rider with utmost safety.

Hence, with this reliable braking unit, one can sprint the bike with high speed. While the stress-free suspension unit provides all the comfort in long 7 short journeys. The 46 mm Upside-Down telescopic fork at the front and single-sided swingarm aided cast aluminum mono shock absorber at the rear.

It also boasts some standard and unique fitments like anti-theft alarm, ABS which ensure safety and security for the racer.

Finally, the R NineT is the racing model that one should consider if going to buy a model that facilitates you with all the features, specs, performance. Hence the BMW portfolio has another justifying model with all-rounder characteristics.

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BMW R NineT Scrambler : Review

As we all know that youngsters are the most influencing asserts of the nation and also the only raw material to mold them into desired nature. So, all the bike makers and other style quotient markets tend to draw the attention of them to survive in the present market situations. So, one of the reputed and desirable automaker ‘BMW’ launched the premium and indulge scrambler model, that allures the auto market. So the design of the scrambler appears to be retro and vintage where every motor enthusiast adores riding once in a lifetime.

BMW R NineT Scrambler available only in elegant color option as;

The retro-vintage based design carries old-school fairings to exhibit the aesthetic character. This scrambler creates an impact in the auto industry to with all the packed performance, and features. Let’s know more about the Scrambler.

The R nineT Scrambler boasts retro fairings which will be taken as a reference for the feature as well. The 19-inch front wheel with fork gaiters elevates the tomboy stance of the scrambler. While the low fuel tank with minimal saddle height appears to be muscular and robust. Anyhow all the beauty of the bike is mostly dominated by the engine unit, that appears to be shiny and elegant.

The handlebars give aggressive posture to the rider, where one can easily sit and operate the bike mechanism. From the rider end, the bike appears extremely high and arrogant. However, the rider experiences some discomfort with the handlebar and grip the accelerator provide but nothing comes into consideration.

The BMW R NineT Scrambler is completely different from existing ones because of its sturdy Tabular chassis frame. Hence it holds good in high scrambling drives. While the adjustable pillion seat enables solo drives as well.

Though it is a built for scrambling it serves the extreme driving conditions to the rider to easily maneuver every surface with an ease.

In order to stop the bike suddenly or accordingly the bike maker employed a 320 mm 4-pot Brembo calipers discs brake at the front and a 265 mm twin-pot caliper disc brakes at the rear. Further, it gets an ABS system to ensure fruitful drives with even more safety. This scrambler is not only the machine, it maintains the relationship with the rider to adopt the driving nature vice-versa. Hence raw ride is fulfilled for the desired individuals.

The same thing is applicable to the suspension unit as well. It gets a 43 mm USD forks to handle the hard and harsh roads with all the easement by not giving any awkward disturbances to both the rider & pillion. While the single-sided, adjustable spring preload, aluminum swingarm with the coil-over monoshock at the rear, works efficiently to give flexi drives in the entire journey. The rider can feel the comfort that it offers on all the surfaces.

The grippy tyres give efficient ground clearance to scramble and maneuver all the surfaces with the easement.

This most iconic scrambler gets all the power from a flat-twin 1,170 cc engine that pumps out a maximum of 110 hp of power @ 7,800 rpm and a peak torque of 88. Hence these resultant figures with 101 mm bore and 73 mm stroke runs the bike like a horse. One can experience the blazing performance which the bike deserves to produce for.

The 6-speed transmission unit eases the rider with an easy shift pattern of 1-gear down & 5-gears up. Hence the rider can maneuver the bike easily in all the surfaces. With all the technicalities, the bike claims the top speed over 125 mp/h.

Finally, the BMW R NineT Scrambler is the best scrambler model to maneuver all off-road & on-road successfully. The power it offers, the design & style it carries stuns the mankind. Hence another trustworthy model is added to the lineup.

Also Read: BMW R NineT Scrambler Features, Specs & Details