Indian Chief Dark Horse : Review

The Indian Motorcycles leaped into the cruiser game with the launch of the prestigious cruisers from its Chief range series. Under the hood, the new cruiser model had debuted into the market with a bang. It is none other than the ‘Indian Chief Dark Horse’. The flamboyant looks with outstanding artistry are what the Chief Dark Horse carries.

This well-groomed motorcycle from the bike maker is the authentic model in the Chief lineup. So this so-called prestigious model from the company serves the customers with its equipped features and highly configured engine setup. The company also claimed that Chief Dark Horse is not the heavy model to bare, so it offers easy handling capabilities to the rider. So, do the Chief Dark Horse has the ability to be the best cruiser model in the Chief lineup? Let’s find out.

The Chief Dark Horse carries the distinctive design language to offer prominent & unique stance to the rider. The bike receives a matte black finish along with chrome touchup to give arrogant nature that is required to rage the road. The dual lamps surrounding the headlamp will give authentic look to the bike from front profile. The Indian Chief Dark Horse very astounding model appears to be more Porsche in the entire Chief lineup. The bike maker had crafted the bike to give a unique character which was incomparable to any other model.

Indian Chief Dark Horse gets offered in 2-elegant paint schemes as;

The Chief Dark Horse weighs almost 350 kg which is the very light-in-weight vehicle as compared to other cruiser models. The bike is lighter because of the low weighing alloy wheels and lightweight body fairings and elements. The trendy design and distinctive body dynamics make the cruiser a standout model in the mobbed cruising models.

The instrument console of the bike is engraved on the fuel tank which is circular in shape that shows significant info of; speedometer (analog), Tachometer, speed, fuel status and other standard features. Hence the overall design elements and features are up to the mark and no flaws will be detected in the go.

The Indian Chief Dark Horse gets all the vigorous power from the Thunder Stroke 111, 1811 cc engine that churns out a tremendous power along with a peak torque of 139 Nm. Hence the ferocious rides are easily obtained with the peak output produced by the potent powertrain. The engine offers trouble-free rides with the refined throttle response and tuned output that settles the rider & pillion at the comfort end. No awkward jerks and the vibrations are experienced throughout the go. The 6-speed gearbox configured with the easy gear shift pattern of; 1-gear down & 5-gears down and also transmit the peak grunt to the rear wheel via the belt drive.

The rider & pillion gets good comfort posture from the nicely padded seats that cherish the rides. While the exhaust setup utters loud sound which was pleasant for the crazy men.

The bike offers good driving dynamics that delights the journeys of both the rider & pillion. For this, the shredded weight is the main reason to offer easy handling & driving capabilities. The suspension unit fitted at both the ends offers stress-free rides to both the rider & pillion. While the footboards fitted to the bike give good rest to the legs. While the steering of the bike at corners is a little bit tough for the rider but easy for the skilled.

Hence the rider can endeavor the terrains and can maneuver all the surfaces with great ease ensured by the bike maker. In order to cease the bike at emergencies the 300 mm dual floating discs with four-piston calipers at the front and a single floating rotor with a two-piston calliper at the rear works accordingly to give ample power to stop the bike. Further, the rider also gets aided with the ABS unit, that gives, even more, safer rides on emergencies.

The Indian Chief Dark Horse is yours if you ready to proffer INR 20,99,201(approx.) (ex-showroom, Delhi).

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By summing all the departments like; engine, driving dynamics, design & styling, the Chief Dark Horse is the nevertheless cruiser that offers plenty of capabilities to jazz the rides of the biker.

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