Kawasaki Ninja 400 : Review

Kawasaki debuted another splendid model that allures the auto enthusiast to the fullest. The bike is nothing but the all-new Ninja 400. This bike endeavors the road with all the raging performance that was pumped by the mighty powertrain setup. All the expectation of the Kawasaki lovers will never get ruined with the blissful updates, features, and specs. The bike offers mighty performance with less weight, hence, the rider will experience all the inbuilt features.

Kawasaki Ninja 400 gets offered in only one color option as;

The Kawasaki also made the Ninja 400 a special model to constantly take the auto market into the grip, and also maintain the good relationship with buyers. For this, the bike maker prestigiously sculpted the bike to be in the competitive auto segment. Continue reading.

The Ninja 400 appears to be fresh and reviving with the improved design dynamics and styling cues. The split headlamp unit with an angular front fairing enhances the premium look of the bike. The chin spoiler and air vented engine cowl at the front are prominent styling cues in the bike. While the housed turn signals at fairing, grab the attention of the buyers to the extent.

The body of the bike gets an angular theme to exhibit the stylish character of the bike. The raised handlebar gives perfect riding posture to the biker and also reduce the strain of hands. The fuel tank appears big and strong, while the padded seats is a bit awful for the pillion & rider to sit and enjoy the journey.

The revamped sturdy chassis gives muscular stance to the bike. The new Trellis chassis is what we are talking about. The strongly sculpted chassis gives humble and easy rides which were possible with the 24.7-degree rake and short, 3.6-inch trail.

While the 53.9-inches of wheelbase has been shortened and rectangular cross-section swingarm has been increased in order to reduce the weight by mating the engine or transmission assembly to discontinue specific frame components for easy rides.

The 5-way preload adjustable rear shock absorbers at the rear provide comfortable drives to rider & pillion. The 310 mm single front disc and 220 mm twin-pot calipers disc brake at the rear gives good stopping power to the biker. While the 17-inch 5-spoke Cast- alloy, wheels mounted to a 110/70 up front and 150/70 out rear gives blissful rides to the rider & pillion.

Powering the mighty bike, bike maker ensured the powerful power & torque figures to sprint the bike with a blaze. The Ninja 400’s gets a parallel-twin powerplant with a 70 mm bore and 51.8 mm stroke that gives us the 399 cc displacement and with increased compression ratio to 11.5-to-1. While the Oil jets cool the piston crowns to give responsive power & torque figures.

The Kawasaki Ninja 400 debuted in India at price tag of  INR 4.69 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Hence the rider will get heart throbbed for the efficient fuel economy, powerful performance, and stylish design language. Well! One who desires for the comfortable drives by also grabbing the attention of all the people on the road then it is a perfect Sportster if the price is not your concern.

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