Suzuki Gixxer SP : Review

Suzuki Gixxer was first made its stance in 2014 Auto Expo and also attracted all the footfalls at that time. And now with all the fairings and modifications, the Gixxer SP was launched. The new Gixxer SP is not a simple commuter anymore, it now carries a stylish design cue, executes powerful potent, which are significant aspects to be considered in times. Continue reading..


The Gixxer SP propelled by a 155cc engine that develops 14.8 PS of power @ 8,000 RPM and 14 Nm of peak torque @ 6,000 RPM. While the 5-speed transmission gearbox works effectively in accordance with the rider.

The powerful execution is possible with the above-said hardware, which works perfectly to satisfy the rider’s desire and also performance parameter.

The bike easily hits the top speed of 120 km/h by returning the efficient fuel figure of 49 km/l. Hence, the powerful vibes of the rider are justified by the above setup, and one can witness the racing commuter in the streets.


The Gixxer SP is the everyday commuter that satisfies all the current day needs. The bike boasts all the flamboyant elements that appear sumptuous for eyes.

The aggressively sculpted headlamp unit makes the front profile unique and also eye-catchy too.

The side panels with dual-tone finish look impressive. While the stuffy exhaust unit elevates the sporty look of the bike.

The digital infotainment system displays all the useful info to rider regarding gear pattern, speedometer, odometer, trip meter etc. While the newly added engine kill switch is the most talkative feature on the bike.


The driving dynamics of the bike is decent and more enough, where the rider easily gets escaped from hard circumstances.

For this, the bike employs a 17-inch MRF Revz tyres, measuring 100/80 at the front and a 140/60 at the rear which drives you safe without skidding. The 780mm low seat height is equal height for both the giant and short riders.

The Bybre disc brake at the front and a drum brake at the rear works effectively in order to give all the stoppable power to the rider by the appropriate application.  For even more assistance, the optional rear disc brake unit works effectively for sudden actions.

The Gixxer SP can be easily handled by the rider due to its lightweight, for this thanks to the bike maker. The 17-inch MRF Revz tyres offered on the Gixxer provide a good feedback and grip in both dry and wet conditions.

The only drawback in the bike is the lack of ABS unit.


The Suzuki Gixxer SP now costs us INR 87,309 (ex-showroom, Delhi). With all the perfect setup the Gixxer SP contends with segment lineup like Honda CB Hornet 160R and the Hero Xtreme Sports, Yamaha FZ-S Fi.


Suzuki Gixxer is alluring the auto market since the launch. And now the new edition SP has emerged with optional rear disc brake, which drags even more customers to the showrooms. Without any doubt, one can go with this 150 cc street commuter for the thrilling rides.


2018 Suzuki Gixxer SF : Review

Suzuki Motors launched the most considerable model Gixxer SF into the auto market with all amenities which serve the mankind to the extent. This fully faired racing commuter carries all the astounding elements and features that are unique and efficient too. The question is, do the Gixxer SF really a breakthrough model in the segment? Do the bike really to conquer the existing segment lineup? Continue reading for the answers.


Suzuki Gixxer SF draws all the potent from a single-cylinder, air-cooled, 4-stroke 154.9cc engine that pumps out a peak power of 14.8PS @ 8,000 rpm with a peak torque of 14Nm @ 6,000 rpm. The 5-speed gearbox completes the transmission duties with the tourer.

With all the hardware setup, the Gixxer SF claims a maximum top speed of about 130 Km/h with an impressive ARAI certified mileage return of 50 Km/l in city traffic & 63 Km/l on highways. The prominent performance and efficient mileage figure are possible with the compliance of BS-IV standards.


The Suzuki Gixxer SF is the most aesthetic and compact model that carries all the stylish and elegant elements. The bike design is out of the box, where every young stud loves to ride with.

The huge fuel tank gives all the muscular appearance to the commuter. While the sharp headlamp unit with LED DRL’s and newly added AHO feature not only gives bright luminance but also an eye-catchy element from the front angle.

The fairing design at the front reduces the incoming wind turbulence and drag so as to make the bike stable.

The exhaust pipe gets an aluminum covering, the turn blinkers with sharp edges impresses us to the extent.

The bike gets a fully faired infotainment console which displays useful info like Gear Position Indicator, RPM Indicator, LCD Trip Meter and Programmable Gear Shift Indicator etc.

The seating of the bike is nicely textured which also gives the good amount of comfort level to occupants.

The bike measurement is good enough, which gives no faulty experience while riding.


The bike maneuvers like anything in the disgusting traffic conditions and also the bike mold as per the rider’s desire and thus, the riding experience is sumptuous.

The front gets a 41mm telescopic fork and seven-step adjustable mono shock absorbers at the rear give crazy feeling in the entire journey with the bike.

As of the braking mechanism, the 266mm disc brake at the front and a 240mm disc brake at the rear stop the naked street performer by applying simple action by the rider.

While the ABS unit further ensures the secure rides to both the rider & pillion on wet and uneven surfaces.

The suspension, braking, and grippy tyres work very effectively in order to provide the all the acquired easement to the user. Hence, the controlling of the bike is very easy to the rider especially for the youngsters, who adores for the speedy vibes.


