Hero Xtreme 200R Features, Specs, Colours, Mileage, Price, Images & 360 View

NOTE: All the prices stated above are of ex-showroom, Delhi.

Hero Xtreme 200R comes with a decent engine unit that churns, commendable power & torque to make the bike sprint with raging speed.

Hero Xtreme 200R is accessible in 5-elegant paint options as; Heavy Grey – Orange, Black – Sports Red, Panther Black, Techno Blue.

Hero Xtreme 200R claims 39.9 km/l, which is a decent mileage figure to return by the bike.

Hero Xtreme 200R comes with an easy gear configuration of 1- gear down and 4-gears up pattern.

The robust chassis unit and flexible suspension unit offers comfortable drives to both the rider & pillion.

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Honda Activa 5G : Test Drive Review

We all know that Honda Motors always delight the customers with the high potential & charming 2-wheelers. This time it launched the most prestigious fifth generation scooter ‘Activa 5G’ into the market. This latest edition from the Activa series comes with high-end technicalities to relish the rides of the customers. The engine unit it equips, the design elements it carries and the colour schemes it was available will surely grab the attention of the market and customers too. Let’s see what more interesting features & elements it offers to us.

Honda Activa 5G comes in 8-elegant colour options as;

The Honda Activa 5G equip the same engine unit as the previous models. The engine is nothing but the 109.19 cc 1-cylinder, air cooled, BS-IV compliant engine, which gets configured with the HET (Honda Eco Technology) specification. This commendable engine develops 8 bhp of power @ 7500 rpm with a peak torque of 9 Nm @ 5500 rpm. While the transmission duties are carried by a CVT gearbox.

Being a latest generation scooter model, Honda Activa 5G claims an efficient fuel figure of 58.1kmpl, which is said to be the second best scooter option in India, where TVS Jupiter sits in the first position for returning 60 km/l. Hence Activa 5G is one of the best scooter options for pure performance and efficient mileage return.

Coming to the profile of the scooter, it comes with the refreshing LED headlight appears to be elegant and also the light rays it exhibits gives decent vision on the roads but the not as the traditional Activa lamp.

The black panels of the scooters enhance the stance of the scooter. While the silver finishing and pillion grab rail are carried from the previous model which appears to be neat clean. The engraved Activa 5G name in chrome colour elevates the appearance of the scooter.

Nothing much has changed in the Activa 5G. As said, The brake light collection with integrated turn blinkers remains unchanged when compared to previous. Hence, Honda played the safe game by not tweaking the profile, so that the customers feel no any awkward with the design of the scooter. Thus, Honda intends to conquer the scooter market by keeping the stance of the scooter the same as previous, but with little updations. Hence, the robust build quality with appealing design elements turn the heads of the customers.

The handling of the Activa 5G is good & decent with no any discomfort. The Suspension units fitted at both the ends absorb all the bumps, potholes and discomfort that comes across the road. The front suspension unit will decrease the dissimilarities on the road and hence, it functions up to the mark to settle the rider & pillion with great comfort. While, the monoshock absorber at the rear, also performs well to increase the level of comfort.

In order to stop the speed ferociously running scooter, Honda Motors took certain precautions to restrict the speed of the scooter by incorporating Combi Braking System (CBS), which effectively reduce the prone of accidents. While scooter holds good in all surface conditions with the help of 90/100 section front and rear tubeless tyres, sits on 10-inch wheels. Thus, the tyres develop good friction with a surface to reduce the chance of skidding.

This new generation ‘Activa 5G’ comes with a four-in-one ignition mechanism to delight the customers.

The seating position of the scooter offers tremendous comfort to both the rider & pillion. While the 18-Litre under-storage is enough to accommodate the belongings of the rider.


The Honda Activa 5G is the boon for the scooter enthusiasts who desire for the decent performance, elegant design, premium stance & safety too. Hence, it is clear that it is an all in all scooter option to relish the auto market and also to revive the customers with its trendy design and refined performance. May this scooter bring all the joy to customers by owing this latest generation sumptuous scooter.

Moto Guzzi California 1400 : Review

An Italian bike manufacturer “Moto Guzzi” is well known for producing distinctive models that have the ability to uphold the legacy of the company. From Moto Guzzi the new model launched into the auto market to with the nameplate of ‘California 1400’. The California 1400 comes in 2-variants; Custom and Touring.

