Kawasaki KX100 : First Ride Review

The Kawasaki KX100 is another dirt model that was launched after the throwback hit of the KX250F. The KX 100 gives the gives less performance when compared to the KX250F. But don’t too much underrate the performance of the bike, as it churns out a tremendous output figure that enables raw and realistic character of the off-roader. Though there are many dirt models that are more powerful than the KX100, it is something special for the off-road niche especially for the youngsters who admires and adores to ride with.

Kawasaki KX100 gets offered in only one color as;

The KX100 gives a real off-road experience, once ride the bike with all the rage & zeal. Being a 2-stroke carbureted engine, it never lets you down on the race track. The 6-speed gearbox unit helps the rider to shift the gear with an easy pattern and also works duly and accordingly to ensure perfect riding conditions. One can easily handle the bike, though he is an amateur. All the handling positives are credited to the bike maker for sculpting the bike simple, which only weighs 77kg.

The suspension unit is the key parameter to discuss in the bike, which gets a 36mm USDs, a 20-way adjustable for compression at the front while the linked monoshock with 24 ways adjustable compression, where 21 ways for rebound and preload at the rear, gives ample and flexible rides on stunts.
Also, the low seat height gives easy tackling conditions on mud, whoops and other uneven surfaces.

The bike offers a good driving condition that was enough for the beginners to scramble and tackle the off-roads very effectively. Though it churns relatively low output than the 250F, it gives considerable drift capabilities to the biker. The 2-stroke engine gives responsive dynamics that provide all the easement to the beginner.

On the first gear, the biker feels somewhat jerky while the second and third gear gives you no any awkward disturbances. Hence the rider can handle and tackle the off-road with a full zeal that was granted. The throttle response of the bike is decent. Linearly, the speed of the bike claim the peak power and then one can see the vigorous power that was churned by the engine. Well! We can experience the potent of the bike once the character of the bike was adopted by us to the fullest.

The beginner will get scared for the power that was delivered by the bike while performing stunts and drifting the bike with full rage. The shifting of gears will be a bit disturbing for the biker, who needs high revs and out &  outperformance. The beginner will definitely get fall down from the bike If there is no supervision.

Each and every lap is perfectly completed by the biker with the decent and precise performance that was ensured by the bike maker. The rider feels disgusted for the lag while sprinting the bike at high speeds. The explosive performance with outlasting flavor enables raw driving mood on off-roads.
Being a young stud motorcycle Kawasaki KX100 enabled adjustable seat height, handlebar and footpeg to facilitate the rider by considering the growth cycle of the rider.

Therefore, the rider can easily adjust the height and proximity of the handlebar on the KX100 to pleasure the riding experience. The KX100 is a slim and aesthetic off-roader, that drives you to the next level with its commendable performance.

As said, this bike is purely meant for the youngsters who fascinate of off-road riding. Every young stud who desires to own the KX100 must spare about INR 4.69 lakh ex-showroom, Delhi. Without confusion, one can go with KX100 as it also doesn’t face any tough competition as the remaining Kawasaki lineup. The KX100 is the decent option for beginners who love to tackle the dirt roads with rage.

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