Harley Davidson Roadster : Review

The Harley Davidson Motorcycles are the most eye-catchy and premium out looking models that are existing in the auto industry since generations. Our reviewing model in the Harley lineup is the Iconic sports model ‘Roadster’. The Roadster appears to be fascinating and nostalgic when saw the bike at a first glance. The fuel tank is the prominent and talkative aspect of the bike, that carry’s fresh and elegant stance to the Roadster. The 12.5 liters ‘walnut’ fuel tank gives sporty stance. The standard and unique fitments that the Roadster boasts were, the lower mounted handlebars, mid-set footpegs, chopped fenders and digital-analog instrument console will surely make the Roadster a standout model in the mobbed sports models.

Powering the bike, it gets all the damn cruising speed from the 1202cc engine which also serves the 1200 Custom model. The peak power & torque figures are pumped to ensure forceful rides to the biker. The 103Nm of torque @ 3,750rpm is effectively produced by the powerful engine as said above. The transmission duties are effectively carried by a 5-speed gearbox to transmit all generated power to the rear wheel.

Not only the Roadster but also the remaining models in the Harley Portfolio will produce the peak output figures to sprint the prestigious models at top speeds. The rider gets delighted with the clutch and gear operation, where no flaws are encountered in the entire journey unless you are failed to handle the bike like a ‘Jockey’. The rider should catch the pulse of the bike, once the biker is aware of the all the technicalities of the bike, then no one can stop the flow of the aggressive performer.

The 1200cc motor gives you commendable performance where no other model comes into consideration. There will be no any awkward disturbances with the bike, though it is a powerful mill. Even the 100-140 km/h speed is easily handled by the rider without any flaws.

Talking about the driving dynamics, the Harley Davidson Roadster pleasures the driving experience and also earns all the kudos from the motor adores with the employment of top-class suspension unit, braking system and other acquired elements that ease both the rider & pillion to the extent.

The Harley Davidson Roadster gets fitted with a new 43mm upside down fork at the front with triple rate springs, which reduce the disturbances caused on the road. While the new screw type preload adjuster at the rear pleasures the journey.

The maneuvering of the bike at hard road and traffic condition are well managed and will not give any bad experience to the occupants. The cornering of the Roadster even at sharp edges gives all the stability without skidding. Overall the driving capabilities of the Roadster will make you fall in love, which opposes and escape you from all the circumstances very accordingly and precisely. The Roadster offers all the comfort with utmost concern & priority for why it built for.

No doubt, it gives perfect maneuvering capabilities, but the because it is a sports model, the suspension setup employed will give some bad experiences in long journeys. Due to sporty design and stiff suspension setup, the biker and pillion get disgusted when rode for long drives.

The braking as a concern, Roadster gets an upgraded unit to restrict the flow of the rushing speed. For, this, it gets employed with the twin discs at the front to stop the bike duly. The rear also gets the reliable braking setup for better-stopping conditions. Hence, no wonder for the driving setup because all the Harley Motorcycles gets the same and even more advanced units than this.

Finally, one can brag the Harley Davidson home, at a price tag of almost INR 11 lakhs. So, there are many alternative models in the market which offers alike features and performance and even more as well with less price tag. Hence, you can go with the available alternative that best suits you unless you are not a Harley Davidson Lover.

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