Indian Chieftain Dark Horse : Review

Every motor enthusiast in the world craves to ride the humungous motorcycles that give plusher presence on the road. The one and only motorcycle company that gives a macho stance to the rider is the ‘Indian Motorcycle’. The Indian Motorcycle’s portfolio has almost 20 models which appear to be a muscular and yet beast as well. Another beasty cruiser had joined in the Indian Motorcycle’s lineup is none other than the ‘Chieftain Dark Horse’.

The Chieftain Dark Horse is the powerful and humungous cruiser that gives a nevertheless performance on the track. The promising looks with classic vintage design attract the masses towards it. The power it churns and output it delivers stuns the critics, but the only drawback is the outdated engine setup, which gets the same engine configuration with the standard Indian Chieftain, the only point that differentiates the both is the ‘name’. The color theme of the bike is the most element on the bike.

The dynamic design of the cruiser attracts all the motor lovers, especially the cruiser adores. The attention-grabbing design philosophy is the big asset to the American Manufacturer “Indian Motorcycles”. While the go, the biker gets heart throbbed for the response from the co-passengers and passers. The Chieftain Dark Horse will blow the minds of the mankind especially the cruiser cravers, who admires for the Indian Motorcycles.

Indian Chieftain Dark Horse gets offered in elegant color options as;

The aggressive looking front profile with fairings give rich stance to the bike. The chrome touchup on the exhaust mufflers, wheels elevate the premium nature of the cruiser. While the thin chrome strip on the trademark valenced front fender gives sumptuous look to the cruiser. The overall design makes the drags the mankind into “aura”.

As said, the Chieftain Dark Horse is humungous with a kerb weight of 400 kg, Where the biker feels heavier while riding the cruiser on the hard traffic conditions and uneven surfaces. Due to the heavyweight, it is also impossible for the rider to maneuver the terrain with ease unless he is a skilled rider. The long drives with the Chieftain Dark Horse will be splendid, because of the comfort and posture it offers to the rider. The cruiser also equips remote lockable saddlebags on either side, where the rider can accommodate almost 25 kg of weight. The rider and also get facilitated with the top-class unique features that include; a keyless ignition, cruise control, ABS(STD), adjustable windshield and tyre pressure monitoring system to acknowledge the rider. The rider & pillion will also get delighted on the drives with the employment of music system, which gives the pleasant feeling on the go.

The cruiser runs with the grunt that was churned by highly configured 1811 cc v-twin engine that pumps 73 bhp of peak power @ 5,000 rpm along with the tremendous torque of 138.9 Nm. Hence these peak power & torque figures are responsible to pull the engine with great speed. The rider gets zeal for the powerful vibes it enables on the track. You may slightly feel discomfort but go on revving the bike all the flaws will get eliminated. While on the speed revs also the biker feels no awkward jerks and vibrations, thus the rider & pillion feel positive throughout the go. The 6-speed gearbox enables easy gear shift pattern of; 1-gear down & 5-gear up. Hence the duly working gearbox gives good vibes. The rider can hit the top speed in very few seconds and therefore he can enjoy the unintentional rides offered while revving the cruiser at high speeds.

By summing, the Chieftain Dark Horse is the luxurious, comfortable and dynamic cruising model that cherish the drive of both the rider & pillion. No doubt, it might be harder and heavier for you to endeavor the tarmacs, but all these complexities are initial only, with the daily commuting and adopting the cruiser nature it will be very simpler. The cruiser offers easy driving & handling capabilities with good tackling conditions. While the reliable suspension unit offers stress-free drives to both the rider & pillion. While the braking units fitted on both the ends offers good stopping power to the bike. The heat produced by the potent engine is experienced by the rider in unescaping situations like; hard traffic and complex riding situations.

The Indian Chieftain Dark Horse is yours if you are ready to proffer almost INR 32 lakhs, which was not an affordable cruiser unless you are a rich kid.

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Finally, if your desire is of riding; plusher looking, a breathtaking cruiser with duly working suspension unit, reliable braking units and efficiently working features, then the Indian Chieftain Dark Horse is the right option. But if you are craving for the best in the class cruiser that relishes your rides, then there are few alternatives models that are alluring in the market than the Chieftain Dark Horse.

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