The bike comes in sophisticated design dynamics that has enough capability to drag the auto adores customers to the nearest dealership. The drivetrain of the bike churns mammoth output to deliver the ferocious drives to the desired individual. The highly configured features work aptly to settle the rider with utmost comfort. Thus, it is clear that we are going to see the plusher looking performance oriented cruiser in the Indian auto market. Let’s have a look at this.

Moto Guzzi California 1400 comes offered in elegant color schemes like;

In order to make this model an idol in the segment, the bike maker had configured potent engine unit that generates peak power & torque output to sprint the bike with raging speed. The powertrain is nothing but the 1380cc, 90° V-twin engine that generates 95bhp of peak power @ 6500rpm along with a peak torque of 120Nm @ 2750rpm. While the transmission duties are carried by a 6-speed gearbox, which comes with easy gear shift pattern of; 1-gear down & 5-gears up the pattern. The fuel injection supply system comes with a ride by wire 52mm throttle body to ensure smoother and quality drives to the biker. On the 6-gear, the bike revs up and gives energetic rides without any vibrations. Hence the bike maker leaped the best in class cruiser model that gives the sumptuous performance on the track.

As said earlier, the body & framework of the bike appears to be distinctive and contemporary too. The rider feels bold enough for the stance it gives on the track. The front of the cruiser gets a plus-shaped LED headlamp unit that gives bright illumination on the road. While the touring variants get two rounded shaped lights on either side of the headlamp unit to give attentive look to the front profile. Not only front but also the rear appears to be sleek and blissful with the fitted twin tail lamp unit accompanied by clear LED turn blinkers.

Talking about the features of the California 1400, it offers traction control and cruise control to the rider to give safe & secure drives that work aptly as per the situation. The 2-in-2 type exhaust unit gives stylish look to the bike. While the 20.5-liter fuel tank adds a rugged look to the cruiser. The Touring variant brags some extra features and accessories like; dual side storage boxes, a clear front visor which give perfect cruising impression to the rider. The digital instrument cluster acknowledges the rider with significant info of the bike regarding; speed, tachometer, twin trip meters, fuel status, oil status, battery status.

Overall the design of the bike impresses the audience mostly the cruiser adores, who fed up with the old-school design philosophies.

The Moto Guzzi California 1400 offers decent driving capabilities to the biker with all the noteworthy features and elements that are responsible for ensuring fruitful & comfortable drives. To hold strong in high speeds and emergencies the bike maker had opted and sculpted the bike on the steel tubular closed double cradle chassis with elastic-kinematic engine mounting system. While the 130/70-R18 front and 200/60-R16 rear tyres wrapped to elegant looking aluminum black alloys are solely responsible for the stable drives without skidding nature.

The spine of the rider & pillion will not get stressed much with reliable working 46mm hydraulic telescopic forks at the front and double shock absorber with adjustable spring preload and rebound damping at the rear suspension units. Thus the jerky and jumping drives are effectively get eliminated at the suspension units.

The cruiser gets stopped with the employed 320mm dual discs with Brembo 4-piston callipers at the front and 282mm single disc with Brembo 2-piston calliper at the rear. While the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) further enriches the drives which aptly works to ensure safe rides to the biker & pillion.

The good seating postures are possible with the nicely padded seat that settles both the rider & pillion with great ease. An easy steering operation enhances the riding gesture of the biker.

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Finally, the Moto Guzzi California 1400 is the cruiser that comes with good body design, offers commendable performance, and facilitate the rider & pillion with utmost comfort. Hence it is an all-in-all cruiser that worth every penny spent by the desired individual.

Indian Chief Dark Horse : Review

The Indian Motorcycles leaped into the cruiser game with the launch of the prestigious cruisers from its Chief range series. Under the hood, the new cruiser model had debuted into the market with a bang. It is none other than the ‘Indian Chief Dark Horse’. The flamboyant looks with outstanding artistry are what the Chief Dark Horse carries.

This well-groomed motorcycle from the bike maker is the authentic model in the Chief lineup. So this so-called prestigious model from the company serves the customers with its equipped features and highly configured engine setup. The company also claimed that Chief Dark Horse is not the heavy model to bare, so it offers easy handling capabilities to the rider. So, do the Chief Dark Horse has the ability to be the best cruiser model in the Chief lineup? Let’s find out.

