Harley Davidson Forty Eight : Review

Harley Davidson Forty-Eight is best in the class model that debuted in the Indian auto market with all the blaze. This bike gets the reputed and ongoing Milwaukee-Eight engine that churns enormous output figures to sprint the bike. This model mostly draws the attention of the market and auto customers with the ‘peanut’-shaped fuel tank which was the first model in the Harley Davidson portfolio. After a long time, the peanut tank again came into consideration to give macho look to the bike. Most of the sports model was boasted with the peanut-shaped fuel tank to give the retro look to the models.

The Forty-Eight design is the most elegant model in the Sportster lineup. The front fender sculpted neatly to gives astounding stance to the front profile. The sturdy 130/90 x 16-inch front tyre wrapped to spokes wheel give a premium look to the Forty-Eight. The sharp & chrome-ringed headlamp unit with stylish turn blinkers with a single-pod speedometer appears to be plush on the bike. While the rear-view mirrors mounted under the handlebar looks awkward but provides a good vision of objects when the appear closer to the bike.

The rider feels pleasure with the easy acceleration, clutch operation and front braking, this is possible with the employment of quality palm grips. The typical ignition switch located under the steering column is a little bit complex for the rider to operate.

Coming to the switching operation of the bike, the right blinkers gets fitted on the right switch pod and the left-indicator switch on the other side of the bike. With the quick and responsive operation the indicators self-cancels, or pressing the button twice complete the same job. But sadly, it lacks the switching off the headlight on a Forty-Eight.

The robust and stylishly designed fuel tank gives the good appearance of the bike. While the twin exhausts with chrome finish bring all the flamboyant stance to the bike. The side panels and nicely padded comfy seat alignment ensures joyful rides to both the rider & pillion. While the split seat for the pillion comes as a customized option. The overall appearance of the tourer looks outstanding with the revamped and updated elements and features.

The bike maker employed the vigorous engine setup to ensure a fruitful touring experience to the biker and pillion. It gets power from a 4-stroke, 1202cc, V-twin and air-cooled engine that churns out a maximum power & torque figures that drives the bike forcefully forward. The 88.9mm bore and 96.8mm of stroke figure with 10:1 compression ratio gives a good response of the bike.

The transmission duties are carried by a 5-speed gearbox to ensure easy shifts to the biker. The shifting of gears is also simple and effective with the pattern of 1gear down and 4-gears up. The fuel-injected engine gives good throttle response and refined output figures to provide acquired assistance.

The high torque figure of 3500rpm gives better throttle response. The Forty-Eight provides crispy and crunchy rides with great pick up from low to high power band and thus you will not get disappointed to any extent. While the exhaust pipe sounds like roaring lion where one will expect from the desirable motorcycle manufacturer. Most of the bikers concern about the engine heat, so Harley Davidson employed the cooling mechanism to provide sufficient cooling to the engine.

The Harley Davidson Forty-Eight boasts a conventional chassis with telescopic forks at the front and twin shocks absorbers at the rear, but some disturbances on the road are experienced by the rider & pillion after some ride. The good driving posture of the rider is possible with nice seat alignment.

Harley Motors should also revise the custom parts used for customization. The pillion saddle and foot pegs cost 17,000 extra, while the springer seat option costs 38,000 extra.

Hence the driving capabilities and the ample ground clearance are decent and good which makes the journey sumptuous and powerful too. The reliable disc brake unit provides restrict the bike accordingly and hence avails the stable state in a minimal amount of time.

Though it has the powerful engine configuration, then also it claims an efficient fuel figure of about 20 km/l, which was a good figure to see in such a powerful bike.

Finally, Harley Davidson Forty-Eight is the stylish, extraordinary and power packed bike that comes to the Indian market with a price tag of INR 8,50,000 (ex-showroom, Delhi), hence the heritage of Harley Davidson Motors is well carried by the Forty-Eight by summing all the positive and powerful vibes that deserve by the bike maker.

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