Harley Davidson Street 750 : Review

Harley Davidson 750 is another benchmark model that debuted to create an impact in the auto world and also to suffocate the models that contend with it. The 750 model comes with vigorous power with ambiance look. The Street 750 might be costlier than the remaining models, but the aesthetic design language and retro stance will be never underrating to any extent.

The road will be sumptuous with the presence of the powerful cruiser. Harley Davidson Street 750 with power-oriented concept enable raging speed for maneuvering.

The Harley Davidson Street 750 will make you sense that you are riding a vintage bike instead of a sporty model. The design of Street 750 is unique and stylish which was alike to any of the model since now. The built-to-battle personality gives, even more, plusher stance to the bike. The black color theme with flamboyant fairings exhibits Porsche look of the bike, which also actually meant for.

The round headlamp unit with tucked back headlamp cowl elevates the overall front profile. Vintage themed front forks design the round turn blinkers draws the attention of the crowd. The front fender with amber color gives the even more lavish appearance to the biker.

The long peanut shaped robust fuel tank with a dual tone finish pull the admired men to the dealerships. The twin cylinder Revolution-X engine below the fuel tank adds the macho and vintage appearance to the cruiser. The 2-into-1 long exhaust pipe with a black color theme is the eye-catchy element in Street 750. The seven-spoke alloy wheels appear to be artistic. The low seat height alignment with single seat configuration is comfy and funky too.

The Street 750 comes with a low engine configuration so as to meet the all-new Revolution-X family small capacity engines. It is the smallest engine in from the Harley Davidson to India that gets powered by a 4-stroke, liquid cooled, twin cylinder, 749cc engine that effectively churns out a 49 PS of peak power and 60 Nm of maximum torque. This low powered engine gets mated to a 5-speed gearbox, to complete the transmission duties with the bike.

Don’t underrate the Street 750 with the power that offers, it gives you almost an equal performance like the high technical engines. The engine pulls the cruiser very effectively to forward with all the power packed performance that comes out as a blast. The speedy adores will definitely enjoy the performance that offered on Street 750. One scramble the surface with all the easy gear shift pattern of; 1-gear down & 4-gears up. Hence one can maneuver the road with all the rage. The refined throttle response also a key parameter to be discussed in the bike. So, there will be any disrupts in the entire journey, unless you are aware of the driving dynamics of the cruiser.

The Harley Davidson Street 750 will give the utmost comfort, even it is a basic and low range model in Harley’s portfolio. The telescopic hydraulic forks at the front with a pair of hydraulic coil springs at the rear enables good and decent comfort level by reducing the unusual jumps and potholes and other hurdles arrived on the road. The overall ride quality of the bike decent and enough for the Indian traffic roads.

To stop the 750 cc engine speed there should be something that is reliable and perfect braking system. So, the bike maker employed a single disc at the front and a single disc at the rear, to stop the power accordingly. Further, it gets an ABS unit to assist the rider in emergencies. The rider can handle the bike easily because of the low kerb weight, which is good to maneuver.

The well-crafted performer enables stable riding conditions that are acquired for the Indian roads. The AHO (Auto Headlamp ON) feature, ABS braking unit, and reliable features & specs make the Street 750 a valuable and worthier product that was available at the price tag of INR 4,98,000 (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Hence one can go with the Street 750, to get Porsche look with an overloaded performance that was offered by the Globe’s desirable auto manufacturer Harley Davidson.

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Harley Davidson Roadster : Review

The Harley Davidson Motorcycles are the most eye-catchy and premium out looking models that are existing in the auto industry since generations. Our reviewing model in the Harley lineup is the Iconic sports model ‘Roadster’. The Roadster appears to be fascinating and nostalgic when saw the bike at a first glance. The fuel tank is the prominent and talkative aspect of the bike, that carry’s fresh and elegant stance to the Roadster. The 12.5 liters ‘walnut’ fuel tank gives sporty stance. The standard and unique fitments that the Roadster boasts were, the lower mounted handlebars, mid-set footpegs, chopped fenders and digital-analog instrument console will surely make the Roadster a standout model in the mobbed sports models.

Powering the bike, it gets all the damn cruising speed from the 1202cc engine which also serves the 1200 Custom model. The peak power & torque figures are pumped to ensure forceful rides to the biker. The 103Nm of torque @ 3,750rpm is effectively produced by the powerful engine as said above. The transmission duties are effectively carried by a 5-speed gearbox to transmit all generated power to the rear wheel.

