Indian Roadmaster Classic : Review

The Indian Motorcycles had forayed another opulent model to mesmerize the customers especially the Tourer adores, who admires to ride the world-class cruising models. The model is none other than ‘Roadmaster Classic’. The Indian Roadmaster Classic comes with the lively characterized design formula that surely attracts the masses, who admire of riding the fully faired dynamic Tourers. The Roadmaster Classic gets a new hard bags covered by fade-resistant skin to give authentic look to the Tourer. The retro-looking saddlebags further enhance the stance of the bike. The Tourer gets even more exciting features & specs, so continue reading.

The trunk box of the Roadmaster Classic accommodates more accessories and it is beneficial for the long journey riders. The trunk also has the zip-open compartment to store the belongings of the rider with an access. While the built-in backrest will give best in the class comfort to the pillion. Overall, the Tourer has the 32 gallons of capacity to store the accessories & belongings of both the rider & pillion

Indian Roadmaster Classic gets offered in elegant colors schemes as;

The leather-covered saddlebags are the elegant ones to be considered in the Tourer. This Tourer model boasts a top-class infotainment system to relish the rides of the biker. It also boasts some unique features like; Ride Command touchscreen stereo system, a 7-inch screen, a GPS navigation system, cruise control, keyless ignition, remote locking saddlebags and trunk, premium leather seats, horizon power shield, Pathfinder LED lights, tyre pressure monitoring, heated rider and passenger seats, heated grips, will allow the rider & pillion to experience the level of comfort it offers on the go. As said earlier, the 7-inch screen is easy to read even in the bright sunlight. While the smartphone connectivity will further aid the rider to play music, allowing calls and accessing media on the phone.

The 20.8 liters of macho looking fuel tank allows comfort riding posture to the biker. While the 673mm of seat height with an impressive wheelbase of 1668mm ensures quality drives to the rider.

This well built Touring Model draws power from a Thunder Stroke III, the fuel-injected 1811cc engine that generates of 74.5 Hp of peak power along with 150Nm of tremendous torque @ 2,900rpm. While the 6-speed gearbox works duly to transmit the grunt to the rear wheel via belt drive and also offers easy gear configuration of; 1-gear down & 5-gears up the pattern. Hence, the power that it delivers and torque it produces pull the engine with great force and thus it ensures ferocious dries to the biker.

The Roadmaster Classic is the well crafted Touring model that gives acquired driving & handling capabilities to the rider. Though the bike equips saddlebags on either side, fairings especially front and weighing almost 900 lbs will not affect the drives of the rider. Hence the stable rides are possible with the lightweight elements fitted with the Tourer.

The Roadmaster Classic is built in a strong chassis that measures 25-degree rake with 5.9 trail that matches with the 65.7-inches wheelbase to offer maximum stability on the go.

Coming to the braking, the Roadmaster Classic requires enormous power to stop the bike at desired and acquired emergencies, so to ensure better stopping, it gets equipped with the 300mm dual disc brake at the front and a 300mm single disc at the rear further it also get assisted with It ABS which comes as a standard option.

With all the technicalities, engine configuration and reliable & comfortable features the Indian motorcycles had priced the Roadmaster Classic at a range of INR 41,63,586 (On the road, Delhi).

Overall, the Roadmaster Classic is the well built, nicely crafted, and elegantly groomed Touring model that gives flawless commuting on the terrains. The Roadmaster Classic will not let you down or give underrating performance when compared to the other available Tourers in the segment and also lineup too. Hence another model was successfully joined in the desirable Indian Motorcycles portfolio.

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