Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS Features, Specs, Colours, Mileage, Price, Images & 360 View

NOTE: All the prices stated above are of ex-showroom, Delhi

The highly configured engine unit develops tremendous power & torque to offers ferocious drives to customers.

Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS comes offered in 3-exciting paint options as; Lime Green, Candy Plasma Blue, Ebony Green.

Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS returns decent mileage figure to create positive vibes throughout the ride.

Kawasaki Ninja 300 offers easy gear configuration of 1-gear down & 5-gear up pattern.

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Kawasaki Vulcan S : Review

We all know that Kawasaki is the most reputed 2-wheeler brand in the world for producing out & outperformance oriented & astonishing models into the auto market. So as to mesmerize the customers to the fullest, Kawasaki debuted the ‘Vulcan S’ a new cruising model that fulfills dynamic riders desire. The bike carries the trendy design with an aesthetic profile to enchant the customers.

Kawasaki Vulcan S gets offered in colors as;

The bike comes as an ‘Ergo-Fit’ theme which gives fruitful drives on the surface. The Vulcan S boasts quality & robust elements to give long-lasting character to the bike. The Kawasaki Vulcan S is the most distinctive cruising model that enables flawless rides to the biker, who every time desire to draw the performance that was hidden or unpumped.

The Kawasaki Vulcan S receives stylish design cues to be in a standout in the cruising segment. It is an urban motorcycle with adjustable conveniences to suit riders of varied heights and built. Cruisers are meant to be comfortable offering optimum riding height and position, foot pegs at adequate height and placement as well.

The three-level adjustment for seat, handlebar, and footpegs under the Ergo fitment makes it the leader of the pack. Adding to its eye-catchy design there are features like inverted triangle headlamp, tapered handlebar, uniquely-designed alloy wheels, tight-fit rear fender, under-engine muffler and a wide comfy seat.

The blacked out components and short exhaust makes its long and low stance even more admirable. Everything combined together gives the bike a very upmarket feel making it the bike to own.

The adjustable clutch and brake levers add up to the convenience front allowing the rider to experience a ride of the lifetime whenever he twists the throttle on this Kawasaki cruiser. The finish levels are satisfactory while the comfort remains intact throughout the ride. One disappointing thing is that there are no color choices for the buyers to explore. Nonetheless, the bike looks outstanding from the word go.

Dimensionally, it measures 2310mm long, 855mm wide and 1090mm high. The ground clearance of the cruiser sits at 130mm and the wheelbase at 1575mm.

The Kawasaki Vulcan S gets power from a 4-stroke liquid-cooled DOHC 649cc parallel-twin with fuel injection engine that pumps out a peak power of 61PS @ 7,500rpm and a peak torque of 63Nm @ 6,600rpm. While the 6-speed transmission unit, with chain drive to transfer power to the rear wheel. The engine gives powerful vibes and also easy to handle on tough situations. Hence the bike enables comfortable and fruitful rides.

The bike was built on a high-tensile steel frame which holds good in tough situations. The Kawasaki Vulcan S ensures flexible rides with telescopic front forks and offsets adjustable mono-shock absorbers at the rear. The bikes easily overcome the linear bumps potholes and uneven surfaces effortlessly. While the dual-piston 300mm disc at the front while the rear end features a single-piston 250mm disc to stop the bike accurately and precisely.

While the 18-inch front & 17 inch rear alloy wheels wrapping by a 120/70 radial tubeless tyre and 160/60 tubeless tyre at the front and rear gives no flaws on the road. Hence the bike allows decent maneuvering conditions to the biker. The riding quality of the bike is decent which gives decent ergonomics on the bike.

One can own the bike by sparing INR 6,10,972 (ex-showroom, Delhi), which was the best price to own the bike.

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Kawasaki Versys 650 : Review

Kawasaki launched the most iconic & adventurous model that offers humungous performance to endeavor the roads with the extreme blaze. The main intention of the Kawasaki to deliver the flawless model that enable extreme riding capabilities on the tarmacs. Kawasaki Versys 650 carries astounding design elements and flamboyant fairings to make the model a premium one in the market.

Kawasaki Versys 650 comes offered in only one color option as;

Powering the adventurous model, The Versys 650 sprints by taking the power from a 649cc, DOHC, 8-valves, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke Parallel Twin engine that pumps out 68bhp of peak power and 64Nm of maximum torque to give effective riding capabilities and conditions on the road.