The Chief Dark Horse carries the distinctive design language to offer prominent & unique stance to the rider. The bike receives a matte black finish along with chrome touchup to give arrogant nature that is required to rage the road. The dual lamps surrounding the headlamp will give authentic look to the bike from front profile. The Indian Chief Dark Horse very astounding model appears to be more Porsche in the entire Chief lineup. The bike maker had crafted the bike to give a unique character which was incomparable to any other model.

Indian Chief Dark Horse gets offered in 2-elegant paint schemes as;

The Chief Dark Horse weighs almost 350 kg which is the very light-in-weight vehicle as compared to other cruiser models. The bike is lighter because of the low weighing alloy wheels and lightweight body fairings and elements. The trendy design and distinctive body dynamics make the cruiser a standout model in the mobbed cruising models.

The instrument console of the bike is engraved on the fuel tank which is circular in shape that shows significant info of; speedometer (analog), Tachometer, speed, fuel status and other standard features. Hence the overall design elements and features are up to the mark and no flaws will be detected in the go.

The Indian Chief Dark Horse gets all the vigorous power from the Thunder Stroke 111, 1811 cc engine that churns out a tremendous power along with a peak torque of 139 Nm. Hence the ferocious rides are easily obtained with the peak output produced by the potent powertrain. The engine offers trouble-free rides with the refined throttle response and tuned output that settles the rider & pillion at the comfort end. No awkward jerks and the vibrations are experienced throughout the go. The 6-speed gearbox configured with the easy gear shift pattern of; 1-gear down & 5-gears down and also transmit the peak grunt to the rear wheel via the belt drive.

The rider & pillion gets good comfort posture from the nicely padded seats that cherish the rides. While the exhaust setup utters loud sound which was pleasant for the crazy men.

The bike offers good driving dynamics that delights the journeys of both the rider & pillion. For this, the shredded weight is the main reason to offer easy handling & driving capabilities. The suspension unit fitted at both the ends offers stress-free rides to both the rider & pillion. While the footboards fitted to the bike give good rest to the legs. While the steering of the bike at corners is a little bit tough for the rider but easy for the skilled.

Hence the rider can endeavor the terrains and can maneuver all the surfaces with great ease ensured by the bike maker. In order to cease the bike at emergencies the 300 mm dual floating discs with four-piston calipers at the front and a single floating rotor with a two-piston calliper at the rear works accordingly to give ample power to stop the bike. Further, the rider also gets aided with the ABS unit, that gives, even more, safer rides on emergencies.

The Indian Chief Dark Horse is yours if you ready to proffer INR 20,99,201(approx.) (ex-showroom, Delhi).

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By summing all the departments like; engine, driving dynamics, design & styling, the Chief Dark Horse is the nevertheless cruiser that offers plenty of capabilities to jazz the rides of the biker.

Indian Scout Bobber : Review

The Indian Scout Bobber is the performance oriented bike that offers tremendous outfall on the track. The mammoth performance and authentic body shape impress the masses to the extent.

The Scout Bobber boasts all the acquired features & specs to facilitate the customers with the utmost comfort that it enables. The premium framework will give the elegant stance to the bike when it runs on the track.

IndianScout Bobber gets offered in colors as;

The contemporary design language is the big asset for the Scout Bobber to be a standout model in the crowd. The Scout Bobber equips everything that a desirable auto needs. It deserves to be the best in the class model in the segment and lineup too. The arrogant nature and dynamic character are what the Scout bobber carries to survive in the competitive auto market. The chrome touchup to and nicely crafted fenders with bulky tyres wrapped to alloy wheels give the macho appearance to the bike. The instrument console further adds the premium stance to the bike.

The headlamp unit of the bike and elegantly mounted mirrors appears to be plusher on the bike. The new chiseled fuel tank with company engraved letters will add the prominent touch to the bike. The footpegs give perfect rest to the legs. While the handlebar gives better steering capability to the rider. While the dual shocks suspension at the rear has been reduced up to 25 mm and thus the rider gets good seating posture to the rider. The authentic stance is obtained to the rider with elegantly designed bike elements.

The power the Scout Bobber offers will produce peak power & torque figures give raging drives to the desired rider. The mighty engine pulls the bike forward with great speed and for this thanks to the bike maker for employing a 1,133 cc, liquid-cooled, v-twin engine that pumps out a 94 bhp of power along with a peak torque of 97 Nm hence the rider can enjoy the fruitful drives with the efficiently churned output.

While the 5-speed gearbox works duly to deliver grunt to the rear wheel and also ensure easy gear shift pattern of; 1-gear down & 4-gears up. Hence the bike offers commendable rides to the biker, who wish to ride the bike with great speed.

