Harley Davidson Fatboy Anniversary : Review

World’s top motorcycle manufacturer ‘Harley-Davidson’ bestowed a new generation model with all the flamboyant fairings, its none other than ‘Fat Boy anniversary’. This new generation, muscular cruiser gets sticks to the same stance with power packed energy. The design language, astounding features, and styling elements spell bounds the mankind.

The bike gets some new design tweaks to enhance the presence of the bike. The 2018 Harley Davidson Fat Boy anniversary also gets the new powertrain, and new comfort features to ease the riding experience and also to make the bike a standout model in the crowd. Come let’s see more about the Fat Boy.

The 2018 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy appears to be muscular and robust which was incomparable. For this, the bike front boasts a sturdy aluminum disc Lakester wheels, wrapped by a fat & gripper tyres while the rear gets 240/40 R18 tyre, which was fatty than the front. The front headlight now appears to be bold and plush with the full-LED unit to ensure better vision in the dark. The front gets an astounding look from the front angle now.

The bike now gets a more lavish look with the satin chrome finish, which not only appears to be upmarket but also elevates the bike stance. The robust fuel tank is another talkative aspect of the bike which gives good riding posture to the biker and also increases the macho appearance as well.

The 2018 Harley Davidson gets the new age engine, which gives power packed energy to the bike. The bike gets powered by the new 107 Milwaukee-Eight, 1,745 cc v-twin mill which churns out a peak power & torque figures to sprint the bike like a missile. The Milwaukee-Eight engine means a 4-valves per cylinder and dual counterbalancers.

The biker can sprint the bike by enabling the keyless ignition so, hence the biker can easily run the bike forward with this feature. The gearing of the bike is easier to the rider which gives a delight feeling without any disrupts. But, getting the bike into neutral position is somewhat choking to the biker. So there should be need of focus in the gearing department.

The clutch system of the bike is easy to operate and thus, no flaws in the movement of a clutch. Don’t get bothered about the heat from the engine while riding the bike at high speeds and long journeys. The performance of the bike will not make you down anymore. The biker can easily hit the top speed, and hence the desire of the speedy drives are 100 percent gets fulfilled.

The handling of the Harley Davidson Fat Boy gives all the kick and boost to the rider. The new suspension unit like Showa Dual Bending Valve fork at the front gives you the utmost riding experience to both the rider & pillion.This suspension unit was first served in the 2017 tourers, very responsively. The front fork nicely overcomes the bumps and potholes with good suspension movement.

While the rear gets the mono-shock, pre-load adjustment to improve the performance by facilitating the occupants with utmost comfort. The shredded weight if almost 15 kgs are the key advantage to the bike to maneuver in the street and city traffic very effectively as compared to the on-going model.

The revamped sturdy tubular steel chassis is now more rigid, which holds good in unexpected situations. But be careful while leaning the bike as much because the footboards get touched to the ground and make you fall down. The braking system of the bike gives you no flaws even though the bike is raging like a beast. Thanks to the bike maker for employing, rigid and robust braking unit, and also the ABS system works accordingly and efficiently to restrict the potential speed.

Hence the driving dynamics of the 2018 Harley Davidson Fat Boy anniversary drives you to the heavenly mood, where the every motor enthusiast adores.

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