Harley Davidson Street Glide Special : Review

This  Street Glide Special is another opulent model from the worlds reputed motorcycle brand ‘Harley Davidson’. The Street Glide Special now appears to be new and aesthetic than the previous. The design language with long and a bat-wing styled front fairing gives huge stance to the cruiser. The muscular fuel tank with large front fender with bulky tyres gives tomboy stance to the large cruiser. Let’s know more about the tweaked cruiser.

The major update was to the cruiser was made to the 1745cc v-twin motor, which pumps out maximum output figures to run the cruiser. The engine is nothing but the Milwaukee-Eight engine which now gives a tuned performance with low noise and high level of refined figures.

The bumps, potholes, and uneven surfaces are less experienced by the rider and pillion for this thanks to the bike maker for employing stiffer and soft suspension unit that gives good stability for the occupants.

If the rider drives the bike speedy in the corners, then it will make you fall due to some overweight. So, use the efficient braking unit that uses twin rotors upfront but it gives some lag due to the momentum, so ride with utmost conscious.

The revamped engine unit with 4-valves and two spark plugs per cylinder sprints the bike with higher compression ratio. To reduce the engine heat the bike maker engineered and incorporated cooling mechanism.

The new 107ci engine provides smooth and hassle-free rides to the biker to rev the bike like a heart. Though the acceleration of the bike increases with higher rpm, then also there will be no any awkward disturbances with the bike.

The throttle response of the bike gives all the boost to the biker to drive the bike with zeal. Hence effortless rides are possible with efficient tuning figures.

Don’t bother about the shift pattern of the bike, the transmission gearbox of the bike will not give you stress anymore. The gears are shifted accordingly with the speed number. Hence, engine claims to be good with effective transmission type.

The touring of Street Glide gives sumptuous rides with scrambles all the terrains effectively. That wind blow is also well managed with front fairings.

Talking about the braking unit, the ABS system manages well in the emergency situations, so this prominent braking unit holds good in all areas. The 23-liter fuel tank not only gives bold stance but also drives you to the maximum range with more volume.

The infotainment system will guides you to the extent by displaying all the relevant and significant info of the bike. The price tag of INR 34,82,245 (ex-showroom, Delhi) might feel you outraged but folks, it’s a desirable Harley Davidson Motors.

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