Not only the Roadster but also the remaining models in the Harley Portfolio will produce the peak output figures to sprint the prestigious models at top speeds. The rider gets delighted with the clutch and gear operation, where no flaws are encountered in the entire journey unless you are failed to handle the bike like a ‘Jockey’. The rider should catch the pulse of the bike, once the biker is aware of the all the technicalities of the bike, then no one can stop the flow of the aggressive performer.

The 1200cc motor gives you commendable performance where no other model comes into consideration. There will be no any awkward disturbances with the bike, though it is a powerful mill. Even the 100-140 km/h speed is easily handled by the rider without any flaws.

Talking about the driving dynamics, the Harley Davidson Roadster pleasures the driving experience and also earns all the kudos from the motor adores with the employment of top-class suspension unit, braking system and other acquired elements that ease both the rider & pillion to the extent.

The Harley Davidson Roadster gets fitted with a new 43mm upside down fork at the front with triple rate springs, which reduce the disturbances caused on the road. While the new screw type preload adjuster at the rear pleasures the journey.

The maneuvering of the bike at hard road and traffic condition are well managed and will not give any bad experience to the occupants. The cornering of the Roadster even at sharp edges gives all the stability without skidding. Overall the driving capabilities of the Roadster will make you fall in love, which opposes and escape you from all the circumstances very accordingly and precisely. The Roadster offers all the comfort with utmost concern & priority for why it built for.

No doubt, it gives perfect maneuvering capabilities, but the because it is a sports model, the suspension setup employed will give some bad experiences in long journeys. Due to sporty design and stiff suspension setup, the biker and pillion get disgusted when rode for long drives.

The braking as a concern, Roadster gets an upgraded unit to restrict the flow of the rushing speed. For, this, it gets employed with the twin discs at the front to stop the bike duly. The rear also gets the reliable braking setup for better-stopping conditions. Hence, no wonder for the driving setup because all the Harley Motorcycles gets the same and even more advanced units than this.

Finally, one can brag the Harley Davidson home, at a price tag of almost INR 11 lakhs. So, there are many alternative models in the market which offers alike features and performance and even more as well with less price tag. Hence, you can go with the available alternative that best suits you unless you are not a Harley Davidson Lover.

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Harley Davidson Forty Eight : Review

Harley Davidson Forty-Eight is best in the class model that debuted in the Indian auto market with all the blaze. This bike gets the reputed and ongoing Milwaukee-Eight engine that churns enormous output figures to sprint the bike. This model mostly draws the attention of the market and auto customers with the ‘peanut’-shaped fuel tank which was the first model in the Harley Davidson portfolio. After a long time, the peanut tank again came into consideration to give macho look to the bike. Most of the sports model was boasted with the peanut-shaped fuel tank to give the retro look to the models.

The Forty-Eight design is the most elegant model in the Sportster lineup. The front fender sculpted neatly to gives astounding stance to the front profile. The sturdy 130/90 x 16-inch front tyre wrapped to spokes wheel give a premium look to the Forty-Eight. The sharp & chrome-ringed headlamp unit with stylish turn blinkers with a single-pod speedometer appears to be plush on the bike. While the rear-view mirrors mounted under the handlebar looks awkward but provides a good vision of objects when the appear closer to the bike.

The rider feels pleasure with the easy acceleration, clutch operation and front braking, this is possible with the employment of quality palm grips. The typical ignition switch located under the steering column is a little bit complex for the rider to operate.

Coming to the switching operation of the bike, the right blinkers gets fitted on the right switch pod and the left-indicator switch on the other side of the bike. With the quick and responsive operation the indicators self-cancels, or pressing the button twice complete the same job. But sadly, it lacks the switching off the headlight on a Forty-Eight.

The robust and stylishly designed fuel tank gives the good appearance of the bike. While the twin exhausts with chrome finish bring all the flamboyant stance to the bike. The side panels and nicely padded comfy seat alignment ensures joyful rides to both the rider & pillion. While the split seat for the pillion comes as a customized option. The overall appearance of the tourer looks outstanding with the revamped and updated elements and features.

The bike maker employed the vigorous engine setup to ensure a fruitful touring experience to the biker and pillion. It gets power from a 4-stroke, 1202cc, V-twin and air-cooled engine that churns out a maximum power & torque figures that drives the bike forcefully forward. The 88.9mm bore and 96.8mm of stroke figure with 10:1 compression ratio gives a good response of the bike.