 The 2018 Gixxer SF gets priced at a range of INR 1,02,141 (Ex-showroom, Delhi).


Suzuki Gixxer SF is the perfect blend for the racing enthusiasts, where the desire of riding the bike at high speed is completely satisfied. Finally, a sumptuous 150 cc commuter has arrived.

Suzuki Intruder 150 : Review

Suzuki Motors launched the new 150cc ‘commuter ‘Suzuki Intruder’ into the market. The Suzuki Intruder design is taken from the most prominent and alluring models Intruder M1800R & Gixxer 150. As of the design, the Intruder looks huge and muscular which exhibits tomboy stance in the crowd. With all the macho stance and naked performance, the Intruder 150 is going to quake the auto market like never before. Let’s check out this emergent tourer whether it has the credibility and capability to withstand in the auto market or not?.


The bike gets powered by a 154.9cc single-cylinder, the air-cooled 4-stroke engine that produces a peak power of 14.8 PS @ 8000 rpm with a maximum torque of 14 Nm @ 6000 rpm. The transmission duties are done by the 5-speed transmission gearbox. All the technical cues are taken from the Gixxer series.

This new model gets a new exhaust design which is a first ever model to boast with and also a stand out feature in the 150 cc segment.

With all the potential hardware setup, the Intruder 150 claims an impressive mileage figure of about 45 Km/l (approx).


The Suzuki Intruder 150 has all the styling elements that are more enough to draw the attention of the motorcycle enthusiastic.

The macho-looking 150 cruiser gets a triangular-shaped headlamp with LED DRLs with a large cowl around it.

While the sturdy and bold looking 11 liters fuel tank with extensions, elevates the masculine nature of the bike.

The nicely textured wider seat provides more comfort to both rider and pillion. The elements incorporated in the bike are upmarket and reliable too.

The rear profile gets a LED tail lamp unit which is also one of the elegant styling quotients in the bike. The Intruder badge ate the side, enhance the bike as well as the brand. The exhausts with silver plastic covering are premium and visually attractive.

The bike measures 2130mm long, 805mm wide and 1095mm high with a high ground clearance of 170mm. While the wheelbase of 1405mm gives us all the required capabilities useful for the safe and secure riding.

The concern with the bike is, it gets fitted with a more of plastic elements. But we should accept the impeccable performance of the bike.

Talking about the infotainment system, the bike gets an instrument console that displays useful info like RPM indicator, LCD display, speedometer, odometer, and tachometer. It also gets a unique feature like Welcome display that displays “Ready Go” after starting the bike.


The Suzuki Intruder 150 gets a strong and long-lasting suspension setup that not only gives you comfort rides but also provides stress-free rides by overcoming all bumps and hurdles on the surface. So, the suspension duties are carried by a telescopic fork at the front and swing arm type mono-shock absorbers at the rear.

All the speed is stoppable by the prominent braking setup which ensures quality rides and also provides all the controlling capabilities to the rider that is useful in unexpected situations. So both the front & rear boasts a disc brake unit for stopping the heading bike. Alongside it also gets an ABS to increase the braking action more effectively with no flaws.


The Suzuki Intruder competitively priced at a range of INR 1,13,504 which was affordable and also reasonable to drive home.


Suzuki Motors is going to get benefitted with this new 150 cc commuter ‘Intruder 150’ which was an all in all racing motorcycle that gives all the potent vibes to the rider. The Suzuki Intruder 150 is allrounder that mainly meant  for youth. Talking about the performance it is best in the segment with high-tech hardware setup. As of the design, styling elements and features the Intruder 150 is a full meal for the auto adores. Finally, Suzuki Intruder 150 is incomparable motorcycle up to the minute.


Suzuki Hayate EP : Review

Suzuki Hayate now launched in India with all the updates as Hayate EP. The Suzuki Hayate was first launched in India around 3 years back. The main motto of the Suzuki is to pull the 2-wheeler enthusiastic towards the Hayate which was an all in all bike that makes your ride sumptuous. The Japanese manufacturer was very much confident with their out & out performance commuter that gives you no flaws in the road. Let us see that, to how much extent does this 110 cc commuter satisfies the needs of the masses.


Suzuki Hayate gets all the power from a 112.8cc, SOHC, air-cooled, 4-stroke engine that develops 8.18bhp of maximum power @ 7500 rpm with a peak torque of 8.8 Nm @ 5500 rpm. While the transmission duties are carried by a 4-speed manual wet multi-plate clutch assembly transmission system.

Suzuki Hayate hits the top speed of about 90 km/h by claiming a decent fuel figure of about 60 km/l which is all possible with (Suzuki Eco Performance Technology).

The compression ratio of 9.5:1 and a power-oriented bore x stroke ratio of 51 mm x 55.2 mm are done by the VM17 carburetor mill.


The Suzuki Hayate gets boasted with an all astounding element, which elevates the bike appearance on the road. The bike gets a sharp headlamp setup which enhances the front profile.

Though the front fender of the bike is small among others, its aesthetic looks impress us to the utmost.