The tuned and improved performance figures deliver good power & torque figures. While the 6-speed gearbox completes transmission duties with utmost concern to ensure easy shifts to the rider.

The compression ratio of 10.8:1 with a power-oriented bore x stroke ratio of 83.0 mm x 60.0 mm enables responsive rides without affecting the riding mood of the biker. Hence the rider can enjoy the rides to the fullest with the capable and commendable engine configuration.

As of the design the Versys 650 it looks similar to the Versys 1000, which was the first model to come out from the Versys series. The dual headlamp unit gives bright vision on the dark roads and appears as styling quotient in the bike.

The adjustable windscreen gives speedy rides to the biker by opposing the wind speed effectively. The twin rear view mirrors housed on the clip-on handlebars looks charming.

The nicely sculpted 21 liters fuel tank offers good riding posture and also accommodate a good volume of fuel to offer distance rides. While the rear gets a grab rail to ensure utmost safety to the pillion. The sharp looking LED tail lamp with clear lens turn blinkers mounted on the rear fender along with number plate holder are the good styling cues on the bike.

The easy & comfortable drives are possible with the upmarket suspension unit and braking section which works precisely to offer desired conditions to the biker. As a result, the Diamond type high-tensile steel frame holds good in all occasions.

The 2165 mm in length, 840 mm in width, 1400 mm in height with a 1415 mm wheelbase are decent measurements for easy handling. The 120/70ZR17M/C front and 160/60ZR17M/C rear tubeless tyres offer good vibes on the road.

Braking as a primary concern, the bike gets fitted with the 300mm dual semi-floating petal disc brake at the front and 250mm single petal disc brake at the rear to stop the bike accurately at acquired conditions.

The 41 mm inverted telescopic fork at the front and mono shock with remotely adjustable spring at the rear suspension unit comes with the bike to provide nevertheless easy rides that the rider & pillion intend for.

The Kawasaki Versys 650 is the all in all touring model that debuted to satisfy the desire of the riders who always fascinates for the adventurous rides. Thus, the intended customers can drive the bike ferociously by sparing almost INR 7,48,773 (ex-showroom, Delhi).

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Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R : Review

Kawasaki has debuted another sports model to pleasure the customers and auto market who always, adores riding the top-class superbikes that give peak performance to rage the road. Ones such model from the desirable maker is the Ninja ‘ZX-10R’. Hence with the launch of the prominent model, the Kawasaki is going to benefit from the sales that are going to happen in coming days. Continue reading.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R gets offered only in color option as;

The Ninja ZX-10R is the elegant model in the Kawasaki portfolio, which comes with aesthetic styling elements and robust fitments that are distinctively eye-catchy when seen the bike at first glance. The new paint scheme with Kawasaki badging nail the entire look of the bike. The bikes receive good styling cues to be standout in the market. The bike receives some tweaks in the front fairing that comes with smoother curves and the mudguard, the big windscreen to oppose the wind and make the rider stable to endeavor the roads without discomfort. The muscular fuel tank remains unchanged as the previous model while the rear gets the new touch up to make it plusher.

The bike now comes with increased dimensions and weight. The Ninja ZX10-R is an improved and updated model to overcome the drawbacks that are appeared with the predecessor.

As of the Instrument console, the bike gets an all-digital instrument console with tweaked LCD an updated info on demand. The tachometer, orange to red changer when the revs increased, clock, odometer, twin trip meters, gear shift indicator, average and fuel consumption, intake air temperature, S-KTRC, KQS, KIBS, KLCM, power modes etc. The cautioning light for when the bike nearing reserve state of fuel.

Being a latest naked sportster in the segment, it carries commendable engine setup that enables ferocious rides to tackle all the surfaces effortlessly. Once you are in the riding seat, the offers ample riding capabilities and also good posture to the rider. The handlebar, footpegs are well positioned to give no stress to the rider at all.

The bike offers good driving posture for short riders, but if you are the tall person then it is somewhat disgusting and discomfort for you to ride for long drives. The tall riders feel heavier when riding the bike at high speed, because of the windshield that is suitable only for short riders.

