Kawasaki Ninja ZX 14R : Review

The desire of owning the bike is increased over & over for the mankind. As a result, the new age bikes with high technical configurations were evolved to satisfy the 2-wheeler customers around the globe. Well! But what about the speedy adores? The auto market concentrates on the speed parameter to deliver the utmost speed up to the mark.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX 14R gets offered in only one color option as;

So, in order to be in the speedy competitive auto segment, the bike makers work hard to produce breathtaking roadsters that commute with all the rage. One such model is the ‘Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R’. This bike offers a ferocious speed that the biker really gets scared to handle. The fascinating rides are possible with no effort of the rider, but a bike. After a long time, the Ninja ZX-14R now comes as a facelift to endeavor the roads with raw output that was generated by the mighty powertrain. Continue reading.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R is the pure and artistic model that appears to be a feast to the eyes. One has to surrender for the design that it carries to arrest the sight of the mankind. The bike gets well-groomed fairings and elements to make the bike a blissful model in the Kawasaki Portfolio.

Being a facelift model it comes with good dimensions to offer good driving capabilities to the rider. The dual-tone color finish of the bike appears to be plusher. The front gets a projector beam headlamps unit split by an air-intake on top to grab the attention of the pass by.

The infotainment console displays useful info of the bike that includes; speedometer and tachometer with an LCD display fitted between them. The digital instrument console acknowledges the users to the fullest.

As said, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R is the solid and muscular looking touring motorcycle that enriches the journey of the rider & pillion. The decent driving dynamics make the rider confident and stable with easy gear shift pattern and simple steering conditions.

The bike gets all the ferocious power from a 1,441cc, inline-4 motor pumps 200PS of peak power and 158Nm of peak torque. The bike now compliance with Euro IV norms to provide fruitful drives to the biker. While the responsive throttle delivers positive vibes to the rider to maneuver. While the 6-speed transmission gearbox works duly to ensure quicker shifts with and decent gear pattern. The refined and tuned figures enable comfortable drives by not stressing the rider. Hence, you’ll not experience any awful moments throughout the ride.

The crazy riders might shift the gears with crazy and fury, for this thanks to, lighter clutch and agile gearbox. Don’t worry the heat that was produced by the mighty engine is calmed by the venting system that eliminates the heat. Thus, it is one of the best bikes that was seen in recent times. This powerful performer claims efficient fuel figure of 12kmpl which was good return figure to see.

The Ninja ZX-14R offers good comfort to the rider to settle down and ride the bike with an easement. The biker gets the sport look when he rode the bike. For this, thanks to Kawasaki for sculpting the bike rider-friendly, where the clip-on handlebars, foot-pegs and seat height are closer to the rider.

The ‘gunfighter seat’ was padded nicely to grant the comfort for the rider & pillion to enjoy the long drives with no discomfort.

The biker can enjoy all the capabilities that were offered by the bike to maneuver both the city and highway traffic very effortlessly and effectively. For this, all the credits are given to the Kawasaki for building the bike in good dimensions, for better handling. While the Öhlins TTX 39 rear suspension system eliminates the unusual bumps, potholes, and disturbances that occur during the drives.

To reduce the speed of the bike, it gets a Brembo braking unit, which works honestly and reliably to ensure best stopping mechanism while the ABS unit further assists the rider to stop the bike effectively and more accurately at desired and acquired conditions.

Finally, the bike excels in all compartments like driving, handling, design language unique features etc. The bike now cost you INR 22,12,708 lakh which was reasonable when compared to other models in the auto market.

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