Harley Davidson Road King : Review

Harley Davidson Road King is an interesting model in the Harley Motors portfolio. The bike was again out for sale in the Indian market almost after one year break. The monster appearance is the big asset of the bike to grab the attention of each and every human who passes over it. The new Road King now comes with new color schemes and with a new configuration called Project Rushmorified.

The Harley Davidson Road King delivers outstanding performance figures that are acquired to run the vehicle. The design language with astounding elements and features will surely make the bike a standout model in the crowd. The eye-catchy features like saddlebags, glittery paint scheme, and advanced infotainment system are the noteworthy ones in the Road King.

The Road King gets the vigorous engine that produces unbelievable power 7 torque figures which in turn sprints the bike like raging horse. The TwinCam 103 with an oil-cooler is the engine that powers this tourer and also the remaining in the Harley Tourer lineup. The counterbalancers in the tourer drive it forward with refined throttle response. The ride-by-wire fuel injection system with 6-speed transmission gearbox gives powerful vibes to the rider.

Coming to the design and features of the tourer, the Road King gets a new handlebar to ease the short rider to catch the handle with utmost comfort. The bright trio headlamp unit at the front with bright illumination give plusher stance and also facilitate the rider with enough vision. As said, the saddlebags with simple open-close operation give revive to the biker.

The cornering and maneuvering of this tourer at sharp edges and wet surfaces are well handled with the employment of dual compound tyre. Hence the rider can easily escape from skidding.

While the sturdy chassis with 43mm forks at the front & the twin shocks air adjustable absorbers at the rear gives stress-free drives to both the rider & pillion. Hence the affordable & desirable men get relished with the reliable & reputed suspension unit that makes the riding day sumptuous.

The auto lovers get easily fall in love with the elegant & handsome paint schemes, design elements especially the chrome finish. Hence the bike gets a lavish stance with the adorable fitments. The fuel tank on the of the bike elevates the overall appearance of the bike and also gives good posture to the biker. The shifting of gears will be awesome and also easy for the rider.
Performance wise, it gives nevertheless output where no other model will give as effective as this. The bike easily claims the 0 to 100 km/h of top speed in the minimal amount of time.

The seating of the bike gives enough comfort for the rider to rely on the seats for most of the hours without any pain. The effortless driving experience will ease the rider to the utmost and hence one can carry a good gesture into the crowd to grab the attention.

The Road King glides all the surfaces very easily, for this thanks to the bike maker for employing commendable engine setup. It gives less engine noise as compared to the other tourers in the market. So, this helps in revving the bike at top speeds.

Harley Davidson Road King with all the remarkable features, specs, and details gets offered at price range of INR 29,65,852 (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Finally, Harley Davidson Road King is a perfect comeback Tourer that draws the attention of the motor world. The design of the bike is the most oomph and handsome, where every bike lover adores to ride with. If the money is not the matter for you then surely go with the Road King, where you feel like a King and also the passing crowd as well.

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