Kawasaki made the engine potently to maneuver the tarmacs with all the blazing performance. As a result, Ninja ZX-10R gets an updated engine setup to offer mighty raw performance to the riders. The ZX-10R churns out tremendous output figures to delight the drives of the rider to the fullest.

The tweaked combustion chamber, larger coolant, and the polished cylinder exhaust ports with titanium valves, lighter crankshaft, heat resistant alloy piston, fly-by-wire throttle, thicker cylinder wall, heat resistant titanium designed headers come with the engine to justify the naked sportster name. While the 6-speed gearbox stacked vertically to offer easy shifts to the rider.

With the improved and updated engine setup, the bike claims to be a reliable and worthy naked street performer that has all the capability to be in a number game. As said, the bike offers easy gear shifts to scramble the terrains effectively.

Though the bike hits the top speed, it maintains responsive performance without giving any flaws on the road. The ferocious rides are possible with the good throttle response and linear power delivery.

In order to offer good driving dynamics to the rider, Kawasaki has made some tweaks and updates to the make the model iconic. The chassis electronic Ohlins steering damper altered to offer the good amount of comfort. The 5 levels traction control, measures five different axis of motions and then calculate the sixth movement. Hence with the traction control, the real-time braking movements are calculated and adopted.

The traction modes like S-KTRC, KQS that helps to upshifts, while the launch control system KLCS gives fruitful rides to the biker. The suspension set-up was very upmarket and reliable to offer a good amount of flexible rides to the biker.

While the disc brake unit at the front gives sumptuous riding experience to the biker. The braking units are superb which enables better stopping power to the bike with the appropriate application. Kawasaki Engine Braking Control (KEBC) is the braking unit that works duly to give better justification.

With all the features, specs, fairings the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R is surely going to be a standout model that appears to be flamboyant and plusher too. The bike starts at a price range of INR 18,80,000 which was a reasonable price to brag the bike home. Hence the bike is the perfect naked street performer that relies upon the mighty powertrain.

Kawasaki Ninja 1000 : Review

Kawasaki always surprises us with the performance-oriented stylish superbikes that most of the auto manufacturers work hard to pull the customers. Being a reputable producer of superbikes, it forayed another supermodel that surely allures the auto market & roads. The ferocious engine setup with cult design language is the heart of the newly debuted & our reviewing model ‘Ninja 1000’. With all the flamboyant fairings and aesthetic design elements, the Ninja 1000 brags all the eyes that are seen at a first glance.

Kawasaki Ninja 1000 gets offered in color like;

When you observe the Ninja 1000 it appears to be a feast for the eyes, because of the plusher elements that come fitted to the bike.

The Ninja 1000 appears to be an arrogant bike that was purely built to rage the roads. The aerodynamic design and aesthetic features surely enchant the riding experience. The twin angular headlight section with pilot lamps housed in the front cowl appears to be huge and muscular. The nicely sculpted fairing offers good driving dynamics to maneuver the tarmacs. The big transparent windscreen opposes the air very effectively to face the speedy wind.

The aggressive looking rear view mirrors housed on the front fairing gives the good appearance to the bike. While the clear lens indicator mounted to the engine fender brings plusher stance to the Sportster. The macho-looking fuel tank enables good riding posture to the biker. the six-spoke alloy wheels further add the premium and prominent look to the bike. The matte black paint finish to the engine and wheels looks charming pretty. The exhaust pipes not only utters roaring sound but also appears distinctive and upmarket. The angular LED tail lamp fitted to the rear cowl and clear lens blinkers housed on the rear fender enhance the rear profile. The nicely padded split seats offer comfortable seating position to both the rider & pillion to provide fruitful run throughout the journey.

The instrument console displays significant info of the bike include; digital speedometer, odometer, 2 trip meters and a fuel gauge. While the telltale lights fitted above the LCD unit to acknowledge the rider. Finally, Ninja 1000 is the good looking motorcycle that definitely arrests the superbike adores.

Being in a fast & advanced era, all the motorcycle adores riding the superbikes that precisely offers the real naked street experience. Kawasaki is one such superbike manufacturer, that made the Ninja 1000 a true and raw performer. The 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, DOHC, 16-valve 1043cc engine, that delivers peak power output of 140 bhp @ 10000 rpm an peak torque of 110 Nm @ 7300 rpm.

