Top-5 100cc Scooters In India

Here is the list of top 100cc 5 scooters, that are alluring the Indian auto market and customers, with performance, design & mileage.

1. Hero Pleasure

Hero Motorcorp launched its new BS4 compliant Scooter naming all new Pleasure. This updated version with BS4 and AHO compliance make the scooter unique of all. The new dual-tone paints give the scooter a trendy and refreshing appearance. Talking about its design, the new features and latest elements carry the Hero name forward than the predecessor. Hence, it stands first in the competition, for its unbelievable performance in the segment.

2. TVS Scooty Pep Plus

TVS Motors launched the Scooty Pep model was launched in the gearless range and then reputation rapidly increased overly. TVS Scooty Pep Plus is the upgraded version of the Scooty Pep Scooter which was first debuted in 2003. Hence, it occupies second place in the competition for it nevertheless performance, efficient mileage and appreciable features as well.

3. TVS XL 100 Comfort

The TVS XL 100 Comfort is one of the most liked scooter by the village men for its easy handling, which pulls the weight effortlessly. The 88cc engine unit churns acquired power & torque to ensure better rides for the customers. The design language and moped elements delight the customers. Finally, the mileage it returns is the plus point to be in the race.

4. TVS XL 100

The TVS XL 100 is the best 100cc scooter option that was debuted to target the village men. The 100cc engine develops 4bhp of power and 6Nm of torque, which has power to pull almost 150 kg o f weight kept on, and the mileage it claims also a considerable point to choose this scooter. Hence, it achieves the fourth place in the listing.

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