Robust and boldly sculpted 10.50-liter capacity fuel tank allows the good driving position to the rider and also reserves the petrol of up to 2-liters. The side panels are comes wrapped in matte black color and offers a classy feel.

As of the rear, it gets fitted with a tail lamp and a black colored grab rail which brings all the muscular appearance of the commuter.

While the nicely textured seat gives good comfort to both the rider and pillion.

The bike now measures 2030 mm in length, 720 mm in width, 1070 mm in height with an impressive wheelbase of 1260 mm which ensures good driving capabilities to the rider. The 114kgs total kerb weight gives easy rides to the rider by making the rider to feel light in weight.

The instrument console that includes an analog speedometer, odometer and fuel gauge provides useful info to the rider.


Suzuki Hayate sits on a 70/100-17M/C 40P front and 80/100-17M/C 53P rear tubeless tyres that get mounted to black alloyed wheels. The rider can easily manage the unexpected situations with these grippy tubeless tyres.

The trailing type drum brakes that are mounted at both ends, complete the work very efficiently without any defects.

While the reliable telescopic forks at the front and spring loaded hydraulic shock absorbers at the ensure stress-free rides to both rider & pillion. And also the 5-step dual adjustable rear suspension makes the riding task simpler.

Overall, the Suzuki Hayate gives all the acquired riding capabilities to the rider where the journey on the road becomes fun and easier.


Suzuki Hayate comes in 4-distinctive color options and gets priced at the range of INR 49,682 (Ex-Showroom, Delhi).


The Suzuki Hence getting stable in the market with the 110 cc Hayate where every 2-wheeler enthusiastic adores for the out & out performance commuter and thus, it is the one that satisfies the riding experience without any discomfort and maneuvers easily from hard situations.

Suzuki GSX-S 1000F Price, Mileage, Features, Specs, Colors, Images & 360-View

Suzuki GSX S1000F gets offered in 2-distinctive color options as Glass Sparkle Black/Candy Daring Red & Metallic Triton Blue.

NOTE: All the prices stated above are of ex-showroom cost.

The Suzuki GSX S1000F propelled with a 999cc, 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC engine that pumps out a peak power of 144 bhp @ 10000 rpm and a maximum torque of 105.75 Nm @ 9500 rpm.

The grippy tubeless tyres with reliable braking setup makes the rider to manuevre in hard driving conditions with utmost safety.

The aerodynamics of the bike provides good handling and driving capabilities to the rider.

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Suzuki GSX R1000 Features, Specs, Price, Mileage, Colors, Images & 360-View

The Suzuki GSX R1000 enchants us in attractive color options like Metallic Triton Blue & Pearl Mira Red.

NOTE: All the prices stated above are of ex-showroom cost.

Suzuki GSX R1000 gets powered by a 999cc, in-line 4-cylinders, DOHC, 4-stroke engine that generates a maximum power of 160 bhp @ 9500 RPM and a peak torque of 110 Nm @ 8000 RPM that comes mated to a 6-speed constant gearbox.

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Suzuki GSX R1000R Price, Mileage, Features, Specs, Colors, Images & 360-View

Suzuki GSX is accessible in the auto market in two distinctive color options like Glass Sparkle Black & Metallic Triton Blue.

NOTE: All the prices stated above are of ex-showroom cost.

Suzuki GSX R1000R gets powered by a 999cc, 6-speed gearbox, liquid-cooled, DOHC, inline-4 engine that churns out a maximum power of 202 PS @ 13200 RPM with a torque of 117.6 Nm @ 10800.

The Twin-Spar Aluminium perimeter frame with balance free suspension setup at the front & rear works efficiently to ease the rider & companion to the extent.

These handful features works effectively to ensure all the comfort and safety to the rider.

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Suzuki V-Strom 1000 Price, Specs, Features, Mileage, Colors, Images & 360-View

Suzuki V-Strom 1000 is accessible to the customers in 2-elegant color options like Candy Daring Red & Pearl Glacier White.

NOTE: All the prices stated above are of ex-showroom cost.

Suzuki V Strom 1000 gets powered by a powerful 1037 cc, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, the V-twin engine that pumps out the power of 99 bhp @ 8000 rpm and a peak torque of 103 Nm. While the 6-speed manual transmission completes the work with the bike.

The tubeless tyres mounted on sturdy alloy wheels gives no any discomfort to the rider as well as pillion.

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Suzuki Intruder M1800R Colors, Price, Specs, Features, Mileage, Images & 360-View

Suzuki Intruder M1800R comes offered in two colors like Glass Sparkle Black & Blue (special edition).

NOTE: All the prices stated above are of ex-showroom cost.

This powerful cruiser gets all the power from a 1783cc, twin cylinder, four-stroke, liquid-cooled engine that produces a maximum power of 127bhp @ 6200rpm and a peak torque of 160Nm @ 3200rpm that comes mated to a 5-speed transmission gearbox.

The 310mm dual disc brake at the front and 275mm disc brake at the rear complete the braking duties with very ease.

The suspension duties are carried by an inverted telescopic coil spring, oil damped shock absorbers at the front and link-type, coil spring, oil-damped shock absorbers at the rear.


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