Once you adopt the Bobber nature, then you’ll definitely desire to ride the bike with great speed. Hence vigorous rides are expected with the Scout Bobber.

The biker & pillion will get sumptuous rides with the great comfort with the suspension unit employed at both the ends which include; the cartridge-type telescopic fork with 120 mm of travel at the front. Whatever the terrains can be, the bike endeavors the respective road with great ease but with minimal effort. All the features will settle the rider with utmost comfort and luxury.

Overall the bike offers breathtaking maneuvering conditions along with a plusher stance to the rider who always desire to own the luxury and distinctive Bobber model that fulfills the desire.

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By offering all the friendly characteristics, the bike maker priced the bike that starts at a range of INR 11.99 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). Thus who wants to own the best in the class scooter model by proffering the stated price, then Indian Scout Bobber is one of the right choices to go with.

Indian Chief Classic : Review

The Indian Motorcycle lineup is sumptuous with the launch of new raw performer ‘Chief Classic’. The Chief Classic carries the iconic design language to impress the auto adores and the market too. The Chief Classic has all the capabilities to contend with the segment existing motorcycles. Being a product of Indian Motorcycles, the Chief Classic comes equipped with the authentic features & elements to revive the journeys of occupants by offering utmost comfort.

The Indian Chief Classic not only the elegant model but it also a powerful cruiser that offers ferocious drives with the potent engine equipped on the bike. On the other hand, it also the handful of features like ABS unit, cruise control, keyless ignition system, electronic fuel injection and an adjustable single-shock swingarm that works accordingly to cherish the rides. Let’s see what more features & specs it equips.

Indian Chief Classic gets available in only one color option as;

The Chief Classic gets keyless ignition system which can be easily operated by the rider without the key. For this, the bike maker had engraved the customized program to offer easy access to the customer. While the center- instrument cluster displays significant info of the bike that includes an analog tachometer and speedometer with a digital multi-function unit that acknowledges the rider with significant info of the bike like; indicator lights and certain caution signal.

The Chief Classic is the glory when seen the bike at a first glance because of the chrome touchup given to bike parts. Hence the rider stance gets enriched with the sleek color and design scheme. The rider can rage the road without any threat from the buffeting wind with the help of quick-release low windshield which an easy enable & disable operation.

One should honor for the bike maker craftsmanship for designing the bike with astounding dynamics which appears to be extravagant when the bike runs on the track. The fuel tank was made robustly to add the macho stance to the bike. It also gets company engraved emblems on the bike to give branding to the company.

So as to eliminate the awkward jumps and disturbances on the road, the bike gets equipped with the 46 mm forks at the front end with a 4.7-inches travel, and the single adjustable pneumatic shock with 3.7-inches travel at the rear. Hence the suspension setup is enough to offer comfortable drives to the rider.

So as to cease the cruiser as per the rider desire, the bike gets equipped with the 300 mm 4-piston dual calipers disc brake at the front and a 300 mm discs twin-piston caliper at the rear. The braking units at both the ends are not visible because it is covered with the fenders to elevate the stance of the cruiser. To give even safer rides on emergencies to both the rider & pillion, the cruiser equips an ABS unit to give perfect & accurate stop with stability. The grippy rides are possible with the 16-inch, 60-spoke wheels and wrapped by a Dunlop American Elite tyres at both the ends.

The power for the bike is drawn from the Triple-cam, V-twin Thunder Stroke 111 engine that pumps out tremendous power along with a peak torque of 119 pound-feet. The bike maker had configured the engine with high technical metrics to offer breathtaking performance for the desired individual. The 6-speed gearbox mated with the engine enables decent shift pattern of; 1-gear down 5-gears up a pattern. While the dual exhaust setup will not give roaring rides, and instead of that it utters refined and tuned the sound to give a positive and classy impression to the bike.

One can add the exhaust tip to draw more sound. The biker gets the decent & quality rides through the biker hits the tops speed. No jerks or vibrations will be experienced while the entire go. Hence the output churned and the performance delivered by the potent engine will not disappoint the biker.

If you are a cruiser adore and that to a rich kid then you can avail the bike by sparing almost INR 23,76,498 (ex-showroom, Delhi).

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No, doubt the Indian Motorcycle had again launched the trend-setting and benchmark cruising model that offers charisma and stamina for the rider on the terrain. The driving potential, design philosophy and the note-worthy features will drive the rider into the heavenly trans.