While the 6-speed transmission gearbox works duly to ensure easy gearing and more power to the rear wheel. Hence the biker surely loves the rides with the Ninja1000 that provide responsive and improved performance that gives no flaws on the road. Though the rider hits the top speed of 200 km/h, the engine doesn’t make any noise.

All the credits to the performance parameter go to the Kawasaki, for making the Ninja 1000 a real raging commuter that ensures blissful rides without any discomfort on the go. The bike claims the 0 to 60 km/h speed in very just 3.8 seconds. This tremendous power delivery enhances the riding vibes by developing good throttle response. The riding mode configurations like; low, mid and full enable sumptuous drives to the biker. While the 3-stage traction control like; track mode, to endeavor dry road conditions, the second mode for intermediate riding and third mode for riding in slippery surfaces. Hence, the biker can get all the easement with the all the driving modes hosted by the bike.

Though the bike offers vigorous rides with all the engine configuration, the bike claims a fuel economy of 15 km/l, which is good mileage figure to claim by the superbike model.

The Ninja 1000 undoubtedly offers good drives, but the bulky stance of the make the riding heavier. The bike offers good riding posture to the biker, and for this thanks to Kawasaki for raising the handlebar, reachable foot pegs to make the riding experience smoother. The chiseled fuel tank also offers good room to access the riding posture.

The bike offers good driving dynamics in which every superbike intend to offer. The 41mm inverted USD telescopic forks at the front and a linked mono-shock at the rear, suspension setup acts duly to maintain good vibes throughout the journey without any flaws. To enable easy driving capabilities, Kawasaki employed grippy tubeless tyres that measure 120/70 x 17 front and 190/50×17 rear, wrapped in 17-inch 6-spoke alloy wheels.

To stop the bike, the 300mm dual petal disc brakes at the front and a single 250mm at rear work in accordance with the rider to ensure effective braking at acquired conditions. While the ABS unit further assists the rider to stay safe & secure.

Thus, Kawasaki Ninja 1000 is the all-in-all super sports model that grunts raw & raging figures to sprint the bike as desired. The driving ergonomics, aesthetic styling cues, and the blazing performance make the bike a standout among the crowded naked superbikes around the world. The price of the Ninja 1000 start at a range of INR 11,32,768 (ex-showroom, Delhi), which was a price to be considered at times.

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Kawasaki Z650 : Review

The Z650 is the motorcycle that carries the reputation of the Kawasaki engineering. The bike comes with stunning design cues and elements to make the auto market slaves to this artistic model. The engine too gives perfect performance that is enough for the one who wants the fury and ferocious rides. The muscular stance with flamboyant fairings pull the customers to the near dealerships. The driving ergonomics are good and decent, where the rider can enjoy the easement that was provided by each and every element that was fitted on the bike. Am I saying too much? Ok! Check this out for the reason behind the “too much.

Kawasaki Z650 comes in paint schemes like;

The Z650 is the out & out everyday commuter that delight your rides to the fullest. The light in weight bodyframe with improved performance and reliable features is the plus point for the bike to be in a trending competition. This bike contends with the on-going segment leader like Harley-Davidson Street 750, Street Rod, Ducati Scrambler & Ducati 797 Monster which are considered for its distinctive design, performance and driving dynamics.

The Kawasaki Z650 is the simple looking motorcycle but carries distinctive design elements to draw the attention of the motor enthusiast. As a result, it boasts an elegant headlight unit and simple body panels that appears feast to eyes. While the macho looking fuel tank with the bag, that enables good driving posture to the rider. The number plate above the headlight section with a small screen looks neat and clean.

The bike rear is the another eye-catchy thing in the bike, that comes trimmed to attract the buyers, who needs fresh design every time. The bike boast quality fitments that appears to be durable and reliable but don’t compare it with the top class models, because comparison makes you distressed. Anyhow, Kawasaki made Z650 very cautiously with utmost concentration to relish the customer desire. The bike exhibits decent stance with the housed key features & elements that enchants the rider & pillion to the extent.

The power to the bike is drawn from the all-new commendable 649cc 8-valve, DOHC, liquid-cooling parallel twin engine, that churns out peak torque of 65.7Nm @ 6,500rpm which were tremendous output figures that give ferocious rides on the tarmac. The bike now compliance with the Euro-IV norms which now gives the responsive performance to maneuver the hard roads. While the exhaust utters good sound and also appears to be stylish as well.

