Indian Chief Features, Specs, Colors, Price, Mileage, Details, Images & 360 View

Indian Chief gets available in only one color option as; Steel Grey. NOTE:  All the prices stated above are of ex-showroom cost. The mighty engine setup equipped with the Indian Chief churns tremendous output to sprint the bike with a zeal and rage. The bike measures good from every angle and hence, it offers plenty of capabilities … Read moreIndian Chief Features, Specs, Colors, Price, Mileage, Details, Images & 360 View

Benelli 302R : Review

Benelli this time came with a bang, to relish the auto market and to revive the customers that are fatigue with the old school models that are existing in the market. In order to give performance natured iconic sports model to the customers, engineers of the Benelli worked hard and debuted the ‘302 R’. The … Read moreBenelli 302R : Review

Kawasaki Vulcan S : Review

We all know that Kawasaki is the most reputed 2-wheeler brand in the world for producing out & outperformance oriented & astonishing models into the auto market. So as to mesmerize the customers to the fullest, Kawasaki debuted the ‘Vulcan S’ a new cruising model that fulfills dynamic riders desire. The bike carries the trendy … Read moreKawasaki Vulcan S : Review

Kawasaki Versys 650 : Review

Kawasaki launched the most iconic & adventurous model that offers humungous performance to endeavor the roads with the extreme blaze. The main intention of the Kawasaki to deliver the flawless model that enable extreme riding capabilities on the tarmacs. Kawasaki Versys 650 carries astounding design elements and flamboyant fairings to make the model a premium … Read moreKawasaki Versys 650 : Review

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R : Review

Kawasaki has debuted another sports model to pleasure the customers and auto market who always, adores riding the top-class superbikes that give peak performance to rage the road. Ones such model from the desirable maker is the Ninja ‘ZX-10R’. Hence with the launch of the prominent model, the Kawasaki is going to benefit from the … Read moreKawasaki Ninja ZX-10R : Review

Kawasaki Ninja 1000 : Review

Kawasaki always surprises us with the performance-oriented stylish superbikes that most of the auto manufacturers work hard to pull the customers. Being a reputable producer of superbikes, it forayed another supermodel that surely allures the auto market & roads. The ferocious engine setup with cult design language is the heart of the newly debuted & … Read moreKawasaki Ninja 1000 : Review

Kawasaki Z650 : Review

The Z650 is the motorcycle that carries the reputation of the Kawasaki engineering. The bike comes with stunning design cues and elements to make the auto market slaves to this artistic model. The engine too gives perfect performance that is enough for the one who wants the fury and ferocious rides. The muscular stance with … Read moreKawasaki Z650 : Review

Kawasaki Versys 1000 : Review

Kawasaki has debuted its first adventurous touring model “Versys 1000” into the auto market to grab the attention of the mankind. This adventurous touring model comes with a less price tag, to relish the customers who fed up with the pricey touring motorcycles. Kawasaki Versys 1000 gets offered in colors like; This design of the … Read moreKawasaki Versys 1000 : Review

Kawasaki Ninja ZX 14R : Review

The desire of owning the bike is increased over & over for the mankind. As a result, the new age bikes with high technical configurations were evolved to satisfy the 2-wheeler customers around the globe. Well! But what about the speedy adores? The auto market concentrates on the speed parameter to deliver the utmost speed … Read moreKawasaki Ninja ZX 14R : Review