The transmission duties are carried by a 5-speed gearbox to ensure easy shifts to the biker. The shifting of gears is also simple and effective with the pattern of 1gear down and 4-gears up. The fuel-injected engine gives good throttle response and refined output figures to provide acquired assistance.

The high torque figure of 3500rpm gives better throttle response. The Forty-Eight provides crispy and crunchy rides with great pick up from low to high power band and thus you will not get disappointed to any extent. While the exhaust pipe sounds like roaring lion where one will expect from the desirable motorcycle manufacturer. Most of the bikers concern about the engine heat, so Harley Davidson employed the cooling mechanism to provide sufficient cooling to the engine.

The Harley Davidson Forty-Eight boasts a conventional chassis with telescopic forks at the front and twin shocks absorbers at the rear, but some disturbances on the road are experienced by the rider & pillion after some ride. The good driving posture of the rider is possible with nice seat alignment.

Harley Motors should also revise the custom parts used for customization. The pillion saddle and foot pegs cost 17,000 extra, while the springer seat option costs 38,000 extra.

Hence the driving capabilities and the ample ground clearance are decent and good which makes the journey sumptuous and powerful too. The reliable disc brake unit provides restrict the bike accordingly and hence avails the stable state in a minimal amount of time.

Though it has the powerful engine configuration, then also it claims an efficient fuel figure of about 20 km/l, which was a good figure to see in such a powerful bike.

Finally, Harley Davidson Forty-Eight is the stylish, extraordinary and power packed bike that comes to the Indian market with a price tag of INR 8,50,000 (ex-showroom, Delhi), hence the heritage of Harley Davidson Motors is well carried by the Forty-Eight by summing all the positive and powerful vibes that deserve by the bike maker.

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Harley Davidson Iron 883 : Review

Harley Davidson Motorcycles are well known for its high performance & and artistic retro models that enchants the auto market and enthusiasts too. The raw and crunchy power and figures throb the heart of the millions. One such model from the admired Harley Motors is the Sportster Iron 883. The superior power with the opulent design is an ornament for this legendary model ‘Iron 883’.

The bike offers the adventurous and fanatic rides that most of the Moto lovers adore for. The Sportster Iron 883 carries both the cruiser and a retro look to impress the niche. The front, rear and either side of the bike boast extraordinary setup that serves the biker and pillion to the utmost. Let’s see, whether the Sportster Iron 883 has the ability to hold and carry the name and fame of the Harley Davidson further or not.

Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 is the symbol of purity and artistry. One will surely fall gets heart throbbed when saw the bike at a first glance. The pure & aesthetic design of the bike gives the Porsche look to the rider and also bike as well. The round headlamp unit exhibits the beasty appearance of Iron 883. The turn blinkers with clear lens indicators elevate the front profile a bit rather than the rear. Nicely sculpted fuel tank gives good riding posture to the biker and the long wheelbase with 760 mm of seat height from the ground gives cruising stance to the bike. The biker feels delighted with all the techie features employed on the bike. The sturdy classic with long suspension forks gives the cruiser look to the Sportster. The 19-inch front wheels and 16-inch rear wheels, further appear to be rich and lavish, which comes wrapped by grippy rubber tyres.

Powering the Iron 883, it draws all the high torque and power from the Evolution V-twin 883 cc air-cooled engine that delivers peak torque of 50.6 PS @ 5500 rpm and 70 Nm @ 3500 rpm. Hence, the rider can rev the bike with all blaze and rage until the fuel in the bike gets exhausted.

This powerful cruiser model gives you no awkward vibrations throughout the journey, for this thanks to the V-twin unit for mounting damp on the engine to reduce the disgusting shivers experienced at high RPM’S. The transmission duties are done by the 5–speed transmission gearbox which ensures easy shifts and also delivers the churned output accordingly to the spoked alloy wheels.

The biker can easily shift the gears of the cruiser by an easy pattern of 1-gear down & 4-gears up. So, the pleasure of cruising the Cruiser at high speeds are satisfied to the fullest by the biker. Well said!

The dynamics of the bike are extremely superior and outstanding too. The cruiser gets the stability by applying trustworthy braking unit employed by the biker maker to ensure high speeds with utmost safety. So, the 300 mm disc brakes with dual piston caliper at the front and 260 mm rear disc unit at the rear.