The drives with the Z650 are comfortable and lighter too. The 6-speed transmission gearbox with slip-clutch assist ensures easy gearing with no hiccups on the terrains. The easy handling and maneuvering of the bike at high speeds are possible with decently built chassis frame and lightweight design elements. The bike gives good performance with less engine noise along with calm vibes which were splendid to see in the powerful commuter. The heat that was generated from the engine is cooled by air vents that work duly to calm down.

The rider will face no any discomfort while riding the bike, hence the rider has all the driving capabilities which delights the rider to the utmost. By go on accelerating the bike gives no any awful sound or discomfort. The slip- clutch unit aid the biker to effectively maneuver the terrains. With powerful engine configuration, it claims an efficient fuel figure of 23.1km/l.

Hence the Kawasaki Z650 is the better commuter but not the best. So, there is need of some concern by the bike maker to improve the riding conditions. Anyhow it gives comfortable rides to the biker with the good and responsive present that was granted by the maker to the extent. Caution! The amateur riders should be careful while riding the bike at high speeds.

Coming to the driving dynamics, it comes fitted with the brand-new trellis frame, that comes shredded to improve the handling capabilities. While the new swingarm and new suspension at both the ends give flexible rides that are desired by the every 2-wheeler rider in the world. The Steering of the bike is also decent, which is possible with the good rake angle.

Finally, the Kawasaki Z650 is the calm, cool and comfortable roadster that ensure good driving dynamics to tackle every hurdle that comes along the run. The price range of INR 5,71,563 (ex-showroom, Delhi) what that costs you when you wish to buy this peaceful model. Hence, it is sure that Z650 is going to be one of the oomph models that was enough to grab the attention of the mankind.

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Kawasaki Versys 1000 : Review

Kawasaki has debuted its first adventurous touring model “Versys 1000” into the auto market to grab the attention of the mankind. This adventurous touring model comes with a less price tag, to relish the customers who fed up with the pricey touring motorcycles.

Kawasaki Versys 1000 gets offered in colors like;

This design of the bike appears to be most iconic and astounding than the predecessor. The bike boasts all the adventurous fairings, elements and features to offer the utmost comfort to blossom the journey. The design elements will enhance the premium stance of the bike.

The Kawasaki Versys 1000 is the tourer that gives perfect rides along with the beasty stance to the rider, who adore of creating impact between the surrounding crowd. The bike boasts a sporty and aggressive looking twin headlamp unit with twin pilot lamp at the front, which gives a monster stance on roads. The sturdy fuel tank gets covered by fairing and then also it is sculpted elegantly to give perfect stance to the tourer.

While the nicely cushioned step up split seat provides a good amount of comfort to the rider & pillion, who journey experience cherishes. The bikini fairing, on the other hand, gives flamboyant look to the bike. The all-black matte grey touch to the engine acts as an anti-corrosive layer to protect from all weather conditions.

The long travel suspension at the front gives perfect stance to the bike and also a rider, who adores for endeavoring the tarmacs with all the rage & ease.

As of the rear, it gets 3-saddlebags, one at the center and the two on either side to accommodate the luggage of the biker, who wish to carry on the go. The LED tail lamp appears to be flamboyant and eye-catchy. The fender at the rear of the bike comes trimmed to elevate the macho look of the bike.

The good ergonomics are possible with the decent measurements of; 2,240mm length, 1,026mm width, and 1,400mm height. The impressive wheelbase of 1,519mm grant decent handling capabilities with acquired dynamics. While the 150mm of ground clearance ensure prominent cornering capabilities even at sharp edges, Hence the driving dynamics of the bike is commendable with the worthy fitments, that works duly and accordingly to ensure fruitful drives.

To acknowledge the rider regarding the bike, it boasts an instrument console that gets a digital + analog unit that includes analogue tachometer, digital speedometer, odometer, temperature gauge, clock, and fuel gauge.

To run the muscular tourer, Kawasaki employed a 4-stroke, Liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-valves per cylinder, Inline-4 engine effectively churns out a peak power of 120bhp @ 9,000rpm with a peak torque of 102Nm @ 7,500rpm. The transmission duties are carried by a 6-speed gearbox to ensure easy shifts along with delivering grunted power to the rear wheel.

