Ducati Diavel Diesel : Review

Italian bike manufacturer ‘Ducati’ is known for producing the world’s best land cruisers which were incomparable to any other motorcycle in the globe. From this world top cruiser manufacturer, a new model Ducati Diavel Diesel has forayed into the market with expectations at peaks.The Diavel Diesel carries all the powerful potent. Ducati Diavel comes in three variants and our reviewing vehicle is the middle variant. So, let’s see how this so, called powerful cruiser will sprint the roads with exceptional potent.


Ducati Diavel Diesel is available in the color schemes like;


The Ducati Diavel Diesel gets powered by the Testastretta 11° 1,198-cc L-twin (petrol) engine that effectively generates 162 PS of power @ 9,250 rpm and 130.5 Nm of peak torque @ 8,000 rpm.

The transmission duties are carried by a 6-speed gearbox that transmits all the power to output to the 240-section rear tyre.

The bike is manufactured in limited variants and numbered edition of only 666 motorcycles. Each bike that was produced is marked by a plate on the frame bearing its progressive number.


This fury roadster carries all the futuristic design elements that mesmerize all the motor enthusiasts to the utmost. This cruiser boasts a very sturdy and elegant design element like steel tank cover, passenger seat cover and fly screen with external welds and rivets.

The leather saddle embossed with a triple D pyramid logo with 3 type fonts representing Ducati, Diesel, and Diavel is the most eye-catchy element in the bike.

While the second DDD pyramid adorns with matte black front fender gives a premium look the bike profile.

The black ceramic Zircotec coated on exhaust header brings all the plusher look to the cruiser. While the mufflers wear a billet aluminum end caps for stylish stance.

Red-tinted methacrylate inserts with the Diesel logo fitted on the rear are located on the left and right air intakes.

The bike gets a digital infotainment system that displays useful from the featuring like regarding speedometer, tachometer, odometer etc. The LCD unit displays all the digital information accordingly.


This cruising model serves the rider & pillion by facilitating the utmost comfort that no other model come into consideration. For this, the 62.2-inch wheelbase gives ground clearance, where the cornering & riding of bike becomes simpler. While the 30.3-inch seat height with 28-degree rake and 5.1-inch trail steering geometry provides tremendous stability and by easing the occupants to the extent.

The rider feels no any flaws while driving the bike, for this thanks to the Ducati for incorporating 240/45 ZR 17 Pirelli Diablo Rosso II, that was residing at the rear.

The ride-by-wire unit allows us to choose three different modes; Urban, Touring & Sport along with 8 traction control settings which delight the riding experience.

The sturdy chassis with rigid suspension setup at both the ends eases both the rider & pillion.

With all the potent driving modes with traction controls, the bike cruises like anything that was beyond the imagination. So, to stop this almighty, Ducati employed sport-spec Brembo and ABS unit to provide most safe & secure rides and also to make a standout model that offers utmost safety among the mobbed bikes.


Ducati Diavel Diesel can be taken to the home at a start range of INR 24,23,924 (ex-showroom, Delhi).


No, words are enough to define the mighty, potent, powerful cruiser. Kudos to the bike.

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