Indian Chief Classic : Review

The Indian Motorcycle lineup is sumptuous with the launch of new raw performer ‘Chief Classic’. The Chief Classic carries the iconic design language to impress the auto adores and the market too. The Chief Classic has all the capabilities to contend with the segment existing motorcycles. Being a product of Indian Motorcycles, the Chief Classic comes equipped with the authentic features & elements to revive the journeys of occupants by offering utmost comfort.

The Indian Chief Classic not only the elegant model but it also a powerful cruiser that offers ferocious drives with the potent engine equipped on the bike. On the other hand, it also the handful of features like ABS unit, cruise control, keyless ignition system, electronic fuel injection and an adjustable single-shock swingarm that works accordingly to cherish the rides. Let’s see what more features & specs it equips.

Indian Chief Classic gets available in only one color option as;

The Chief Classic gets keyless ignition system which can be easily operated by the rider without the key. For this, the bike maker had engraved the customized program to offer easy access to the customer. While the center- instrument cluster displays significant info of the bike that includes an analog tachometer and speedometer with a digital multi-function unit that acknowledges the rider with significant info of the bike like; indicator lights and certain caution signal.

The Chief Classic is the glory when seen the bike at a first glance because of the chrome touchup given to bike parts. Hence the rider stance gets enriched with the sleek color and design scheme. The rider can rage the road without any threat from the buffeting wind with the help of quick-release low windshield which an easy enable & disable operation.

One should honor for the bike maker craftsmanship for designing the bike with astounding dynamics which appears to be extravagant when the bike runs on the track. The fuel tank was made robustly to add the macho stance to the bike. It also gets company engraved emblems on the bike to give branding to the company.

So as to eliminate the awkward jumps and disturbances on the road, the bike gets equipped with the 46 mm forks at the front end with a 4.7-inches travel, and the single adjustable pneumatic shock with 3.7-inches travel at the rear. Hence the suspension setup is enough to offer comfortable drives to the rider.

So as to cease the cruiser as per the rider desire, the bike gets equipped with the 300 mm 4-piston dual calipers disc brake at the front and a 300 mm discs twin-piston caliper at the rear. The braking units at both the ends are not visible because it is covered with the fenders to elevate the stance of the cruiser. To give even safer rides on emergencies to both the rider & pillion, the cruiser equips an ABS unit to give perfect & accurate stop with stability. The grippy rides are possible with the 16-inch, 60-spoke wheels and wrapped by a Dunlop American Elite tyres at both the ends.

The power for the bike is drawn from the Triple-cam, V-twin Thunder Stroke 111 engine that pumps out tremendous power along with a peak torque of 119 pound-feet. The bike maker had configured the engine with high technical metrics to offer breathtaking performance for the desired individual. The 6-speed gearbox mated with the engine enables decent shift pattern of; 1-gear down 5-gears up a pattern. While the dual exhaust setup will not give roaring rides, and instead of that it utters refined and tuned the sound to give a positive and classy impression to the bike.

One can add the exhaust tip to draw more sound. The biker gets the decent & quality rides through the biker hits the tops speed. No jerks or vibrations will be experienced while the entire go. Hence the output churned and the performance delivered by the potent engine will not disappoint the biker.

If you are a cruiser adore and that to a rich kid then you can avail the bike by sparing almost INR 23,76,498 (ex-showroom, Delhi).

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No, doubt the Indian Motorcycle had again launched the trend-setting and benchmark cruising model that offers charisma and stamina for the rider on the terrain. The driving potential, design philosophy and the note-worthy features will drive the rider into the heavenly trans.

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