The good throttle response is possible with the 38mm Keihin throttle bodies, which works enormously to provide humungous drives to the rider. The engine grants 10.3:1 of compression ratio with bore x stroke of 77mm x 56mm. Thus the rider can avail the grunted power & torque figures by the commendable a potential engine.

The Kawasaki Versys 1000 offers good driving dynamics to ensure the desired riding conditions to the biker. For this, the 120/70×17 front and 180/55×17 rear tubeless tyres wrapped to elegant alloy wheels give good conditions to the biker. In order to stop the tourer that was sprinting with the high speed, the bike employs a 310mm dual rotor petal disc brakes with 4-piston callipers at the front and 250mm single petal disc brake with single piston calliper at the rear.

Hence the enormous speed of the bike is well restricted by the efficient braking unit. While the Kayaba 43mm inverted fork at the front and Horizontal back-link shock with adjustable rebound damping and adjustable spring preload at the rear participate in the comfort game to revive the journey experience of the biker & pillion without flaws.

The biker further gets assisted with ABS braking unit to give safe & secure rides. It also features slipper clutch, to restrict the revs in case of aggressive downshifts applied by the biker. The bike gets boasted with the unique features like 3-mode KTRC (Kawasaki Traction Control), Kawasaki Quick Release 28-liter Hard Saddlebags plus, Kawasaki One Key system, grip heaters, Radiator Guard, Front Axle Sliders, Gear Position Indicator, DC Power Outlet and GPS Mount, which enchants the riding experience by working duly in accordance with the biker.

Overall, the Kawasaki Versys 1000 is the extravagant, fascinating and astounding adventurous tourer that delivers unbelievable performance that spell-bounds the rider to the fullest. The Versys 1000 is the best option for the one who was crazy about riding the adventurous tourers to home by sparing very less price that starts at a range of INR 14,37,642 (ex-showroom, Delhi).

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Kawasaki Ninja ZX 14R : Review

The desire of owning the bike is increased over & over for the mankind. As a result, the new age bikes with high technical configurations were evolved to satisfy the 2-wheeler customers around the globe. Well! But what about the speedy adores? The auto market concentrates on the speed parameter to deliver the utmost speed up to the mark.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX 14R gets offered in only one color option as;

So, in order to be in the speedy competitive auto segment, the bike makers work hard to produce breathtaking roadsters that commute with all the rage. One such model is the ‘Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R’. This bike offers a ferocious speed that the biker really gets scared to handle. The fascinating rides are possible with no effort of the rider, but a bike. After a long time, the Ninja ZX-14R now comes as a facelift to endeavor the roads with raw output that was generated by the mighty powertrain. Continue reading.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R is the pure and artistic model that appears to be a feast to the eyes. One has to surrender for the design that it carries to arrest the sight of the mankind. The bike gets well-groomed fairings and elements to make the bike a blissful model in the Kawasaki Portfolio.

Being a facelift model it comes with good dimensions to offer good driving capabilities to the rider. The dual-tone color finish of the bike appears to be plusher. The front gets a projector beam headlamps unit split by an air-intake on top to grab the attention of the pass by.

The infotainment console displays useful info of the bike that includes; speedometer and tachometer with an LCD display fitted between them. The digital instrument console acknowledges the users to the fullest.

As said, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R is the solid and muscular looking touring motorcycle that enriches the journey of the rider & pillion. The decent driving dynamics make the rider confident and stable with easy gear shift pattern and simple steering conditions.

The bike gets all the ferocious power from a 1,441cc, inline-4 motor pumps 200PS of peak power and 158Nm of peak torque. The bike now compliance with Euro IV norms to provide fruitful drives to the biker. While the responsive throttle delivers positive vibes to the rider to maneuver. While the 6-speed transmission gearbox works duly to ensure quicker shifts with and decent gear pattern. The refined and tuned figures enable comfortable drives by not stressing the rider. Hence, you’ll not experience any awful moments throughout the ride.

