Kawasaki Z650 : Review

The Z650 is the motorcycle that carries the reputation of the Kawasaki engineering. The bike comes with stunning design cues and elements to make the auto market slaves to this artistic model. The engine too gives perfect performance that is enough for the one who wants the fury and ferocious rides. The muscular stance with flamboyant fairings pull the customers to the near dealerships. The driving ergonomics are good and decent, where the rider can enjoy the easement that was provided by each and every element that was fitted on the bike. Am I saying too much? Ok! Check this out for the reason behind the “too much.

Kawasaki Z650 comes in paint schemes like;

The Z650 is the out & out everyday commuter that delight your rides to the fullest. The light in weight bodyframe with improved performance and reliable features is the plus point for the bike to be in a trending competition. This bike contends with the on-going segment leader like Harley-Davidson Street 750, Street Rod, Ducati Scrambler & Ducati 797 Monster which are considered for its distinctive design, performance and driving dynamics.

The Kawasaki Z650 is the simple looking motorcycle but carries distinctive design elements to draw the attention of the motor enthusiast. As a result, it boasts an elegant headlight unit and simple body panels that appears feast to eyes. While the macho looking fuel tank with the bag, that enables good driving posture to the rider. The number plate above the headlight section with a small screen looks neat and clean.

The bike rear is the another eye-catchy thing in the bike, that comes trimmed to attract the buyers, who needs fresh design every time. The bike boast quality fitments that appears to be durable and reliable but don’t compare it with the top class models, because comparison makes you distressed. Anyhow, Kawasaki made Z650 very cautiously with utmost concentration to relish the customer desire. The bike exhibits decent stance with the housed key features & elements that enchants the rider & pillion to the extent.

The power to the bike is drawn from the all-new commendable 649cc 8-valve, DOHC, liquid-cooling parallel twin engine, that churns out peak torque of 65.7Nm @ 6,500rpm which were tremendous output figures that give ferocious rides on the tarmac. The bike now compliance with the Euro-IV norms which now gives the responsive performance to maneuver the hard roads. While the exhaust utters good sound and also appears to be stylish as well.

The drives with the Z650 are comfortable and lighter too. The 6-speed transmission gearbox with slip-clutch assist ensures easy gearing with no hiccups on the terrains. The easy handling and maneuvering of the bike at high speeds are possible with decently built chassis frame and lightweight design elements. The bike gives good performance with less engine noise along with calm vibes which were splendid to see in the powerful commuter. The heat that was generated from the engine is cooled by air vents that work duly to calm down.

The rider will face no any discomfort while riding the bike, hence the rider has all the driving capabilities which delights the rider to the utmost. By go on accelerating the bike gives no any awful sound or discomfort. The slip- clutch unit aid the biker to effectively maneuver the terrains. With powerful engine configuration, it claims an efficient fuel figure of 23.1km/l.

Hence the Kawasaki Z650 is the better commuter but not the best. So, there is need of some concern by the bike maker to improve the riding conditions. Anyhow it gives comfortable rides to the biker with the good and responsive present that was granted by the maker to the extent. Caution! The amateur riders should be careful while riding the bike at high speeds.

Coming to the driving dynamics, it comes fitted with the brand-new trellis frame, that comes shredded to improve the handling capabilities. While the new swingarm and new suspension at both the ends give flexible rides that are desired by the every 2-wheeler rider in the world. The Steering of the bike is also decent, which is possible with the good rake angle.

Finally, the Kawasaki Z650 is the calm, cool and comfortable roadster that ensure good driving dynamics to tackle every hurdle that comes along the run. The price range of INR 5,71,563 (ex-showroom, Delhi) what that costs you when you wish to buy this peaceful model. Hence, it is sure that Z650 is going to be one of the oomph models that was enough to grab the attention of the mankind.

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