There is a myth that cruising models make the rider & pillion stressed because of the seating position and suspension unit, but now Harley Davidson erased all that bull shit by employing the most advanced and enriched suspension unit that gives hassle-free drives to the users. Hence, the bike compliance with the non-adjustable 39 mm fork at the front and preloaded-adjustable emulsion shock absorber at the rear.

The safety features of the bike ensure fruitful rides to both the rider & pillion. The AHO (Auto Headlamp ON), ABS option enchants the biker to the fullest.

One can cruise the Harley Davidson Iron 883 on the streets by paying INR 8,90,883 (approx) at the nearest dealership.

Hence the Harley Davidson Motors well sculpted the Iron 883 to impress the niche whose concern is to show the ambiance and flamboyance to the world.

Harley Davidson Fat Bob : Review

Harley Davidson new models that are forayed into the Indian auto market relished the retro & vintage enthusiasts. The new lineup comes mated to a new Milwaukee-Eight engine which was serving most of the lineup very efficiently and moreover, powerfully. The Milwaukee-Eight is the bike makers revolutionary third new invention which features a 4-valves and two spark plugs per cylinder and a larger alternator with refined output figure, and throttle response.

This new engine has been employing in the new Softail line that to ensure fruitfully and breakthrough rides to the biker. One Such model that gets power from the new mill is the ‘Fat Bob’.

The new Fat Bob appears to be fascinating and adventurous too. The front of the Fat Bob gets a rectangular headlamp unit that was simply superb and also distinctive to see. This Fat Bob gets 16-inch sturdy alloy wheels wrapped to a 150-section front and 180-section rear tyres, which gives ample stability under all conditions.

The twin bronze-finished mufflers with exhaust headers draw all the attention towards the exhaust. The short fenders at both ends give the macho stance to the bike, which was extreme to see.

As said, the Milwaukee-Eight engine is the heart of the entire Softail lineup which was available in 2-different configurations; 1,868cc and 1,745cc. In India, we are getting only the 1,745cc spec models. The new and updated twin counter-balancers reduce the noise of the engine accordingly and cool the engine with the employment of cooling technology. The engine churns out a peak torque figure of 145Nm @ 3,000rpm, which is good to see in the Indian spec model.

The maneuvering of this Bobber is possible with the shredded weight of about 6 to 8kg for the chassis and the overall of 17kg. The chassis of the Fat Bob is sturdy and reliable which was almost 70% robust than the Softail lineup.

The steering head is also unique for this bike, which gives good riding stance to the biker. The suspension of the bike is perfectly designed to ease the customers to the fullest. The monoshock absorber at the rear hidden under the seat to ensure the hassle-free rides to the biker & pillion.

While the front suspension also gets revamped to increase the handling and comfort of the users. It gets fitted to inverted forks for comfortable rides.

The Fat Bob is the performance-oriented model that was mainly designed to facilitate the Harley adores. The high-speed maneuvering of the bike is stoppable with the twin front disc brakes, which gives efficient braking operation at the desired time.

The shifting of gears is easy and comfortable to the rider, who desire to ride the bike at top speed. Being from a most reputed manufacturer, the Fat Bob gets offered with the trendy and futuristic elements, that is equal to the roadster.

With the new commendable engine setup and flamboyant design language, the Fat Bob is damn surely remembered by the most. With all the revolutionary updates and offerings the Fat Bob gets a price tag starting at a range of INR 15,61,345 (ex-showroom, Delhi).

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Harley Davidson CVO Limited : Review

Worlds reputed bike maker Harley Davidson debuted the most powerful and costliest model into the Indian auto market named ‘CVO Limited’. This is being called the costliest and powerful model because of its luxury design, flamboyant elements, eye-catchy paint schemes and not but not the least, it out & out power packed performance. The artistry and workmanship skills is being exhibited by seeing the appearance of the bike. The huge monster stance and appearing quality elements made the bike a costly and worthier? Let’s see.

Harley Davidson CVO Limited is prestigious and limited edition model that was purely built for the desirable men under Project Rushmore. This tourer model with plusher and handful of features grab the attention of the auto market & enthusiastic too. The front of the bike gets a unique headlamp setup with full LED lights and twin fog lamps.

The huge stance to the bike got with the front fairings along with the clear lens visor gives a retro tourer look to the bike. The sturdy curvy fuel tank with curve design adds a premium look to the bike and also enable good driving posture to the biker.

