Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R : Review

Kawasaki has debuted another sports model to pleasure the customers and auto market who always, adores riding the top-class superbikes that give peak performance to rage the road. Ones such model from the desirable maker is the Ninja ‘ZX-10R’. Hence with the launch of the prominent model, the Kawasaki is going to benefit from the sales that are going to happen in coming days. Continue reading.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R gets offered only in color option as;

The Ninja ZX-10R is the elegant model in the Kawasaki portfolio, which comes with aesthetic styling elements and robust fitments that are distinctively eye-catchy when seen the bike at first glance. The new paint scheme with Kawasaki badging nail the entire look of the bike. The bikes receive good styling cues to be standout in the market. The bike receives some tweaks in the front fairing that comes with smoother curves and the mudguard, the big windscreen to oppose the wind and make the rider stable to endeavor the roads without discomfort. The muscular fuel tank remains unchanged as the previous model while the rear gets the new touch up to make it plusher.

The bike now comes with increased dimensions and weight. The Ninja ZX10-R is an improved and updated model to overcome the drawbacks that are appeared with the predecessor.

As of the Instrument console, the bike gets an all-digital instrument console with tweaked LCD an updated info on demand. The tachometer, orange to red changer when the revs increased, clock, odometer, twin trip meters, gear shift indicator, average and fuel consumption, intake air temperature, S-KTRC, KQS, KIBS, KLCM, power modes etc. The cautioning light for when the bike nearing reserve state of fuel.

Being a latest naked sportster in the segment, it carries commendable engine setup that enables ferocious rides to tackle all the surfaces effortlessly. Once you are in the riding seat, the offers ample riding capabilities and also good posture to the rider. The handlebar, footpegs are well positioned to give no stress to the rider at all.

The bike offers good driving posture for short riders, but if you are the tall person then it is somewhat disgusting and discomfort for you to ride for long drives. The tall riders feel heavier when riding the bike at high speed, because of the windshield that is suitable only for short riders.

Kawasaki made the engine potently to maneuver the tarmacs with all the blazing performance. As a result, Ninja ZX-10R gets an updated engine setup to offer mighty raw performance to the riders. The ZX-10R churns out tremendous output figures to delight the drives of the rider to the fullest.

The tweaked combustion chamber, larger coolant, and the polished cylinder exhaust ports with titanium valves, lighter crankshaft, heat resistant alloy piston, fly-by-wire throttle, thicker cylinder wall, heat resistant titanium designed headers come with the engine to justify the naked sportster name. While the 6-speed gearbox stacked vertically to offer easy shifts to the rider.

With the improved and updated engine setup, the bike claims to be a reliable and worthy naked street performer that has all the capability to be in a number game. As said, the bike offers easy gear shifts to scramble the terrains effectively.

Though the bike hits the top speed, it maintains responsive performance without giving any flaws on the road. The ferocious rides are possible with the good throttle response and linear power delivery.

In order to offer good driving dynamics to the rider, Kawasaki has made some tweaks and updates to the make the model iconic. The chassis electronic Ohlins steering damper altered to offer the good amount of comfort. The 5 levels traction control, measures five different axis of motions and then calculate the sixth movement. Hence with the traction control, the real-time braking movements are calculated and adopted.

The traction modes like S-KTRC, KQS that helps to upshifts, while the launch control system KLCS gives fruitful rides to the biker. The suspension set-up was very upmarket and reliable to offer a good amount of flexible rides to the biker.

While the disc brake unit at the front gives sumptuous riding experience to the biker. The braking units are superb which enables better stopping power to the bike with the appropriate application. Kawasaki Engine Braking Control (KEBC) is the braking unit that works duly to give better justification.

With all the features, specs, fairings the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R is surely going to be a standout model that appears to be flamboyant and plusher too. The bike starts at a price range of INR 18,80,000 which was a reasonable price to brag the bike home. Hence the bike is the perfect naked street performer that relies upon the mighty powertrain.

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