Top-5 125cc Scooters Models in India

Here is the list of top-5 scooter models that falls under the 125 cc category, which was alluring the segment, market & customers too.

1. Suzuki Access 125

The Suzuki Access 125 stand to be the first in the segment for its all in all best features, specs & performance. The dynamic profile with upmarket design elements gives the pleasant appearance to the customers. This premium scooter enables utmost comfort to the rider & pillion. The 124cc single cylinder engine churns 8.58 bhp of power & 10.2Nm of torque which is a peak output figures to produce by the scooter. The 64 km/l of mileage it claims is also a good sign for the Access to be in the number race.

2. Honda Grazia

Honda Motors is one of the top 2-wheeler manufacturers, that was alluring the segments since 2000. About 91 per cent of share is occupied by the 110cc segment, leaving a just 9 per cent for 125cc-plus scooters. We all know that Honda Activa occupied the first place in the 110cc segment number game. So, in order to rule the 125cc segment, Honda launched ‘Grazia’, a 125cc scooter that offers tremendous performance, comfortable features and useful specs to customers. The 124.9cc, air-cooled single-cylinder engine develops 8.52bhp of power and 10.54Nm of torque, which was enough to rule the terrains.

3. TVS Ntorq 125

The TVS Ntorq 125 is the out & out sporty scooter model that came with enough features & specs. The TVS Ntorq 125 offers decent performance with aggressive 125 cc engine unit, which develops 9.2bhp and 10.5Nm of torque. While the elegant design philosophy with upmarket features enhances the scooter stance. TVS Ntorq is the first and foremost scooter model to come with a SmartXconnect technology. Hence, all the departments are up to the mark and for this, it achieves third place in the listing.

4. Aprilia SR 125

Scooters are the most fascinating 2-wheelers in the auto industry and the customers, especially women whose desire is raising day to day. In order to make them delight and pleasure, the bike manufacturers all over the world working hard at their plants to impress them to the extent. As a result of Aprilia also came forward with the new commendable scooter, that carries every answer to the crazy scooter adores. The Scooter is nothing but the Aprilia SR 125. It is the scooter that comes with the best in class features, upmarket elements and potential engine as well. Thus, it proves to be the desirable scooter in the listing.

5. Mahindra Gusto 125

Mahindra Two-wheelers always surprises us with their out & out performance vehicles that also claims good mileage figures as well. The company’s portfolio itself proves that it was best in producing reliable & desirable models that allures all over. Coming to the reviewing model ‘Gusto’ it was already on sale in the market as Gusto 110 and Special Edition Gusto. So as to be in the 125 cc competition the Mahindra debuted the new 125cc Gusto into the market, with all the expectations at peaks. The Mahindra Gusto 125 gets power from the 124.6cc engine unit that churns 8.5bhp of peak power & 10Nm of torque with a decent mileage return of 50km/l. Hence, it occupies fifth place in the listing.


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