Kawasaki Z900RS : Review

The Kawasaki Z900RS made its stance in the auto market to relish the customers with all the exciting features and elements it offers with the bike. This Kawasaki Z900RS is called with different names in different markets as; Standard motorcycle, or a middle road between a sports bike and cruiser models. The Z900RS comes with the all new updates and alterations than the Z900 which includes, increased handlebars, footpads and seat height with an optional lowered seat.

Kawasaki Z900RS comes offered only paint schemes as;

Once you wish for a drive with the Z900RS it definitely drives you to the heavenly trans, where every rider in world adores driving with. This true sense of character is experienced by the biker when the accelerator goes on twisting. The comfy seating position for both the rider & pillion is made possible to relish the journeys that are intended. To know the info of the bike, Kawasaki employed an analogue dash with bullet-pod gauges with a tight LCD display in the center mounted in front of the bars for easy observation. The overall look of the bike appears aged but with the incorporation of the trendy features and elements, the bike comes into consideration.

The driving dynamics of the bike make the day of the rider. Though the bike weighs 472 pounds, which sounds heavier for the biker, then also it gives stable riding conditions by enabling comfortable riding conditions too. The good bike measurements and ergonomics give desired riding conditions to the biker. Because it is a wider bike, it gives good seating position to the rider that was comfier for the rider to drive with confidence.

Thanks to bike maker for building the bike on a lightweight trellis frame chassis that holds good in all situations. Being a strong chassis it bears all the heavy fairings, engine unit, and other parts. The robust teardrop tank gives the muscular look to the bike. While the subframe is flat and in line with the headlight to taillight to bear the add-on weight, hence the bike appears to be linear, where very custom motor enthusiast love to ride with.
As of the suspension, the front gets a 140mm suspension travel at the rear, which gives comfy and fruitful rides. The Kawasaki principle of balance between sporty and comfortable is good for the riders who adore for long drives, along with the journey.

At the front, the 41mm KYB forks work duly to ensure the successful overcoming of the potholes, speed-breakers and bumps. The experienced rider might feel some disturbances, other than this nothing comes faulty.

The biker can shift the riding position if the rocks and mud land comes in the journey, hence the rider feels no worry with the effective tackling capabilities. Thus Z900RS gives no scary rides to the amateur rider.

Powering the bike, the Z900RS gets a DOHC inline-4 cylinder, 948cc equivalent, liquid-cooled with 16-valves per cylinder engine, with a 73.4mm x 56mm bore and stroke. This efficient engine churns peak power & torque figures to endeavor the terrains with full zeal and rage.

The biker gets all the features handy to live the bike, by maneuvering all the tarmacs with very ease. The bike offers carefree rides, for which the bike really meant for. The exhaust of the bike utters roaring sound which heard to be blissful. The responsive throttle figures and commendable compression ratio with good bore & stroke enable desired riding conditions.

I4 engines are typically high-revving, high-horsepower engines with low torque—but for fun around-town riding, it’s torque that you want. While the 17 inches elegant, faux-spoke wheels at both front & rear and wrapped by a 120/70 ZR17 front and 180/55 ZR17 rear Dunlop Sportmax GPR-300 rubber tyres gives enormous grip over the all the surfaces. Therefore, there is no chance of skidding of a bike at any moment, unless the rider is an amateur.

The 6-speed transmission gearbox gives perfect shifting of gears with very ease and the power was transmitted to the rear wheel to sprint the bike. If the biker desires for the adventurous drives, then he should surrender to the low-RPMs, and then the engine gradually develops the power and give tremendous drives after hitting the 6000 rpm and above.

The best tuning is possible with the intake tubes which comes in individual dimensions to give better tune for both the low- and mid-powers.

Finally, the Kawasaki Z900RS is the best in a class standard motorcycle that resists the auto lovers to the extent by offering all the features and specs that was incomparable with any other motorcycle unless you are a ‘Kawasaki’ admirer. One can drive the Kawasaki home by sparing the price that starts at a range of INR 17,07,526 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

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