The neatly cushioned seats with genuine leather material give ample comfort to both the rider and pillion. While the 740 mm of seat length provides all the easement to the sport bikers. While the added luggage compartment comes as an add-on to the bike that facilitates the users to the utmost, by considering the long journeys of biker.

The 2600 mm of length gives beasty stance to the tourer in the crowd. which provides ease to riders with short height. While the 1625 mm wheelbase gives perfect cornering of the bike and the 135 mm of ground clearance ensures ample driving capabilities on road.

The instrumentation console is the most talkative feature in the bike because the advanced technology of the console displays all the acquired information regarding speedometer, tachometer, odometer, trip meter, engine temperature, oil temperature, voltage, fuel figures etc. And a hands-free phone with Bluetooth, speakers, wired headset, the MP3-USB with display screen further assist the rider to the extent.

Being the most costly bike it gets the most powerful engine that churns out tremendous output figures to ensure the best touring experience to the biker. The 1801 cc, Twin-Cooled™ Twin Cam 110™ engine that pumps out a maximum torque of 156 Nm @ 3750 rpm, while the 6-speed gearbox works effectively to ensure all the power to the rear wheel. The electronic sequential port fuel injection (ESPFI) system, provides gives continuous power to ensure good throttle response. The compression ratio of 9.2:1 and the bore x stroke ratio of 101.6mm x 111.1mm gives enormous output to enhance the touring experience.

The handling of the Harley-Davidson CVO Limited is decent and manageable. The BW 130/80B17-65H front and BW 180/65B16-81H rear tyres wrapped to a Custom Wheels give better grip on all surface conditions and also the chrome finish of the wheel elevates the appearance of the tourer. So as to stop the tourer, the Harley Motors engaged 32mm, four-piston fixed caliper disc brakes at both the front and rear wheel. While the ABS unit comes as a further assistance which ensures good braking conditions without skidding the bike.

To revive the touring experience, the tourer gets fitted with the 49mm telescopic forks at the front and an air-adjustable full travel air ride suspension at the rear that. Thus, both the rider & pillion gets relished with the comfort that offered by the CVO Limited.

The Harley Davidson CVO Limited cost us INR 56,40,797 which may jaw-dropping price tag for the normal audience. Hence this Limited edition model ‘CVO’ is hence proved that it is a best in class tourer that offers all the features, specs, performance and comfort too. Thus, it is a worthy performer and the word ‘costly’ is not a remark for the bike anymore.

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Harley Davidson Road King : Review

Harley Davidson Road King is an interesting model in the Harley Motors portfolio. The bike was again out for sale in the Indian market almost after one year break. The monster appearance is the big asset of the bike to grab the attention of each and every human who passes over it. The new Road King now comes with new color schemes and with a new configuration called Project Rushmorified.

The Harley Davidson Road King delivers outstanding performance figures that are acquired to run the vehicle. The design language with astounding elements and features will surely make the bike a standout model in the crowd. The eye-catchy features like saddlebags, glittery paint scheme, and advanced infotainment system are the noteworthy ones in the Road King.

The Road King gets the vigorous engine that produces unbelievable power 7 torque figures which in turn sprints the bike like raging horse. The TwinCam 103 with an oil-cooler is the engine that powers this tourer and also the remaining in the Harley Tourer lineup. The counterbalancers in the tourer drive it forward with refined throttle response. The ride-by-wire fuel injection system with 6-speed transmission gearbox gives powerful vibes to the rider.

Coming to the design and features of the tourer, the Road King gets a new handlebar to ease the short rider to catch the handle with utmost comfort. The bright trio headlamp unit at the front with bright illumination give plusher stance and also facilitate the rider with enough vision. As said, the saddlebags with simple open-close operation give revive to the biker.

The cornering and maneuvering of this tourer at sharp edges and wet surfaces are well handled with the employment of dual compound tyre. Hence the rider can easily escape from skidding.

While the sturdy chassis with 43mm forks at the front & the twin shocks air adjustable absorbers at the rear gives stress-free drives to both the rider & pillion. Hence the affordable & desirable men get relished with the reliable & reputed suspension unit that makes the riding day sumptuous.

The auto lovers get easily fall in love with the elegant & handsome paint schemes, design elements especially the chrome finish. Hence the bike gets a lavish stance with the adorable fitments. The fuel tank on the of the bike elevates the overall appearance of the bike and also gives good posture to the biker. The shifting of gears will be awesome and also easy for the rider.
Performance wise, it gives nevertheless output where no other model will give as effective as this. The bike easily claims the 0 to 100 km/h of top speed in the minimal amount of time.

