Kawasaki KLX 110 : Review

Kawasaki debuted the KLX 110 a new dirt model to the auto market to allure the customers who fond of riding the off-roads with zeal. The Kawasaki KLX 110 is the cheap dirt model that was only granted to ride on off-roads. The bike is purely meant for Amateur riders who adores tackling off-road terrains with a blaze. This off-roader also available in Thailand through CBU route. Hence the rider can enjoy the dirt rides with the performance that was churned by the little engine.

Kawasaki KLX 110 gets offered in only one colors scheme as;

The Kawasaki KLX 110 is mainly meant for the riders young riders whose driving experience cherish to the extent. The beginners can enjoy the off-road driving experience that the bike offers, hence the drives with dirt model are fulfilled to the biker to the extent.

The KLX 110 bike is sculpted to delight the off-road adores, who intend to flat the crowd. The bike is built on a high-tensile steel, backbone frame that withstands strong in all situations. The sporty stance of the bike comes with the nice paint finish, that appears extravagant to the eyes.

The body measures 1560 mm in length, 650 mm in width, 955 mm in height, which was easy for the rider to handle the bike while performing stunts. While the 1075 mm wheelbase gives the good amount of ground clearance that measures 216mm, that enables easy endeavoring conditions to the biker. The 3.7-liter robust fuel tank appears good on the bike.

The nicely padded seat with 680 mm of height gives good posture to the rider. The 76kg of kerb weight is easy for the rider to handle the bike.

The bike gets all the raging power from the 112cc, air-cooled, 4-stroke, Single cylinder, SOHC engine gives good vibes on off-road with utmost confidence and concern towards the rider. While the 4-speed gearbox with automatic clutch gives easy shifts to the rider.

With the engine configuration, the bike claims an efficient fuel figure of 80 km/l. The Keihin PB18 fuel system and DC-CDI Ignition system works duly to facilitate the users to the fullest. Besides, the compression ratio of 9.5:1 and a power-oriented bore x stroke ratio of 53 mm x 50.6 mm gives good and responsive performance accordingly.

To reduce the skidding of the bike, Kawasaki fitted a 2.50×14 front and 3.00×12 rear tubeless tyres, that gives a good amount of friction to hold the surface on the go.

To reduce or stop the raging speed of the bike, it gets Mechanical Drum brakes at both the front and rear works effectively. While the 30mm hydraulic telescopic fork suspension unit at the front and single hydraulic shock absorber at the rear provide ample comfort to biker to the fullest.

Hence the rider can easily tackle the off-road hurdles with the potent engine that delivers power that was enough for the beginners. The good riding posture of the bike is possible with the decent sculpting of the bike. While the responsive and alarming character facilitates the amateur rider to drive the bike with utmost consciousness.

Hence the Kawasaki KLX 110 will be driven to the off-road by sparing 2.8 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

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