The crazy riders might shift the gears with crazy and fury, for this thanks to, lighter clutch and agile gearbox. Don’t worry the heat that was produced by the mighty engine is calmed by the venting system that eliminates the heat. Thus, it is one of the best bikes that was seen in recent times. This powerful performer claims efficient fuel figure of 12kmpl which was good return figure to see.

The Ninja ZX-14R offers good comfort to the rider to settle down and ride the bike with an easement. The biker gets the sport look when he rode the bike. For this, thanks to Kawasaki for sculpting the bike rider-friendly, where the clip-on handlebars, foot-pegs and seat height are closer to the rider.

The ‘gunfighter seat’ was padded nicely to grant the comfort for the rider & pillion to enjoy the long drives with no discomfort.

The biker can enjoy all the capabilities that were offered by the bike to maneuver both the city and highway traffic very effortlessly and effectively. For this, all the credits are given to the Kawasaki for building the bike in good dimensions, for better handling. While the Öhlins TTX 39 rear suspension system eliminates the unusual bumps, potholes, and disturbances that occur during the drives.

To reduce the speed of the bike, it gets a Brembo braking unit, which works honestly and reliably to ensure best stopping mechanism while the ABS unit further assists the rider to stop the bike effectively and more accurately at desired and acquired conditions.

Finally, the bike excels in all compartments like driving, handling, design language unique features etc. The bike now cost you INR 22,12,708 lakh which was reasonable when compared to other models in the auto market.

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Kawasaki Z900RS : Review

The Kawasaki Z900RS made its stance in the auto market to relish the customers with all the exciting features and elements it offers with the bike. This Kawasaki Z900RS is called with different names in different markets as; Standard motorcycle, or a middle road between a sports bike and cruiser models. The Z900RS comes with the all new updates and alterations than the Z900 which includes, increased handlebars, footpads and seat height with an optional lowered seat.

Kawasaki Z900RS comes offered only paint schemes as;

Once you wish for a drive with the Z900RS it definitely drives you to the heavenly trans, where every rider in world adores driving with. This true sense of character is experienced by the biker when the accelerator goes on twisting. The comfy seating position for both the rider & pillion is made possible to relish the journeys that are intended. To know the info of the bike, Kawasaki employed an analogue dash with bullet-pod gauges with a tight LCD display in the center mounted in front of the bars for easy observation. The overall look of the bike appears aged but with the incorporation of the trendy features and elements, the bike comes into consideration.

The driving dynamics of the bike make the day of the rider. Though the bike weighs 472 pounds, which sounds heavier for the biker, then also it gives stable riding conditions by enabling comfortable riding conditions too. The good bike measurements and ergonomics give desired riding conditions to the biker. Because it is a wider bike, it gives good seating position to the rider that was comfier for the rider to drive with confidence.

Thanks to bike maker for building the bike on a lightweight trellis frame chassis that holds good in all situations. Being a strong chassis it bears all the heavy fairings, engine unit, and other parts. The robust teardrop tank gives the muscular look to the bike. While the subframe is flat and in line with the headlight to taillight to bear the add-on weight, hence the bike appears to be linear, where very custom motor enthusiast love to ride with.
As of the suspension, the front gets a 140mm suspension travel at the rear, which gives comfy and fruitful rides. The Kawasaki principle of balance between sporty and comfortable is good for the riders who adore for long drives, along with the journey.

At the front, the 41mm KYB forks work duly to ensure the successful overcoming of the potholes, speed-breakers and bumps. The experienced rider might feel some disturbances, other than this nothing comes faulty.

The biker can shift the riding position if the rocks and mud land comes in the journey, hence the rider feels no worry with the effective tackling capabilities. Thus Z900RS gives no scary rides to the amateur rider.

Powering the bike, the Z900RS gets a DOHC inline-4 cylinder, 948cc equivalent, liquid-cooled with 16-valves per cylinder engine, with a 73.4mm x 56mm bore and stroke. This efficient engine churns peak power & torque figures to endeavor the terrains with full zeal and rage.

The biker gets all the features handy to live the bike, by maneuvering all the tarmacs with very ease. The bike offers carefree rides, for which the bike really meant for. The exhaust of the bike utters roaring sound which heard to be blissful. The responsive throttle figures and commendable compression ratio with good bore & stroke enable desired riding conditions.