The seating of the bike gives enough comfort for the rider to rely on the seats for most of the hours without any pain. The effortless driving experience will ease the rider to the utmost and hence one can carry a good gesture into the crowd to grab the attention.

The Road King glides all the surfaces very easily, for this thanks to the bike maker for employing commendable engine setup. It gives less engine noise as compared to the other tourers in the market. So, this helps in revving the bike at top speeds.

Harley Davidson Road King with all the remarkable features, specs, and details gets offered at price range of INR 29,65,852 (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Finally, Harley Davidson Road King is a perfect comeback Tourer that draws the attention of the motor world. The design of the bike is the most oomph and handsome, where every bike lover adores to ride with. If the money is not the matter for you then surely go with the Road King, where you feel like a King and also the passing crowd as well.

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Harley Davidson Street Bob : Review

We are glad to review the Worlds adorable bobber model, which has forayed into the market especially from a desirable bike maker ‘Harley Davidson’. The model is none other than the ‘Harley Davidson Street Bob’. Almost eight models were on the sale in the auto market. In India, there are 4-models that are alluring the Indian auto market are; Fat Boy, Fat Bob, Street Bob and Heritage Classic. So, here we are going with the Street Bob which was one of the best cruising models that satisfy the desire of riding the road rocket? Isn’t it! Ok, let’s see whether the word ‘Road Rocket’ is been justified or not.

Starting with the design, the Street Bob carries the nostalgic and aesthetic design that appears damn hot and oomph to the see. The 2018 Street Bob gets even more eye-catchy elements, and design cues to impress the mankind. The round, single-pod headlight setup with full LED and daytime running light (DRL) that comes around the headlight brings plusher and premium look to the bike.

The bike color schemes are another distinctive feature that exhibits the company’s artistry. While the 19/17-inch front & rear wheel gives good stance to the rider in the crowd. The bike maker discontinued some aged features and employed few eye-catchy elements to impress the auto adores to the fullest. The bobber styled fuel tank with Harley emblem appears to be strong, elegant and comfortable too for the rider.

The Instrument console of the Street Bob is decent and upmarket too. The integrated LCD instrument panel on the handlebar mount is good to see on the bike. The chrome finish is only used to highlight the bike appearance, so we cant get too much of chrome to the bike.

Coming to the powertrain, being the new Softail platform it gets a Milwaukee-Eight 107 motor gives an enormous amount of energy to the bike to sprint on the surface. The 1,745cc V-twin motor with 4-valve-per-cylinder head gets twin counterbalancers to reduce the disturbances and also to produce massive output at the end of the day. The engine churns out a maximum of 144Nm torque @ 3,000rpm with quick throttle response. Hence the rider can easily shift the gears with the effective transmission gearbox employment. So as to calm down the raged engine the oil-cooler fitted between the new frame effectively reduce the heat of the engine.

The single-seat setup, the mini-ape-hanger handlebars, gets available in the Street Bob to hold the beauty of the bike. But the tighter footpeg position is a bit short for the gearing, hence the rider feels quite harder to shift the gear easily. The wider handlebars ensure quick turns with minimal effort. The effortless riding capabilities should also be credited to the 100-section front and 150-section rear tyres, which ensure good ground clearance.

The Street Bob received some tweaks in the suspension unit to ease the rider & pillion. The 2018 model gets a Showa forks with dual-bending valve technology that gives the capable comfort to its best, while the rear gets a Showa monoshock preload-adjustable system to provide acquired comfort that is capable of.

The new braking unit also provides decent stopping power to the front & rear wheels. The ABS option gives enhanced braking operation to restrict the bike, that was heading at top speed.

Finally, the 2018 Street Bob is the better bobber model that gives you no flaws in performance, features, and specs. This new touring model gets some price hike due to the some revamps & updates. The price tag of the new Street Bob starts at a range of INR 13,38,168 (ex-showroom, Delhi).

So, Harley Davidson Street Bob is better justified in all the compartments as reviewed earlier.

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Harley Davidson 1200 Custom : Review

Harley Davidson again came with a bang into the auto market to give the tough competition to the on-going 1200cc Scout. We all know that the 1200 cc Scout is only meant for the short rides due to the low capacity fuel tank. So, in order to provide best than this, Harley Davidson Motorcycles debuted the touring-friendly motorcycle in India with a nameplate of ‘1200 Custom’.

