Indian Chieftain Limited : Review

America’s First Motorcycle Company served the auto lovers with only a few models with no any expectations. But now the whole scenario had changed in short time by becoming the world’s best Tourer and Cruiser manufacturer with an incomparable portfolio that was alluring the global auto market.

The American Motorcycle manufacturer is none other than the ‘Indian Motorcycle’. At the time of emergency, the bike maker had no any dealerships to sell the bikes, but now it has almost 500 dealerships all over the globe to serve the customers. The Indian Motorcycle lineup has 12 distinctive bikes that have the capability to host the reputation of the bike maker. The Indian Motorcycles gained all the masses who admire of riding luxury model tourers & cruisers ferociously.

Indian Chieftain Limited gets offered in elegant paint schemes like;

Coming to the Indian auto market, the bike maker consciously crafted the bikes to grab the crazy auto lovers, who were very much fond of riding heavenly structured bikes. So as a result, the bike maker had launched the custom looking motorcycle ’Chieftain Limited’ with extravagant design language along with mighty drivetrain that surely flat the Indian auto slaves. The Chieftain Limited equips all the acquired features and elements to mesmerize the customers.

As of the design, the Chieftain Limited gets crafted with sharp looking headlamp unit covered by the lavish fairing that appears to be Porsche from each and every angle. This humungous tourer gives you heavenly feeling while riding. The attention-grabbing design dynamics looks premium and prominent. The suspension forks and the large wheel and tyre gives an optimum stance to the rider. The eye-catchy 19-inches contrast-cut cast-aluminum wheel at the front and 16-inches wheel at the rear give luxurious look to the bike.

While the front fender at the makes the bike an iconic model in the lineup and segment too. The Indian Motorcycles are well-known for its unique styling and traditional character the relish the every affordable customer ride. The bike maker also said that ’the Chieftain Limited styling cues were bought from the custom market, where the desire of custom motorcycles went on increasing day-to-day’. As a result, the Chieftain Limited had been sculpted to give an authentic appearance to the bike. The huge front wheel is the most appealing element in the bike.

The huge 19-inch front wheel and tubeless tyre give stable rides and also will not affect with quality rides. The tourer gets a new Dunlop American 130/60-16 tyre give enormous grip on every surface. The bike boasts custom fitments like headlight, leather saddle bags on either side, the logo on the brake calipers are the distinctive ones in the bike.

The Chieftain Limited give unbelievable driving capabilities to the biker and for this, the strongly built chassis and the flexible suspension units it should be credited. The Chieftain Limited Edition will never let you down while riding even in low speeds because of its commendable performance with good driving dynamics. The Chieftain Limited is undoubtedly a good performer on roads, but for daily commuting, it is not a right choice to go with.

Coming to the powering of the tourer, it gets equipped with the Thunder Stroke 111 V-twin engine that delivers a breathtaking power & torque figures to ensure ferocious rides to the biker. The 119 pound-feet of torque is the most responsible figure on the bike. This grunt power from the engine unit transmits the power to the rear wheel via a 6-speed gearbox, which provides easy gear shift pattern to the rider as well. This Limited Edition will give the improved performance of almost 7 % increment in torque and 10 % in power. Hence you’ll experience the power of that is churned from the engine.

The Indian Chieftain Limited is the tourer, that revives the customers and auto market with its upmarket looks and huge stance, where no other models come into consideration. If you are an auto adore, then you’ll get even more excited to ride this tourer, though you are not an individual to afford the bike.

Each and every bit of the bike is enriched with the quality material to make the bike an iconic model in the bikes segment. No talks were needed to describe this opulent model that was alluring the bike market. The Chieftain Limited is the well-crafted model that surely elevate the bike name to the heights. The color schemes of the bike will further enhance the stance of the bike.

The Indian Motorcycles pays more attention towards the painting of the bike because a color is the most eye-catchy element of any bike and also the enhancing aspect of the bike too. The Chieftain Limited edition is the flawless model that gives no worries to the rider & pillion. The driving dynamics, worthy features, reliable fitments, ferocious speed will definitely make the day of the rider who was affordable to own this top-class tourer at the price that starts at arrange of INR 40,16,290 (Ex-showroom, Delhi). Hence, one can enjoy their drives, that fulfill your desire of riding the costliest yet luxurious tourer.

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