Indian Roadmaster Elite : Review

The Indian Motorcycles has uplifted the entire 2-wheeler segment to the heights by debuting the commendable, Porsche and comfortable bikes that were serving the Cruisers & Tourer adores. As a result, the manufacturer had debuted the ‘Roadmaster Elite’ to allure the global market and Motorcycle admirers. The Roadmaster Elite is the well-groomed Tourer that settles the rider & pillion with great comfort by providing ferocious drives without flaws.

We should honor the bike maker’s artistry and workmanship for creating such a humungous and sleek motorcycle that definitely creates a big impact on the auto market. The Roadmaster Elite carries all the stunning features, specs and engine configuration to enhance give comfortable drives to both the rider & pillion. The bike maker main motto is to deliver the extravagant model to the customers and delight them to the extent.

Indian Roadmaster Elite gets available only in color option as;

The design dynamics will arrest turn the heads of the masses when the bike runs on the track. The premium stance with prominent character is the trendsetting aspect in the bike. It offers quality rides with the handful of features and elements that works duly give the sumptuous feel on the drives. The bike boasts the unique features like; electronically adjustable windshield, which can be adjusted from 9 to 12 inches to ensure hassle-free rides in the fast blowing wind. The remote lockable bags and keyless ignition system offers good comfort and security of the rider belongings as well. While the automatic trunk release start-stop button is the added unique features in the tourer.

The bike also equips elegant features like; Ride Command system, which is the high technical feature in the entire lineup while the Bluetooth connectivity, USB, 300-watt stereo box with Smartphone Compatible are the worthy features which are incomparable to any other model in the segment. The 7-inch split touchscreen acknowledges the rider with navigation (GPS) by also displaying the status of the bike that includes; analogue trip meters, fuel gauge, dual trip meters, average fuel economy, fuel range, real-time clock, ambient air temperature, gear position display, front and rear tyre pressure, radio information display, vehicle trouble code readout, heated grip level, 15 LED turn indicators, cruise control, neutral, high beam, turn signal, ABS, check engine, low tire pressure, battery, low fuel, security system.

The fuel tank also gets additional switches to give the control the saddlebags and also to adjust the heated handgrip and also the twin analog cluster displays fuel level and voltage. The saddlebags fitted with the bike on each side accommodates 10 kg of weight which can be un-mounted by quick-release lever operation. Overall, the bike offers 37 gallons of storage space to the rider to store the belongings that are necessary on the go.

The bike maker gives some chrome touchup to the parts like; mirrors, hand controls, front and rear bumpers which enhance the plusher stance of the bike. It also gets equipped with the aluminum billet footboards that gives good comfort to both the rider & pillion. The pillion also gets facilitated with the armrest, which gives the great level of comfort by settling him with the utmost kindness.

The powertrains of the Indian Motorcycles are configured with the technicalities to ensure ferocious rides to biker by developing peak output figures. So, the Chieftain Classic also gets powered by the Thunder Stroke 111, 1811cc 490 V-Twin engine that effectively churns 73bhp of peak power along with the119 lb of peak torque. Hence the peak torque & power figures give responsive rides by offering high-speed drives that are enough to maneuver the terrains with great ease.

The bike offers good driving & handling capabilities to the biker with the employed; hassle-free suspension unit, grippy tubeless tyres and the reliable braking unit that works duly to enhance the driving dynamics. As of the suspension unit, it gets a new 46 mm cartridge-type telescopic forks with a 119 mm of travel suspension unit at the front while the single rear pneumatic shock can be adjusted for the load with a 114 mm of travel unit at the rear.

In order to stop this speedy monster, the bike maker employed the dual 300mm brake discs with 4-pot calipers at the front and 300mm disc twin-pot caliper at the rear. The biker furthermore gets aided with the ABS unit that comes as a standard option which works accordingly to offer accurate stopping power to the biker.

To bike runs on a 130/90B16 73H tubeless tyres at the front and 180/60R16 80H tubeless tyres at the rear. Both the tyres come wrapped to 16-inch cast wheels. These tyres perfectly eliminate the skidding nature and hence, no flaws will be detected in the entire go. While the Cruise control option enhances the riding option which operates with the help of Ride Command system.

Overall, the Indian Roadmaster Elite offers good driving dynamics, plusher stance, and commendable performance. One can own the Indian Roadmaster Elite by sparing almost INR 23,76,498, which was costly but it justifies each and every spent on.

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