The 1200 Custom is the tourer that gives unbelievable performance figures and cruising experience. The 1200 Custom carries the Sporty look, and unique stance, which was worthy to have such a model in the Harley Davidson portfolio.

As said earlier, Harley Davidson employed 17-liter fuel to ensure fruitful rides by reducing the visiting to the fuel station. The engine power & torque figures with refined and tuned throttle response makes the bike to rage like a beast.

The cruiser gets the maximum power from the 1,202cc, Evolution, air-cooled engine that effectively generates the good amount of power & torque figures. While the 5-speed gearbox gives works accordingly to provide better shifts and responsive capability to the rider.

To withstand in all the situations the bike maker built the bike on a sturdy mild steel tubular chassis with suspension unit of 30mm forks at the front and dual coil over threaded preload adjustable shock absorbers at the rear.

While the 1200 Custom gets stopped with the equipped single disc brake with dual-piston at both front & rear, and the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) comes as a standard option to gives further assistance to the biker. The Michelin Scorcher 31-inch tyres give better stability and grip on all the surfaces.

The bike also gets the top class fitments like pullback handlebar, custom seat, smart security system, proximity-based, security fob and keyless ignition.

The customers have the option to customize the bike in departments like seat, handlebar, wheels, foot controls, color, and graphics.

With all the hardware setup and customization options, the Harley Davidson 1200 Custom gets priced at a tag of INR 8.90 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), which was comparatively low in the cruiser segment.

Finally, the Harley Davidson 1200 Custom is the cruiser that gives you ample luxury, performance, and comfort. So, hence it is the best 1200 cc cruiser that was available below the range of INR 10 lakh.

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Harley Davidson Street Rod : Review

The Harley Davidson Street Rod is a pure street racer that designed to impress the millions for its sporty design, rushing engine and unique features. The bike was sculpted alike to the Harley Street 750, but both are different in performance and styling too. The café racer styled design impress the most of the racing enthusiasts. The new design & styling cues with yo-yo features make the model the sense of true drifting model.

The antique and nostalgic design of the bike shows the pure artistry of the bike. The new headlamp setup with LED turn blinkers grab the attention of the crowd passing on the road, while the flat and long handlebar with bar-end mirrors brings huge shape to the bike.

The revamped tail lamp unit with LED lighting elevates the appearance of the bike. Muscular fuel tank provides good riding posture to the biker and also gives the macho appearance to the street fighter. The nicely cushioned seat with perforated cover with French stitching on its sides with the increased height of 757mm is a gesture in the bike.

The Harley Davidson Street Rod sprints with the power that was drawn from the 750cc V-twin engine that produces 68.4PS of power @ 8750rpm and 62Nm of torque @ 4000rpm. This upgraded mill generates almost 20 percent more power and 8 percent more torque than the previous model. The new cylinder heads had been revamped to increase the performance and also deliver tuned output. The exhaust unit now comes as shorter tailpipe with a wider outlet to produce well-tuned exhaust note.

The handling duties are well carried by bike to ease the rider pillion to the extent. The sturdy chassis gets a sharper steering rake of 27 degrees which gives dynamic riding experience. The stress-free rides are handles by incorporating 43mm upside-down forks at the front and twin gas-charged dampers with a piggyback reservoir at the rear.

With the employed suspension unit, the rider & pillion will definitely praise the Harley for showing such extravagant workmanship skills for ensuring comfy rides.

The 17-inch Y-spoke design wheels of the Street Rod are eye-feast and robust, which gets cast with the aluminum for durability. These wheels are lighter and stronger and also gives good driving capabilities. While the Michelin Scorcher 21 tyres come wrapped to the wheels of the cruiser. The rear tyre of 160/60 R17 is larger and gives 60mm to 205mm of good ground clearance as well.

Braking is the most significant aspect to stop a bike that was heading with enormous speed. For this, the twin-disc setup at the front comes as a replacement instead of a single disc. And the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) comes as standard fitment to assist the rider furtherly.

Finally, with all the engine technicalities, features, specs the Harley Davidson Street Rod get the price tag of INR 5.86 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi).

The Harley Street Rod is the superior, charm and muscular naked street performer that gives you no disrupts on the journey, but if you are concerned about the price, then go with the alternative models that are available in the market.