Harley Davidson Iron 883 : Review

Harley Davidson Motorcycles are well known for its high performance & and artistic retro models that enchants the auto market and enthusiasts too. The raw and crunchy power and figures throb the heart of the millions. One such model from the admired Harley Motors is the Sportster Iron 883. The superior power with the opulent design is an ornament for this legendary model ‘Iron 883’.

The bike offers the adventurous and fanatic rides that most of the Moto lovers adore for. The Sportster Iron 883 carries both the cruiser and a retro look to impress the niche. The front, rear and either side of the bike boast extraordinary setup that serves the biker and pillion to the utmost. Let’s see, whether the Sportster Iron 883 has the ability to hold and carry the name and fame of the Harley Davidson further or not.

Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 is the symbol of purity and artistry. One will surely fall gets heart throbbed when saw the bike at a first glance. The pure & aesthetic design of the bike gives the Porsche look to the rider and also bike as well. The round headlamp unit exhibits the beasty appearance of Iron 883. The turn blinkers with clear lens indicators elevate the front profile a bit rather than the rear. Nicely sculpted fuel tank gives good riding posture to the biker and the long wheelbase with 760 mm of seat height from the ground gives cruising stance to the bike. The biker feels delighted with all the techie features employed on the bike. The sturdy classic with long suspension forks gives the cruiser look to the Sportster. The 19-inch front wheels and 16-inch rear wheels, further appear to be rich and lavish, which comes wrapped by grippy rubber tyres.

Powering the Iron 883, it draws all the high torque and power from the Evolution V-twin 883 cc air-cooled engine that delivers peak torque of 50.6 PS @ 5500 rpm and 70 Nm @ 3500 rpm. Hence, the rider can rev the bike with all blaze and rage until the fuel in the bike gets exhausted.

This powerful cruiser model gives you no awkward vibrations throughout the journey, for this thanks to the V-twin unit for mounting damp on the engine to reduce the disgusting shivers experienced at high RPM’S. The transmission duties are done by the 5–speed transmission gearbox which ensures easy shifts and also delivers the churned output accordingly to the spoked alloy wheels.

The biker can easily shift the gears of the cruiser by an easy pattern of 1-gear down & 4-gears up. So, the pleasure of cruising the Cruiser at high speeds are satisfied to the fullest by the biker. Well said!

The dynamics of the bike are extremely superior and outstanding too. The cruiser gets the stability by applying trustworthy braking unit employed by the biker maker to ensure high speeds with utmost safety. So, the 300 mm disc brakes with dual piston caliper at the front and 260 mm rear disc unit at the rear.

There is a myth that cruising models make the rider & pillion stressed because of the seating position and suspension unit, but now Harley Davidson erased all that bull shit by employing the most advanced and enriched suspension unit that gives hassle-free drives to the users. Hence, the bike compliance with the non-adjustable 39 mm fork at the front and preloaded-adjustable emulsion shock absorber at the rear.

The safety features of the bike ensure fruitful rides to both the rider & pillion. The AHO (Auto Headlamp ON), ABS option enchants the biker to the fullest.

One can cruise the Harley Davidson Iron 883 on the streets by paying INR 8,90,883 (approx) at the nearest dealership.

Hence the Harley Davidson Motors well sculpted the Iron 883 to impress the niche whose concern is to show the ambiance and flamboyance to the world.

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