I4 engines are typically high-revving, high-horsepower engines with low torque—but for fun around-town riding, it’s torque that you want. While the 17 inches elegant, faux-spoke wheels at both front & rear and wrapped by a 120/70 ZR17 front and 180/55 ZR17 rear Dunlop Sportmax GPR-300 rubber tyres gives enormous grip over the all the surfaces. Therefore, there is no chance of skidding of a bike at any moment, unless the rider is an amateur.

The 6-speed transmission gearbox gives perfect shifting of gears with very ease and the power was transmitted to the rear wheel to sprint the bike. If the biker desires for the adventurous drives, then he should surrender to the low-RPMs, and then the engine gradually develops the power and give tremendous drives after hitting the 6000 rpm and above.

The best tuning is possible with the intake tubes which comes in individual dimensions to give better tune for both the low- and mid-powers.

Finally, the Kawasaki Z900RS is the best in a class standard motorcycle that resists the auto lovers to the extent by offering all the features and specs that was incomparable with any other motorcycle unless you are a ‘Kawasaki’ admirer. One can drive the Kawasaki home by sparing the price that starts at a range of INR 17,07,526 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

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Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX : Review

Kawasaki’s Ninja H2 SX is the launched with all the expectations at peaks. The H2 SX is the Super Sports model that gives vigorous performance alongside carrying the lavish design language that appears to be extravagant to the eyes. The Ninja H2 SX gives humble and delightful rides to make sure that it is a performance-oriented sports model. The unique features in the bike further assist the rider to the extent. While the touring is made simple and granted with the engine configuration. One can ride the bike daily to give fruitful driving experience.

Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX offered in colors as;

The big windshield of the bike reduces the wind and settles the rider with great comfort. The instrument cluster of the bike pairs an analog clock with an LCD display that displays modes.

The bike maker offered a pilot’s seat with an optional saddle height, and hence the rider & pillion will enjoy the level of comfort with seating configuration that was enabled by the rider.

The bike maker made the frame very strong enough to hold good in all situations. The Trellis frame is the one that works as a base for the bike. The bike frame looks elegant and aesthetic because of the fewer body panels that cover the whole bike.

The rear gets a hanging plate holder and turn blinkers that appear astounding and gives plusher look to the bike. The rear profile is complete with the above-said fairings.

The Tubular-steel chassis is made robustly to hold and carry the weight very effectively. While the steering arc stretched to 30 degrees with a 24.7-degree rake angle and 4.1 inches of a trail to facilitate the rider. Thus easy tackling and maneuvering of different terrains are successfully done.

The Öhlins electronic steering damper with self-adjusting technology track the speed of the bike and aids the front end to be in control of the biker. With all the unique elements and features, the biker gets benefited and feels pleasure with the utmost concern the bike offers. Hence the touring experience is fulfilled to the fullest for the biker, who adores for high-speed rides.

The suspension unit is another important feature in the bike that gives ample comfort to both the rider & pillion to the extent. Hence the Fully-adjustable, inverted, 43 mm front forks at the front while the rear gets a 40 mm gas shock gives good damping and bounding on uneven terrains.

To reduce or restrict the speed of the bike the 320 mm dual discs and four-pot monobloc calipers at the front end and a 250 mm disc and twin-pot anchor at the rear works duly and accordingly to complete the braking duties. While the Kawasaki’s Intelligent ABS System gives the good amount of stopping power with utmost stability and safety. This intelligent ABS unit adopts as per the data that was recorded and send to the unit, hence all the situations are well handled by the unit.

The good amount of grip is possible with the 17-inches alloy tyres that measure 120/70 at the front and 190/55 at the rear, thus the cornering of the bike even at sharp edges is successfully completed.

The 76 mm bore and 55 mm stroke with a displacement of 998 cc give the good amount of compression ratio of 11.2-to-1, which gives champion drives to the biker. While the Dual 40 mm ECU and RbW throttle response engage good drives to biker & pillion.

The tweaked adjustments and alterations like intake tract and ports for low-resistance induction, to ensure the friendly drives by reducing the heat that comes out from the engine. All the heat that was generated by the engine is cooled down, once the concerned element works duly.

With all the potential energy, futuristic design language, and add-on-features, make the Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX an iconic model that make the auto customers heart-throbbed for reviving with all the possibilities that the worthy bike offers.

Also Read: Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX Features, Specs & Details